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Social Scene – May 2009

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

The ladies technical session was well attended with plenty of technical talk over lunch.

The weekender on 31/31 May to the mid north is well subscribed and I am sure will be a fun weekend.  Thanks to Bill and Margie for their efforts in organising.   A full report will be in next month’s TRAK.

The mid week run on Wednesday 10th June is being organised by Bill Smith and the meeting place is The Place Next Door Cnr Glynburn and Greenhill Roads Hazelwood Park at 10.30am for coffee before heading off for lunch at the Hampstead Hotel.

The Jazz Afternoon on Sunday 21st June is fast approaching.  Please contact Bob & Natalie to book your place.  This event is being organised as a fund raiser for the SA 2011 National Rally.


Competition Report – June 2009

Monday, May 25th, 2009

The 2009 Victorian State Circuit Racing season commenced with Round 1 at Phillip Island over the weekend of 25th / 26th April, with our local member Tom Hutchinson (TR8) once again doing his best against modern technology competition including latest model Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin etc. Tom did well for the weekend, qualifying in 7th position, and finishing with two 4th placings. Race 3 was abandoned due to the icy weather that had caused the flag marshals to freeze – the officials and competitors took pity on them and decided to abandon the last few races on the Sunday.

Tom reported that he had both dry and wet races where his best dry time was a 1:41.94 and 260 kph down the straight, and a 2:04.95 in the wet, with a speed of 250 kph down the straight. That sort of speed in wet conditions is just insane. Tom is now also invited (as are other Triumph and Austin Healey racers) to race with the MG’s in what has been to date, an all MG affair. Naturally, Tom is able to run at the front of this field and probably win most races, but clearly, that is not the intention. In fact there is a 130% rule that would exclude some of the slower MG’s if Tom just went out as fast as he can go. So he has had to slow it down a bit – he still recorded one win and two seconds whilst having a bit of fun.

Neil Martin took part in the Regularity events at the Austin 7 Club meeting at Mallala on 26th April and enjoyed a trouble free day circulating in the 1:32’s and gaining one second place for the day.

Which brings us to the MSCA 6-Hour Regularity event held on Sunday, 17th May at Mallala. TSOA again fielded a team, with drivers Andy Ansell (TR7), Neil Martin (TR7V8), Rod Carey (GT6) Robin George (TR7V8), Colin Gaetjens (Mitsubishi Evo TR6) and Jon Fechner (German Mini Cooper S). We were all looking to have a fun day, and perhaps finish with a good result as we did last year when we placed third. However, that was not to be . . . . although we did succeed in having fun.

Our day got off to a disappointing start during the practice session before the event, when Robin George downshifted from 5th to 4th but slipped into 2nd instead. The engine didn’t like it at all, producing some rather nasty noises internally, and Robin was forced to retire from the event. That left us with five drivers – enough to comfortably complete the event and still do well . . . . . which we could have done with a bit more discipline.

Unfortunately, our team incurred too many laps where the driver broke his nominated time. This meant that not only did the lap not count, but we also suffered a deduction of a penalty lap from our score. We did gain 47 bonus laps when drivers did a time within one second of their nominated time without breaking it, but with 24 broken times where the lap does not count plus incurring a lap penalty meant that we broke even on the bonus / penalty score. Not good enough!

Consequently, we finished mid field with an official 8th place (this was advised initially as 6th, but a check of the scoring over the following days saw this corrected down to 8th). Still, we had fun, so no complaints.

A few acknowledgements – thanks to John Tuohy, Arrand Ellery, Bill Berlemon, Frank Llewell, Jon Williams and Stephanie George for their willing assistance at the pit wall and with sash changeovers. Our team could not run without you – thank you.

Also thanks to TSOA for the sponsorship that allows us to hire pit garages and provide lunch and drinks for all team members – this is very much appreciated as well.

And finally, my thanks to the queen of trackside catering, Cherri. The muffins were excellent, and lunch was just great.

Upcoming events can be found on the Competition Calendar on this website.

That’s enough from me . . . see you trackside!


Classic Adelaide 2008 – 3rd Place a Triumph!

Friday, May 22nd, 2009


Motor sport enthusiasts would be well aware that on the conclusion of the 2008 Classic Adelaide Rally, Ian Wilson and Jahmeil Taylor placed third outright and won their class in Ian’s mighty TR7V8, only for the sub-frame of the car to be ruled illegal in post event scrutineering and thus being disqualified from the results.

This was a crushing outcome for Ian and Jahmeil, not only to have put all that effort, money and risk on the line for no reward, but more so, that the decision by the CAMS scrutineers questioned Ian’s integrity and reputation. Ian firmly believed his car met the requirements and regulations for this event, and eventually decided to challenge the disqualification decision.

This was not an easy process – it has cost several thousands of dollars, and several barriers needed to be breached to beat the bureaucracy and doggedness of the system and the people within it.

But guess what – it was worth it! CAMS have issed a Media Statement dated 19th May 2009 stating that Ian’s Triumph was in fact legal for the event and ordered the reinstatement of their results.

The official results therefore show IAN WILSON / JAHMEIL TAYLOR AS PLACING THIRD OUTRIGHT AND CLASS WINNERS IN THEIR TRIUMPH TR7V8, relegating Jim Richards and Barry Oliver in their turbo Porsche back to fourth.

Ian and Jahmeil – we celebrated your success on your initial placings, and shared your pain when disqualified. Congratulations on having the firm belief in your integrity and meticulous vehicle preparation sufficient to challenge the system and prove your position. Now we can all celebrate again – TRIUMPH TAKES THIRD PLACE IN 2008 CLASSIC ADELAIDE RALLY!

Accept the trophy with pride for a wonderful effort Ian and Jahmeil – well done!

Roger, Competition Secretary

Girl Torque – May 2009

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Well the weather has finally broken and we have had a decent amount of rain – isn’t it great!  It will be interesting to see the countryside on our weekender, as at Easter time when we planned the trip, the fields were so dry, it was amazing.

Our condolences go to Judie Long on the recent death of her mother in England. Our thoughts are with you Judie at this difficult time.

Get well wishes to Sue Gibson – we are looking forward to seeing you up and about again soon.

Don’t forget our technical meeting on Tuesday May 12th at Café Buongiorno at Mitcham.

I am looking forward to the weekender – let’s hope we have good weather!

See you all soon.