2016 Day of Triumph

August 17th, 2016. Submitted by Ian Rigby.

It’s on again!  The TSOA annual DAY OF TRIUMPH.

This year’s event will once again be at Wigley Reserve GLENELG on SUNDAY 9th of October

Cars need to be in place early preferably by 9.30am and can’t be removed until the end of the event for safety reasons. Gates open around 8.30 am Judging will start at 10am. Miss the start and you miss being judged.

Last year was a great success and the majority of entrants expressed that they would like to return to Glenelg so the day has been set.
Entry is via the roundabout at the end of Anzac Highway.

The rules and scoring are the same as prior years and it will be the point score that wins you the trophy. The car needs to support the class and score ranking it has been entered into.

I will need a lot of help from several people that have an eye for detail on the day, especially Concours. Over the years there have been willing helpers and without their help it would be a difficult task so thank you and I look forward to the continued support.

In the event of a tie, for any category, I will ask several of the more knowledgeable in the group to cast their eye over the cars to come up with the ultimate winner. The decision will be based on an agreed approach that would be generally around overall presentation and as close to original as possible for Concours.

Good news at the August meeting for those that could not attend! The Club Inspectors for Historic Registration WILL be there on the day so bring your log book and documentation – as per last year there will be an identifier on your screen for them to look for. Please make yourself available when they get to your car.

Unfortunately “The Coffee Run” have pulled out at the last minute as he did not want to renew his license for the area. Luckily the vendor from last year “Coffee and Creams” contacted me again recently after seeing the advert on the council page but i had already accepted The coffee run. I had tried to alternate to a different supplier this year for a different range of food but sadly this has not worked for us. On Short notice I’m happy to report that Coffee and Creams will be renewing his license and he was able to help again. So we have coffee and the similar range of food from last years event. Lets hope that the weather is kind to us and we have another good year. Im working on a different solution for next year so lets see how THAT GOES.

Please join me on the day.
Ian Rigby: 0417085083

Annual All TRIUMPH Rally

September 24th, 2016. Submitted by Roger.



Meet Coles Blackwood Carpark

8.45am for 9.00am departure

To be eligible to win the trophy you must be driving a TRIUMPH

Club sponsored BBQ lunch at destination

Bring Clipboard & Pen; Chairs; Table; Drinks

Details Alex 0412 823 789

Upcoming Events Calendar

September 24th, 2016. Submitted by Roger.


Sun 18th                  Club Run – Lunch Run meet Burnside Townhall 10.00am

Tues 20th                General Meeting – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm

Sun 25th                       Bay to Birdwood Parade – Dequetteville Terrace Adelaide from 9.00am



Sun 9th                    Day of Triumph – Wigley Reserve Glenelg from 9.00am

Tues 18th                     General Meeting – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm

Fri 21st-Fri 28th      National Meeting – Clare Valley SA

Sun 23rd                  MSCA Super Sprint




Wed 9th                        Mid Week Run – meet Carpark Cnr Devereux & Greenhill Rds 10.00am

Tues 15th                 General Meeting – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm

Sun 20th                  Annual Observation Run – meet Coles Blackwood Carpark 8.45am for 9.00am start

Tues 22nd                Informal Lunch Cafe Buongiorno Mitcham 12.00 noon



Sat 10th                   Christmas Dinner – Royal Adelaide Golf Club 6.30pm for 7.00pm

Wed 28th                After Christmas Run – meet Victoria Hotel Top of Taps 10.00am


President’s Report – Sept 2016

September 8th, 2016. Submitted by Roger.

Well it’s been a long time since I wrote my last President’s report for this newsletter. So here we go again.

Firstly, Congratulations to this club and its members for finally coming of age and accepting a new Constitution. What a tremendous job Mike Temby and the committee have done to give us and up to date, workable Constitution which allows up to proceed us to proceed forward without the divisive membership criteria of the past and the ability to review the document on a regular basis and make changes as required fairly simply. Our past (91) Constitution I must say served us well for a long time but as with all such documents became outdated.

As Vice President for the membership year, it was my privilege to be able to nominate Ian Rigby for the Vice President’s Award. As I said at the AGM, Ian over the last year was the convenor of our Day of Triumph Event, organised a Club visit to the Sub Marine Corporation (which would not have been easy) has organised several club runs and contributed to our club magazine, has supplied some fabulous photos for our club calendar, is a member of our National Rally Committee and is an all-round good guy!

I look forward to working with our (new) committee for the next 12 months and continue to work for the greater good of our club.

I feel privileged to be awarded Life membership of this Club for Margie and myself and thank you all for this acknowledgement.

Until we meet again

Bill Berlemon

Mallala Sprint August

August 28th, 2016. Submitted by Ian Rigby.

Man on a mission
Neil under Brakes impressive.
Neil past the post

Powers away
Another great day at the track.

Mallala sprints
Roger has more than a golden touch with Triumphs.
Lots of noise, spills and apart from the wind great weather. Come and join us on the Nationals in October and you will see lots more and other Triumphs from around Australia.
Ian at Bathurst 2013

Emissions from the Crankcase

July 22nd, 2016. Submitted by Roger.

TSOA has been around since 1965 so we can’t ignore Case history. A great club.

So don’t fall asleep and out of your mag wheelchair.  Get set for a master blast from a past master.

Now as a reminder, there are some that have been, and some that have not been, and not all that could have been, indeed would have been, had  they not made a scene.

Some would have been if they could have been a little more keen but we definitely know that one HAS been, and what’s more that we’re sure always WILL be. That just happens to be the Case.

Some sleeping dogs lie, but I reckon it’s better they come clean and tell the truth, especially if they are barking up the wrong TRee. You know I won’t give up on you, so don’t give up on me you soothsayers and TSOAers and continue to follow me on Casebook: for my latest offering titled “The Adventures of Siddowne and Shuddarp”.

These were two fellows belonging to an historic car club, with Shuddarp being a person who apparently did not believe in Siddowne’s right to freedom of speech, which is odd really, as they had never met.

As ancient history reveals, Siddowne had been fast asleep for 28 years before he was woken up and awarded Life Membership, so Shuddarp thought, without thought, that Siddowne had gone back to sleep for the next 23 years and therefore mistakenly concluded was a ‘has been’ whereas Siddowne had proof that Shuddarp was a ‘never been’ so they begged to differ. Get it. Woof.

If after Siddowne had sat down and shut up, and Shuddarp had not stood up and shouted down Siddowne, then the differences in between would never have been.

The motto of this story is this. If you’re out of order then you’re not in place and you should have been and could have been if you had taken the time not to be seen as a has been, or actually should he mean evergreen?

If Shuddarp had been keen not to make a scene and come clean and was stood down, then in the history of the Club he would be the ONLY one as a has been, and most likely would again be never seen, and remain as a Life Member Could’ve  Been.

If Shuddarp only knew how lucky he was not to be known as Mister Been, and gone.

He may well too have been a has been if the Committee had been brought in to convene on the scene to intervene.

But Siddowne wasn’t keen to be mean. So, until next time I’m seen, kindly be seated and be quiet.


President’s Report – June 2016

July 22nd, 2016. Submitted by Roger.

Now that the federal elections are out of the way, it’s time to turn our attention to the TSOA elections coming up in August. As usual, all committee positions will be declared vacant at the AGM and nominations will be called for. If you are thinking about how you might be able to become more involved in the TSOA, I would like to encourage you to talk to one of the committee members and think about a position that might suit you. It’s always great to have more people involved in the running of the club.

We are now finalising the constitution based on feedback received from members, and will be publishing an update before the August AGM where we will be voting on it. Please mark the date (Tuesday August 16) in your calendar now, as we would like to see as many members attend the meeting as possible to ensure we have a quorum for the voting process.

There are now some opportunities for TSOA SA members to come along to some of the Nationals events over the weekend. This is for members who want to join in the Nationals but aren’t able to make it to the full event. If you would like to register your interest for this option, please contact either Alex Smithson or myself so that we can get an idea of numbers for accommodation.

I would like to thank Ian Rigby for stepping in and taking the Minutes at the June meeting while Dwayne was away.

Mike Temby

Triumphs in Winter

July 22nd, 2016. Submitted by Roger.


Given our wintry conditions lately, this is a shot of Life Member Geoff Bills’ TR3A totally chilled!



Social Snapshot – July 2016

July 4th, 2016. Submitted by Roger.

For those who have attended National Meetings and would have met Graham Crane it is with sadness that we impart the news that Graham passed away earlier in June.  Graham had been ill for a number of months and was sadly not responding to his third round of Chemotherapy.   Graham was a very active member of the NSW Club.   We send our condolences to Lucy and the family.

The mid week run in June was well attended despite the atrocious weather.   No-one brought their Triumph but everyone enjoyed the get together for coffee at the Bakehouse on Magill and lunch at The Old Spot.  This run was organised by David & Yvonne Armstrong and our thanks go to them for their time and effort put into the organisation.

There will be another mid week run on Wednesday 10th August being organised by Lyle Taylor details in the magazine.

Twenty people plus enjoyed the pasta night at the Marche Club on 24th June.   Thanks to Bill & Margie for organising the event.

Sixteen people came on the run to Bracegirdles in McLaren Vale for coffee & cake.   The run started off in the rain but the sun soon came out and it turned into a reasonable day albeit quite cold.   Everyone enjoyed hot chocolate/coffee and cake/muffins/waffles and even wedges (I wonder who)!    Being just a morning run people could have been home before lunch time which, on a winter’s day, is good.   Thank you to all those who came along.

The next Sunday run is on 24th July and being organised by Mike & Trina Temby see details in magazine.




Calendar – Short Form (to December 2016)

July 4th, 2016. Submitted by Roger.


Tues 19th                General Meeting – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm

Sun 24th                 Club Run – meet Victoria Hotel Top of Taps 10.00am for 10.30am departure


Wed 10th                     Mid Week Run – meet Feathers Pavillion (was Place Next Door) 11.00am for 11.30am departure

Tues 16th                AGM – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm

Sun 21st                  Club Run –  meet Victoria Hotel Top of Taps 10.00am for 10.15am departure

Tues 23rd                Informal Lunch – Cafe Buongiorno Mitcham 12.00 noon

Sun 28th                  MSCA Super Sprint


Sun 18th                  Club Run – Lunch Run meet Burnside Townhall 10.00am

Tues 20th               General Meeting – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm


Sun 9th                   Day of Triumph – Wigley Reserve Glenelg from 9.00am

Tues 18th                    General Meeting – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm

Fri 21st-Fri 28th    National Meeting – Clare Valley SA

Sun 23rd                MSCA Super Sprint


Tues 15th               General Meeting – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm

Sun 20th                Annual Observation Run – details TBA

Tues 22nd              Informal Lunch Cafe Buongiorno Mitcham 12.00 noon


Sat 10th                  Christmas Dinner – Royal Adelaide Golf Club

Wed 28th               After Christmas Run – details TBA