Upcoming Events

February 27th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.


Tues 16th             General Meeting Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00 pm

Sun 21st               Breakfast Run – see Calendar for details

Sun 28th              MSCA Super Sprint – Mallala


Sun 18th              Paech Farm Shed Tour & Lunch – see Calendar for details

Tues 20th            AGM held at Sporting Car Club, King William Road, Unley 8.00 pm


Tues 17th             General Meeting Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00 pm

Sun 22nd             All Triumph Rally (Observation Run) . . . Details t.b.a.

Sun29th               MSCA Super Sprint – Mallala

Triumph TR6 parts for sale

June 15th, 2019. Submitted by Colin White.

Triumph TR6 Parts for Sale 6/19

Contact Colin White 0427 341 337         All prices negotiable  Everything must go!

New Parts. AUD                                                                                                                                                                                    

  1. 2 new door Liners, black vinyl Rimmers part no. RR1077 for CR model, in original packing                                         100.00
  2. new Bosch SU12 12v ignition coil                                                                                                                                                15.00
  3. 1 new temperature switch Otter Rimmer part no. RW3041 for installation in water return pipe.                               15.00
  4. 1 new pair steering control arm gaiters Quintin Hazel in box.                                                                                             10.00
  5. 1 pair engine mounts                                                                                                                                                                      20.00
  6. 2 new crankshaft thrust washers, 1-std ,+ 1+.005”                                                                                                                    5.00
  7. 1 pair (RH + LH) new front suspension trunnions Rimmer nos 12377 & 12378                                                               50.00
  8. 2 new trunnion bush kits Rimmer Nos RR1094                                                                                                                      20.00
  9. 1 new Revington adjustable top fulcrum kit RTR3174K                                                                                                       150.00
  10. 1 new Revington adjustable clutch rod kit RTR1111                                                                                                                15.00
  11.  set 6 new rear light sockets Rimmers No. RS2018, plus some used                                                                                   20.00
  12. 1 new horn sip ring contact plate & cable Rimmer No.608462                                                                                            10.00
  13. 1 new distributor advance/retard spring set for 22D6 distributor Rimmer no RW3103.                                                5.00
  14. 1 set new (4off) SuperPro front diff mounts                                                                                                                             10.00
  15. 2 new Ryco R2132P fuel filter elements for CAV filter.                                                                                                          10.00
  16.  1 new nylon throttle pedal bush                                                                                                                                                   5.00
  17. 17. 1 new Fuel tank sensor cork gasket                                                                                                                                        2.00
  18. 1 new inlet/exhaust manifold gasket.                                                                                                                                          10.00
  19. 1 pair new upper front ball joint boots.                                                                                                                                        5.00

Used Parts

  1. Lucas PI metering unit good working condition. Set for CP car.                                                                                          100.00
  2. Assorted Lucas PI metering unit spares, new outlet unions, baskets, O rings                                                                     30.00
  3. 2 lower suspension wishbone brackets                                                                                                                                         10.00
  4. 3 good gauges, fuel, temperature, oil pressure CR Type                                                                                                            30.00 each
  5. Lucas screen washer bottle and pump                                                                                                                                            2.00
  6. Radiator, recored good condition, header tank differs from std.                                                                                             50.00
  7. I set good condition dashboard control knobs                                                                                                                             10.00
  8. Distributor cap good                                                                                                                                                                           5.00
  9. Lucas 15C coil ( for ballasted system).                                                                                                                                             5.00
  10. 12” aftermarket electric cooling fan barely used.                                                                                                                         20.00.
  11. 1 set used rear brake shoes                                                                                                                                                               20.00
  12. Bonnet hinge LH, good condition.                                                                                                                                                   5.00
  13. 2 Lucas chrome headlamp rings good condition screw type.                                                                                                   10.00
  14. 1 set used throttle spindles and butterfly’s CP (butterflys good).                                                                                            10.00
  15. Smiths ammeter good condition top pivot                                                                                                                                   20.00
  16. K & N air filter for plenum inlet fitting RK2710 little used                                                                                                       30.00
  17. 1 pair  Koni shock absorbers 801784 for TR6                                                                                                                              80.00
  18. Temperature transmitter 568055                                                                                                                                                  10.00
  19. Stop light switch                                                                                                                                                                                  5.00
  20. Assorted new & used exhaust system clamps                                                                                                                               5.00
  21. Good tonneau cover, RHD with cutouts for rollover bar.                                                                                                         50.00

Club / Historic Registration Scheme – Update

June 5th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.


Fees must be paid and Logbooks updated for the 2019-2020 Club Year by 30 June 2019. If this is not done and the owner is detected driving the vehicle after 1 July 2019, the vehicle is deemed to be unregistered and uninsured. Prosecution is the likely outcome as the conditions of having a vehicle on the “Concessional Club Registration Scheme” have not been met.

Kevin Foster

Club (Concessional) Registration Logbook Usage Tips

Below are a few pointers on completing and keeping your Club Vehicle Logbook up to date, as it is a Legal Document and subject to audit by SA Police and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

1. Driver must date, sign the Logbook before Journey commences with a brief description of the travel (e.g. City, Suburbs or Barossa Valley) and carry the Logbook in the vehicle for that journey.

2. If the logbook is not signed for that day of use and the driver is stopped by a Police Officer then the vehicle is deemed to be unregistered and uninsured as the conditions of Club Registration have not been met. The driver may be prosecuted.

3. The same applies if the vehicle is involved in an accident, meaning as it is unregistered and Insurance Companies will most likely refuse coverage. Could be very expensive.

4. If a change of driver occurs, then each driver is to make an entry and sign the logbook for that day of use, same details but next line in the logbook. Note: This includes any person taking the Club Registered vehicle for a test run when in for service or repairs.

5. One entry required for each calendar day. (Midnight to Midnight represents a day).

6. Do not miss any lines, all entries in the Logbook to be consecutive.

7. Sign Logbook only in ink, NO pencil entries allowed.

8. Vehicle can be driven for 90 days a year only, and it does not matter how many drivers sign the logbook.

9. The owner does not need to be with the vehicle at the time of use. Remember the driver must sign Logbook.

10. If the Logbook is lost TSOA must be notified as a replacement can be arranged.

11. Should you change your Registration Number TSOA must be notified so records can amended.

12. It is the owner’s responsibility to enter and update the Registration commencement and expiry details.

13. If owner fails to renew their Club membership the vehicle must not be driven as it is deemed to be unregistered and uninsured, as the conditions of Club Registration have not been met. TSOA is required to notify DPTI. The Logbook cannot be updated.

14. To maintain compliance with the Club Registration Scheme, the Logbook must be updated by the 1st July as this is the commencement of the Club financial year (details on how to carry out this update will be published in the TSOA Track Magazine). If not updated, the vehicle must not be driven as it is deemed to be unregistered and uninsured and TSOA is required to notify DPTI.

15. If the Club Registered Vehicle is sold. The owner must cancel the Club Registration immediately, as the Club Registration is non transferable. The Logbook must be returned to the Club of Issue for cancellation. Once cancelled, the Logbook will be returned to the owner and they are required to keep this Logbook for up to 2 months after cancellation in case it is required to be inspected by a Police Officer.

16. If the owner of the Club Registered Vehicle resigns from TSOA, cancels the Registration or reverts to full Registration, the Logbook must also be returned to the TSOA for cancellation.

17. Should the sole owner of the Club Vehicle become deceased, the vehicle must not be driven as once that person has died, the vehicle is deemed to be unregistered and uninsured, by DPTI.

18. Should the Vehicle be in Joint names and one owner dies, then a person is recorded as deceased and this will prevent the registration being renewed again. There is a process in place which does an automatic transfer from joint to single names where deceased is recorded but this doesn’t work for conditionally registered vehicles.

19. Should the vehicle owner change Club Registration to a different Authorised Club, the Logbook must be returned to the issuing club for cancellation, before the new club can issue a Logbook. Club Concessional Registration and Logbook issue is specific to a Club.

Kevin Foster – TSOA Club Registrar

Minutes from General Meeting 21/5/19

June 5th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.


Meeting Opened at 8:02pm

1. Welcome:

1.1 Apologies: Andy Hill, John Wood, Bob & Lorraine Cini, Ian Rigby, Alex & Sue Smithson, John Tuohy, Graham Dean, Aarand Ellery, Rod Carey, Steve Moule, Lisa Vettese, Chuck & Dianne Falzon.

1.2 Guests/Visitors/New Members: None

1.3 Previous Minutes: Proposed be accepted by Neil Martin, Seconded by Dino Vettese.

2. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby

2.1 David Stephens advised Nil Report sent to him.

3. Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak

3.1 No official correspondence in or out.

3.2 Duane advised a very nice TR5 sold last night at a Shannon’s auction with no reserve for a bargain price of $36,000.

4. Treasurer’s Report – Duane Kaak

4.1 Bank balance is steadily growing predominantly due to renewal of subscriptions received but will take a hit after this weekends annual Club Weekender.

5. Social Report – Peggy Argent

5.1 Bill Berlemon advised 35 people are attending the Annual weekender which will include lots of food and drink stops.

5.2 Duane advised run on 16th June to The Bend is via Old Princes Highway, stopping for coffee at Murray Bridge before heading to the end point. Flag Marshals are required to assist by 8:45am, lunch and drinks supplied, plus the chance to drive a parade lap. See Duane, Neil Martin or Roger Lange if can assist. (Ian Rigby has volunteered).

5.3 12th June is a mid week run meeting 10am at Joans Pantry – Hawthorndene.

5.4 Sunday 21st July is a breakfast run departing Burnside Town Hall at 8:30am for Oakden.

5.5 August 18th is a run to Paech Farm at Wistow, tour of sheds and lunch.

5.6 Entertainment Books are for sale to raise funds for National Meeting. 8 books remaining.

6. Competition Report – Neil Martin

6.1 Neil displayed a 1986 Targa Adelaide poster and sought information on the driver or car (TR7) Driver was identified as Stan Keen?.

6.2 The MSCA 6 hour event drivers were Duane Kaak (TR7 V8), Neil Martin (TR7 V8), Rod Carey (Spitfire), Tim Piper (Datsun 240z) and from Victoria Michael Kip (TR7) and Brian Watson (TR7). Team placed 13th from 26 teams entered. Thanks expressed to volunteers, Scott Adamson, Arrand Ellery, Bill Berlemon, Geoff Ellis, Judy & Ineke(wives of Victorian drivers), Roger & Cherri Lange, and Jimmy & Dean (Triumph Rover Spares Apprentices).

6.3 Targa Tasmania had Triumphs from SA entered. Cave Racing team consisted of Jon Williams (Saloon) and Cameron & Tania Wearing (TR7 V8). Other Triumphs were MD Racing – Graham Dobson (TR7 V8) and Bruce Pollock was navigator in a TR5 driven by Neil Revington from the UK.

6.4 Neil competed at Anzac Historics at Mallala and obtained 1st place in regularity. This is the 5th year in a row that a Triumph has won (Andy Ansell won in 2018, the other years were Neil).

6.5 Neil entered a Regularity event on 19th May and was doing well until it rained heavily. His team placed 3rd for the day.

6.6 Bill Berlemon expressed thanks to Roger Lange as the 6hr team captain.

7. Library Report – Greg Page 7.1 Open for business.

8. Regalia Report – Sue Smithson 8.1 No Report

9. Website Report – Roger Lange 9.1 Roger advised everything that has been submitted to him is live on the Website.

10. Conditional Registration Report – Kevin Foster

10.1 Kevin reminded all that logbooks must be updated prior to June 30th to keep Club Registration legally active. Approx 150 logbooks are yet to be updated. Members are welcome to contact any of the officers to make a personal appointment.

10.2 If issued a new book for the coming Financial Year and beyond, do not use until July 1st. Continue to use current issued book until and including June 30th.

11. General Business 11.1 None

12. Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted
12.1 Roger Lange reported that Lyle Taylor has dropped the price on his TR7 Sprint to $9,800.

12.2 Colin White reported his TR6 has been sold to Rainsfords Car dealership.

12.3 Andrew Pinkerton advised he will soon be selling a Manual 2500TC with performance enhancements.

12.4 Neil Martin was given a set of 5 steel wheels with 4 near new tyres to suit TR6? Free to anyone who wants them.

13. Raffle Won by Duane Kaak (Meat Tray)

14. Cars on Stage 14.1 Dino Vettese and cousin Paul displayed Corvettes. Dino’s a 1970 Stingray with 454 engine and Paul a 1958 Roadster with 327 engine.

15. Thanks expressed to Supper Roster volunteers.

Meeting Closed: 8:53pm

Duane Kaak, Secretary

Dolomite Sprint Resto Update

May 31st, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

Restored / refurbished dash and instruments now installed . . .


Minutes of General Meeting held 16th April 2019

May 20th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.


Meeting Opened at 8:00pm

1. Welcome: 1.1 Apologies: John Wood; Richard Sutherland; Bill & Margie Berlemon; Peter Branson; Bill Galer; Garry Buckton; Fay Esau; Andy Hill; Peter Spalding. 1.2 Guests/Visitors/New Members: Brian – 2000 Saloon, Steve Noolan – TR7 convertible. 1.3 Previous Minutes: as published in email / electronic FastTrak, Proposed accepted as a true record without alteration by Neil Martin to be accepted, seconded by Peter Davidge.

2. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby
2.1 Executive Committee had a meeting earlier tonight, discussed Christmas/Presentation Dinner, date set as November 30th. 2.2 Ian will be away next month, wishes the weekender all success in his absence. David Stephens will chair the meeting. 2.3 The Executive Committee discussed WA Nationals and agreed to a subsidy for shirts for participants. 2.4 With Kevin Foster stepping down from his Club Registration Co-ordinator position, the position description was advertised in FasTRak. A bottle of wine to say thanks was presented to Kevin by Ian.

3. Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak
3.1 Duane had printed the electronic newsletter of TSOA QLD and Triumph Car Club Victoria to add to the other club magazines. 3.2 Two new membership applications were received during the month.

4. Treasurer’s Report – Alex Smithson
4.1 Funds in bank of $45,780 4.2 Weekender payments have been received, main expenses paid were meeting costs, and MYOB. 4.3 Alex will be going overseas also, absent for next 2 meetings. Duane to fill in during his absence. 4.4 Subscription renewal notices are to be sent soon along with an SMS reminder. $65 fee for coming year and a $5 discount applies if paid by June 30th. An emailed receipt will be sent in lieu of membership cards. A member’s receipt of payment by EFT will be satisfactory for Club Registration renewal.

5. Social Report – Peggy Argent
5.1 The McLaren Vale run on Sunday was attended by 20 members. Thanks to Tony & Phyllis Rutter for arranging the run, scones with jam & cream, plus a quiz. 5.2 The mid week run arranged by Stephen Wade was attended by 13 members. 5.3 Graham Jones is arranging the next mid week run on June 12th. 5.4 Entertainment Books are available for purchase for $70 with profit to the club. 5.5 Duane is arranging a run on Sunday June 16th to The Bend Motorsport Park.

6. Competition Report – Neil Martin
6.1 Neil competed in a Regularity event on the weekend, though his car didn’t perform as well as it could. 6.2 Andy Ansell has recently fitted a new engine, brakes and wheels. He participated in Eddington Sprints on Saturday – all went well. He participated in a Corporate Day at Winton on Monday and his TR7 was badly accident damaged by another TR7. A donor TR7 with a 6 cylinder engine to be used for spares. 6.3 Neil will be the only Triumph competing at the Anzac Historics event at Mallala on 27th & 28th April. 6.4 The MSCA 6 Hour event is on 5th May at Mallala. Volunteers needed for timing, pit crew etc. Some Victorian TR7’s are joining the team.

7. Library Report – Greg Page
7.1 Nothing new has been added but there is plenty to borrow and several members have borrowed some items tonight.

8. Regalia Report – Sue Smithson
8.1 People going to the WA Nationals are asked to see Sue with their size requirements (& Partners size if applicable) 8.2 Alex Smithson modelled a TR6 T-shirt, available in black or white. 8.3 Other regalia specials also available tonight.

9. Communication report – Ian
9.1 Any stories or articles for FasTR ak or the website can be sent to Ian.

10. Website Report – Roger Lange
10.1 The list of regalia is now on the website for perusal 10.2 TSOA Victoria member has produced a 50 years of TR6 poster for only $10 with $5 of this going to TSOA SA. Postage is $11, possible bulk order to save on postage cost. See Roger if interested.

11. Conditional Registration Report – Kevin Foster
11.1 No updates received from the FHMC. 11.2 Kevin will still be a conditional registration officer, but is seeking someone to take over the club administration of the scheme.

12. General Business
12.1 A reminder that at the AGM all committee positions are declared vacant, new volunteers are needed.

13. Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted
13.1 Steve Noolan is looking to sell his red TR7 convertible. Bought 20 years ago from Powertune, less than 1,000km on reconditioned engine. $10,000.

14. Raffle
Won by Arrand Ellery

15. Cars in Carpark
New member Brian advised his 1969 MK1 Saloon has had a closed door respray, new bottom end, new upholstery.

16. Supper.
Thanks to Marg Bogisch & Phyllis Rutter for tonight’s supper. Volunteers are needed to fill vacancies over coming months.

17 Meeting Closed: 8:50pm Duane Kaak Duane Kaak Duane Kaak Duane Kaak Secretary Secretary Secretary Secretary

President’s Report – April 2019

April 20th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

President report April 2019

Like to remind everyone again that the date for club membership is fast approaching and you need to get your log books up dated. If you can’t get to the next 2 club meetings then please contact either of the club registration delegates. Their contact details are on the web in the committee section. Remember this year’s membership is $60 if you get in by the due date.

We are looking for someone to take on Kevin’s role. If you are interested we are happy to have names put forward and I’m sure Kevin, Colin or Stuart will assist settling in. Have a chat when you are getting the paper work signed this year.

Socially Speaking:

With the MSCA 6 hour event upon us on 5th May, any help at the track is always welcome and I’m sure that Duane, Neil and Roger would be happy to have you get involved. Lunch and morning tea is provided along with a great days racing. I’ll miss it this year so putting it out for others to help out.

We also had a few spots left for the Weekender on 25th and 26th of May but as this goes to print that might no longer be the case. If you are interested give Bill or Margie a call ASAP and if you don’t have their contact details give me a call.

We have been actively looking into a new location for this year’s Xmas / presentation dinner. As discussed prior, we have now selected on what we consider a great substitution. Costings will be presented soon but for your consideration between now and the 30th November check out “The Edinburgh Hotel.” The date is now set and the format is similar with club sponsored pre dinner drinks prior. We have pulled the date back a little as we know December is quite busy for some and 2 weeks after the display day it gives me time to arrange the trophies. Also for those that are travelling to this year’s Nationals in Perth they should be settled back in to S.A by then.

I will be away for the May meeting, sorry no report from me but im sure that those holding the fort can get everyone up to date. I will however catch up with everyone on the next run to “The Bend” on the 16th June for the MSCA super sprint and the June meeting.

This year’s AGM will again have all positions open so have a think about getting involved and support the club from a different perspective.

Best regards for now

Ian Rigby


Regalia – In Stock NOW!

March 31st, 2019. Submitted by Roger.
Item Description Size Retail  
T Shirt Navy long sleeve XXL $20.00 *
Polo Top Plain red short sleeve L $30.00  
    XL $30.00  
    XXL $30.00  
  Plain black short sleeve M $30.00  
    L $30.00  
    XL $30.00  
    XXL $30.00  
  Black long sleeve M $33.00  
    L $33.00  
    XL $33.00  
    XXL $33.00  
  Red long sleeve L $33.00  
    XL $33.00  
    XXL $33.00  
NEW Biz Edge polo L $38.00  
    XL $38.00  
    XXL $38.00  
Collared Shirt Indigo short sleeve L $43.00  
    XL $43.00  
    XXL $43.00  
  Indigo long sleeve M $45.00  
  L $45.00  
    XL $45.00  
    XXL $45.00  
NEW Deep red female short sleeve 16 $40.00  
NEW Deep red female long sleeve   $42.00  
NEW Navy male short sleeve   $41.00  
NEW Navy male long sleeve   $43.00  
Windscreen Shades “Triumph” wreath logo   $8.00  
Hats Navy baseball cap   $20.00  
NEW TSOA Beanie Gray or Navy   $20.00  
Key rings TSOA logo   $8.00  
* – Reduced 2019

Historic / Club Registration Administrator’s Duties – March 2019

March 28th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

Club Registration Administrator’s Duties

  1. Maintain records of LHD Club Vehicles and retain copies of all LHD Club Vehicle exemptions.
  2. Maintain and store all Club Registration records including previous Code of Practice Statutory Declarations, Inspection Reports and DPTI letters of notification for 5 years.
  3. Maintain records of all logbooks issued and annually submit copy to the FHMC.
  4. Maintain records of all log books cancelled.
  5. Maintain records of “declared lost” logbooks and Statutory Declarations required for Logbook replacement. This Statutory Declaration is still a requirement of the 2017 Code of Practice.
  6. Maintain Records of correspondence with each member on Club Registration.
  7. Monitor Logbooks required to ensure sufficient numbers are on hand for TSOA end of Financial year Logbook update to take place.@
  8. Arrange purchase of logbooks and distribute to Authorised Persons as needed.
  9. Securely store all new unissued Logbooks.
  10. Prepare application request for the issue of a pad of new MR334 forms from DPTI for Authorised Persons when required.
  11. Notify DPTI on behalf of Authorised Persons the number of any incorrectly filled out or cancelled MR334 forms.
  12. Monitor FHMC meeting minutes and DPTI communications of any information that could affect the Club Registration Scheme and communicate this information to Authorised Persons and members.
  13. Prepare annual Logbook Update Information for circulation with TSOA subscription Renewals.
  14. Ensure all new members to the Club Registration Scheme receive an electronic copy of the 2017 Code of Practice and Logbook Tips.
  15. Monitor Club Vehicles sold and ensure Logbook is returned for cancellation. This usually takes several attempts if or before Logbook Is returned.
  16. Monitor Logbooks not Updated by 30 June and notify owners that if the drive the consequences for non Compliance of the Code of Practice.
  17. Co-ordinate Authorised Persons to ensure sufficient numbers are available to attend end of financial year TSOA meetings for Logbook Updating.
  18. Co-ordinate postal logbook updates to ensure Logbooks are updated and returned and TSOA records have been updated/amended.
  19. Liaise with Membership Secretary and notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles within 2 months of the end of the Club Financial year of any non financial members with Vehicles on Club Registration.
  20. Follow up on new vehicles to the Scheme which do not at that point in time have a Registration Number, to ensure TSOA is supplied with one, when registered.
  21. Monitor any registration number discrepancies as members change to a personalised type and do not notify TSOA.
  22. Liaise with TSOA Web Site manager to include any new Club Registration information.
  23. Develop and produce “hand out” information sheets on particular aspects of the Club Registration Scheme.

President’s Report – March 2019

March 28th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

President Report March 2019

Happy March everyone.

I mentioned at this month’s meeting that we are currently working on several things for the year and the major one being in search of different venues for the end of year dinner and all of the committee are hopeful that we can encourage many of you to attend. More to come, along with initial pricing so you can plan it in.

With the club in a good financial position Alex laid out the budget for next year and we have reduced the membership down to $65 but you can save a further $5 and only pay $60 if you pay by the 30th June. Social membership stays the same at $25

The AGM this year will see all positions open once again and volunteers are sought. Fresh ideas and people are always welcome and supported, so think of something you would like to give a go and put your name forward. I’m sure that committee members currently running would be more than willing to discuss in the background before you nominate. Names can be given prior to or on the night.

With this in mind, Kevin Foster has advised that he will no longer continue in his position as Administrator of the Club Registration Scheme.

I would like to express on mine and the clubs behalf, our thanks to him for his dedication over the years. He has helped a lot of us with the historical component of owning a vintage vehicle. Kevin has indicated that he will still support us in the background and it would be good if someone Northern would like to take up the position. At the moment, we currently have the other areas covered with Kevin, Colin White and Stuart Ghent. The new electronic membership registration along with the revised code has seen the pressure off in this area too.

Kevin has given a detailed list of what the new Administrator is to manage and forms part of this month’s Trak.

Socially speaking:

We had a good turn out to this month’s run to Ashbourne for St Patrick’s Day with lots of green and lots of Triumphs with several new members joining us. The weather turned out to be great for those that went topless and Geoff Ellis and wife did a great run sheet for us. I hinted at a prize on my last report but it was all level on the day until John Tuohy waltzed in dressed in a brightly coloured jacket and hat. Hope to see it at the next club meeting for those that missed it:

Sunday April 14th is a club run, BYO picnic to McLaren Vale see the advert on the web calendar. (Meet at the McLaren Vale visitor centre at 10am)

 Sunday 28th is an invite to display the Triumphs in North Adelaide for the North Adelaide Car Display. It will be a great way to show the Triumph Marque. The proceeds will go to “Little Hero’s Charity” Via a $10 entry fee.

The upcoming May 25th & 26th Weekender looks to be a great way to spend a weekend. See the advert for more details or contact Bill and Margie Berlemon.

Duane has sent details for the Track day at the Bend on June 16th and we are planning this as the June run. See the Advert for this with more details to come. Let’s support our Triumph racers at the Track. We also need to support the event by providing Flaggies.

I’m always in contact with others who are either on the lookout for a specific Triumph or wanting to sell one or parts. I recently had a look over a nice red TR6 that will soon come on the market so if you’re looking to buy a very nice TR6 fuel injected give me a call and I’ll put you onto the owner. It’s not ready yet but no harm in looking it over.

Best regards,

Ian Rigby, President

Minutes from General Meeting held 19th March 2019

March 24th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.


 Meeting Opened at 8:02pm     


  • Apologies: Geoff Ellis, Andy Hill, P & J Davidge, Neil Martin, John Wood, Bill Galer, D & M Bogisch, Bob Cini, Fay Esau, Peter Myhill, Greg Page, David Stephens.
  • Guests/Visitors/New Members: New Member – Peter Spalding – Spitfire
  • Previous Minutes: Accepted without alteration Proposed by Alex Smithson, seconded by John Tuohy.

 Presidents Report – Ian Rigby

  • David Stephens (Vice president) is due to stand in next month due to Ian being away.
  • Committee discussed the coming years budget tonight, Treasurer will talk more on that later in the meeting.
  • It is our turn to host the TSOA Nationals in 2021 and people are sought to join a sub committee.See Ian or secretary if interested.
  • Ashbourne Run on the weekend was well attended, great run and lots of Triumph cars joined the run.
  • The upcoming weekender and social events have been granted some additional funding and subsidies.

Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak

  • We received 2 new applications for membership, 1 new member has a GT6, the other a TR6.
  • A small volume of other club magazines also received and FHMC minutes received which have been passed on to Historic Registration officers for review.
  • Stag Owners Club has invited all TSOA members to participate or spectate at their Annual “Herding of the Stags” on March 31st.
  • The Nationals in WA this year is now fully booked, names being taken for a stand by list.

 Treasurer’s Report – Alex Smithson

  • Balance in bank is $44,606 with very few transactions occurring since last month.
  • The 2019/2020 Budget was presented to committee and approved. Due to no printed Trak costs, a surplus is likely for this current financial year.
  • Full member subscriptions for the coming financial year will be reduced to $65, with a $5 discount if paid by June 30, 2019. All other member fees unchanged. Renewals will be sent via email with an SMS message to mobile phones to alert members to look out for it.

Social Report – Peggy Argent

  • 32 people attended the run on Sunday 17th to Ashbourne and most dressed in green theme. John Tuohy was awarded best dressed prize.
  • 10th April is a mid week run to Langhorne Creek, leaving 11am from the Pavilion on corner Greenhill and Glynburn roads.
  • 14th April is a BYO Picnic lunch run in the McLaren Vale area, meeting at the McLaren Vale visitor centre at 10am for coffee. Centre is not open until 10am so don’t arrive too early.
  • Volunteers are needed to fill the supper roster this year. See Margie Berlemon, Peggy Argent or Sue Gibson if you can help.
  • Entertainment books are again for sale. See Margie Berlemon to order a physical book, or the app can be purchased online.
  • The annual weekender has 22 people registered but can accommodate up to 40. $115 per person with great value to be had due to club subsidy.

 Competition Report – Duane Kaak

  • Neil has submitted report via email to Duane due to him working interstate.
  • Duane and Neil competed in a Modern Regularity event on 24th Feb but didn’t achieve great results due to extreme hot temperature. Duane reported he achieved 10th in 2 events, ahead of Neil each time.
  • Neil walked the Superloop 500 track at a brisk pace of 30 minutes.
  • Bruce Pollock from WA joined Neil at the Phillip Island Classic Festival of Motorsport. Neil achieved a new personal best time of 2min 4 sec and a top speed of 203 km/h.
  • MSCA Supersprint on March 17th had no Triumphs entered but Roger Lange and Richard Sutherland attended.
  • Next regularity event is 31st March and also has a “come and try” component, see Duane if interested.
  • The annual Anzac historic event at Mallala will see some Victorian Triumphs participate alongside Neil and Andy Ansell. These cars and owners are likely to stay in SA for the 6 Hour regularity event the following weekend.
  • Helpers are needed for the Annual MSCA 6 Hour Relay on 5th May at Mallala.

Library ReportBill Berlemon

  • Open for business tonight.

 Regalia Report – Sue Smithson

  • Polo shirts were offered to members at a special price of $25 tonight.
  • All the other items are on display and there is a large range to choose from.
  • Sue suggested people attending the WA Nationals might like to purchase a new shirt to wear to that event.

Newsletter Report – Position Vacant

  • If you have anything to include please submit it to Ian Rigby or Marg & Dean Bogisch

Website Report – Roger Lange

  • A Classified enquiry was received via the website for Tony Rutters TR4.
  • Photos on the website are easily able to be downloaded and printed by members if desired.

Conditional Registration Report – Kevin Foster

  • Nothing to report

 General Business

  • Bill Berlemon advised he is arranging a Rowley Park Speedway reunion on 14th April at 10am, see Bill for details.
  • John Tuohy asked why the Day Of Triumph was being held at Modbury Civic Park again. Ian Rigby advised due to lower cost, ease of dealing with the council, better eating and shopping nearby and better toilet facilities. Ian is open to any feedback or suggestions on future locations for this event.
  • The feedback sheet completed at last month’s meeting has given the Social Secretaries and Committee good insight for planning future events. Peggy Argent will look to circulate the results.

Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted.

  • A GT6 in reasonable or better condition is sought by ‘David Allington’ See Ian Rigby for details.
  • A 2500TC in Blanchetown is for sale at $2,500, Silver with red interior. See Roger Lange for details.


Won by Kym Millard.

 Cars on Stage

  • Andrew Pickles displayed his Stag. He has owned it for approximately 2 years and had local businesses Rowell & Searle, AAA Exhaust and Don Eldred work on the vehicle. A Weber carby has been fitted.


  • Thanks to Peggy Argent/Sue Gibson & Natalie Farrell.


Meeting Closed:           8:57pm