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People of the TSOA

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010


Geoff Bills and Neil Martin admire Geoff’s lhd TR3A at the 2010 Day of Triumph – what a character! (the car of course!)

Postcard from the USA

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Greetings from Medford, OREGON USA where Cherri and I are staying with our friends Rob and Anne Duncan. Rob and Anne lived in Adelaide way back in the 70’s and we have enjoyed their friendship ever since.

Rob has been a successful business owner since returning to the States, and being a man of many interests has turned his hand to all sorts of things over his lifetime, including gaining his pilot’s licence and then becoming an instructor, studying to become a Master Brewer and setting up a micro brewery, bee keeping, wine and spirit making, home renovator, electronics wizard, senior school science and math teacher and many other achievements and activities.

Following a serious flying incident, Rob retired from his aircraft interests and then pondered what future challenges he may pursue. Rob had been one to admire my car interests during the many visits down under over the years, so he bought a Porsche 911. Then he found a better one – a Carrera S4 Twin Turbo that had been suitably enhanced – I have driven this thing and take my word for it, it GOES!  But Rob needed something to do other than drive.

Much to my surprise, I received an email from Rob a couple of years ago, advising that on a recent trip to New Mexico he had found a car in a barn for restoration. Of course I expected maybe a Corvette or similar, but lo and behold, the photos attached showed a white Triumph Stag. Of all the projects Rob could have picked, he chose a Stag!
Rob’s restoration experience is detailed within the Photo Gallery of the website so if you are interested, have a look. Needless to say, during our current visit with Rob and Anne, we have enjoyed many outings in the Stag – it is a real head turner in these parts, and Rob gets lots of admiring looks and comments from the locals.  Another project that Rob has recently completed (he needed another challenge after the Stag was done!) is the conversion of a VW combi to accept a Subaru 2.5 litre boxer engine. This thing is a hoot and as you could imagine, goes pretty well.

Rob, myself, Rob’s son Matty and friend Jim (Jim has a very nice Corvette) have spent many hours in Rob’s man cave working on small projects or just emptying the fridge – blokey stuff, and a great way to spend time with an old friend.

We have enjoyed shopping at the hardware store where I found several really neat tools that I couldn’t resist, particularly at the prices, plus shopping at the Sportsman’s store where you can buy anything from the usual sports equipment to guns, ammo, crossbows and fishing / camping stuff. We went fishing on the Rogue river and I caught a 30lb salmon that took around 20 minutes to land . . . . what a Triumph! but that is another story.

We will see you soon . . . . Roger and Cherri

Sporting Triumphs July/Aug 2010

Thursday, July 8th, 2010


All British Race Meeting Wakefield Park 26 – 27 June

There were 23 entries in this years All Triumph Race. Just about every model of Triumph was represented. There were 3 past winners competing with Roy Davis (Qld.) in the ex-Rutledge GT6 (1978, 1981,1982) and Rod Carey (S.A.) in the ex Byrne/Pierce GT6 (1980) together with Mark Morsillo’s 2005 winning tubocharged Dolomite.

The sidescreens were back in numbers and what a magnificent sight they would have made with all 5 apparently looking pristine for cars that are now 50+ years old. Mark Morsillo and Bill Birney (Vic. TR8) were the fastest qualifiers, but after a spin in the preliminary, Bill started the main race (10 laps this year) from position 5. A storming start saw him lead the field into turn one, but Mark took him at the end of the back straight to go on and win the race. Big improver this year was Geoff Byrne who finished 3rd outright in the Group S TR6.

There was action all through the field and everyone came home satisfied and without any major incidents. Many thanks to sponsors, Glen Coutinho of Mobil Lagoon and Noel Anderson from Sportscar Spares. The class winners were as follows:- 1st 8 Cylinder    $250  Bill Birney (Vic.) TR7V8; 2nd 8 cylinder   $175   Glen Coutinho  TR7V8; 3rd 8 cylinder    $125   Geoff St. John-Cox (Vic.)  TR7V8; 1st 6 cylinder     $250   Mark Morsillo, Dolomite turbo; 2nd 6 cylinder    $175   Geoff Byrne TR6; 3rd 6 cylinder     $125   Ian Watt (Vic.) Mk 2 2.5PI; 4th 6 cylinder     $100   Roy Davis (Qld.) GT6; 1st 4 cylinder     $250   Mark Larmour, Dolomite; 2nd 4 cylinder    $175   Jon Newell, TR7; 3rd 4 cylinder    $125   Andrew Gibson, TR3A; 4th 4 cylinder    $100   Rod Chivas, TR7; 5th 4 cylinder    $75    Gordon Bunyan, Dolomite.

2011 will be the 19th running of the race. Rod Carey, Roger Lange and myself plan to be part of it. Rod may have some performance enhancements by then to elevate him from the middle of the pack. Neil’s car was not eligible for outright racing but he joined the Lotus’s (or is it Loti) for their regularity events with some very good placings – 3rd, 1st, 7th & 3rd. Both Rod and Neil also competed on the preceeding day in the Sprint. For full details, see –
MSCA Sprint Rd2 Mallala 4 July
My thanks again to Arrand Ellery, Peter Davidge and Lyle Taylor for joining myself for a day in the bunkers representing the TSOA. The weather was great and we had the best vantage points for viewing all the action. Rod Carey  (GT6) and Neil Martin (TR7V8) were once again our only TSOASA members on track. Rod had a spin where Lyle and myself were stationed and damaged his front spoiler. I reckon the car looks better without it Rod. I believe Neil equalled his best ever time. See results at –

MSCA Skills Enhancement Day 8 August

$70 for all participants.  A $25 come and try licence fee for all entrants other than sprinters will be paid by the MSCA.. See our President’s separate article on the website.

SA Circuit Racing Championship Rd3 Mallala 21 – 22 August

There are likely to be Triumphs racing at this event in the MG & Invited British Sports Cars. Roger Lange (GT6) has expressed interest and Tom Hutchinson is rumoured to make a return to Mallala after a difference of opinion some years ago. Unfortunately I will be overseas so will miss this one.
MSCA Sprint Rd3 Mallala 19 September

MSCA Sprint Rd4 Mallala 24 October

SA Circuit Racing Championship Rd4 30 – 31 October

A TR3A is about to be modified to initially take on the salt lake competition. Michael Clark (nephew of former member Brenton Clark) is pursuing a dream both he and Brenton had to race on salt. Michael is based at Oakbank not far from my home so I will monitor and report on progress. A TR4 chassis has already been acquired to provide more room between the front suspension uprights for the V8 that will rest there.

It is heartening to know that people actually read my articles. I have often wondered from the lack of comment and contribution. This will be encouraging for the incoming 2010/2011 Competition Secretary. Some have taken comments I made in June’s TRAK as criticism. Those more open minded have seen it as a healthy means of raising awareness of issues faced by our club and many other car clubs today. If nothing else, it has generated discussion. It’s up to all of us to do something, or take the easy way out – nothing. Unfortunately/fortunately, I am still young enough that I work, live beyond the Adelaide Hills and have a myriad of ongoing projects. It is therefore difficult to find the time to write this, let alone become more involved in the TSOA. I am not an orphan in this regard but it will take a lot of time and energy to change things, both of which I am lacking.

Food for thought (pun intended) –  15 Triumphs recently competed in a Sprint in WA. Qld, NSW and Victoria also boast big turnouts. We struggle to get 2 in SA. What has happened?

And another thing – whatever happened to shed runs and Technical evenings? I am sure tea and scones could be incorporated.for those needy amongst us. I enjoy variety, and quite frankly, I don’t see it. I will be overseas for a couple of months so I will see some of you when I return in the warmer weather. ‘Good’ I can visualise some saying.


Trevor Lindsay

President’s Thoughts for July 2010

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

As I cobble together these thoughts, it is just a matter of days before we depart on our overseas jaunt. The excitement builds as we look forward to our adventure . . . visiting with our American friends, taking our first look at Europe, enjoying a wonderful scenic river cruise for a couple of weeks and then back home, all the while playing “spot the Triumph” as one does when on foreign soil.

There has been a lot of turmoil around the globe over recent times, what with the GFC, volcanoes erupting, massive human disasters, various wars underway etc., and no matter how you look at it, there is much to worry about. Mostly, there is just nothing we can do about things . . . they just happen. We sit back in front of our plasma screen and get fed all the daily news as seen by the media – not always correct, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

We have a lot to be thankful for, us Australians. Talk about the “Lucky Country”! So we don’t have a lot to grumble about . . .  but we do – it is natural. I am a good example of this . . . but please don’t get me started . . . politics, religion, news stories . . .  we all talk to the TV don’t we? Or is it just me?

Anyway, back on track – generally, there is a lot to look back on and worry. Our trip has focused us on looking forward, and it is a very refreshing position to be in. But it is not just the trip that we look forward to. Sure, seeing parts of the world not visited before and visiting old friends will be great, but looking beyond that, just the simple things are usually something to dwell on with anticipation.

When away from home, we enjoy the experience, but we also look forward to coming home. We look forward to giving the grand kids a hug and a present from our trip, and of course dusting off the Triumph and going for a drive. There are just so many things in our lives that we take for granted – everyday things that may not be that exciting, but when you take a step back and review, usually these are the things that keep us all going. The anticipation of what lies ahead.

Personally, I will be thinking about the race meeting at Mallala on August 21st/22nd and making a nuisance of myself in with the MG’s, and then the TSOA Nationals in September, and our local club events over the later months of the year. There is much to look forward to – even the tea and scone runs! Should we formalise an annual run to celebrate this trend?

Speaking of competition events, (getting back on track again) I know that several of you have talked to me recently about having an interest in doing club competition events, but wanting a less stressful introduction to see if you like it enough to go to the next level. Well, I hope that you have taken advantage of the MSCA day at Mallala coming up on the 8th August. This will be an ideal opportunity for you to see what Mallala is like, and to experience your Triumph (or any other car you may choose) at speed. It will also be an opportunity to learn a bit about car control and improving your driving skills. So give it a go!

With those thoughts, I look forward (there it goes again!) to seeing you on our return . . . . around the time of the AGM.