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The VRROOOM Report – October 2010

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The VRROOOM REPORT (a.k.a. Competition Report)

Rev Trev returns from touring Europe at the end of September, and I am sure that he and Steph will have plenty of news regarding Triumphs and motor sport to share with us all in due course. In the meantime, there has been some activity locally, but not enough to engage our members.

The MSCA sprint on 19th Sept clashed with the NSW Nationals, so Neil Martin and I were otherwise engaged. Trev’s away, Rod Carey needs a new engine . . . . anyone else??

The Nationals on the other hand were a hoot. The programme included two track days, Wakefield Park on the Monday, and Marulen Driver Training Centre on the Wednesday. The events held at Wakefield Park included a Super Sprint in the morning, and a hillclimb in the afternoon.

I had intended to take my GT6 to the Nationals, as it is so much fun to drive at Wakefield Park. Unfortunately, my last outing at Mallala resulted in a drivetrain vibration and problems engaging 2nd and 3rd gears – I suspect the gearbox needs repair again. So Cherri and I drove the TR8 across to NSW. As the TR8 does not have roll over protection, it did not qualify for the competition events, but I took my helmet just in case . . . .

Neil Martin entered all events in his TR7V8 and came home with a number of awards and a huge grin on his face. Needless to say, the competition events were excellent fun. On hearing that my GT6 had been left home, the NSW Nationals competition events organiser Ken Peters insisted that I drive his TR7 – who was I to refuse such a generous offer?

Ken’s TR7 has been modestly improved with some suspension tweaks, better brakes, a torquey cam and track tyres. But it remains an 8 valve TR7 on standard 13” wheels. What a surprising little package this car proved to be. It was such a nicely balanced package that went well, turned in, stopped and was quite forgiving. I had so much fun thanks to Ken’s generosity.

It wasn’t until we got to Gary Wilmington’s Marulen Park facility that the true spirit of TSOA Nationals started to emerge though. This day was to be a fun day, low key, and untimed. The track was reasonably short but testing nevertheless, and as the day wore on, the more fun the participants would have. Drivers swapped cars, took passengers, got other drivers to take the owners around in their own cars, compared notes, tried to learn better lines and techniques etc.

Neil offered me a drive in his TR7V8 which I was happy to accept, The sound of that V8 is just lovely. Ken’s TR7 got a run as well, and Greg Grist from WA threw me the keys to his silver Mk II GT6 to see what I thought of it. Most excellent fun! Even the Stig turned up to entertain us!

Congratulations must go the NSW Nationals committee for running such a great rally and especially Ken Peters and Co for the fun everyone had at the competition events.

Coming up locally, we have :

Australian Hillclimb Championships at Collingrove on Oct. 16-17th
Round 4 and the final MSCA sprint for the year at Mallala on Oct 24th
Round 4 of the SA State Circuit Racing Championships at Mallala on Oct 30-31
Modern Regularity at Mallala on 7th Nov

And a final mention, the Legends of the Lakes hillclimb at Mt Gambier being held over the weekend of Nov 6-7th. The entry list for the main event was filled a long time ago, however, there is an opportunity to enter the Historic (and Invited Cars) being run for the first time on the Friday preceding the main event Nov 5th. If you are interested, the South East Auto Club are currently accepting entries for pre 1975 cars of suitable heritage. If interested, go to the website and follow the links.

That’s all for now – I hope to see you soon


Legends of the Lakes – 2010

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

For those who may be interested, this year’s event is being run over the weekend of 6-7th November. The entry list was filled many months ago, but there remains an opportunity to be involved through an additional day being offered this year. This day has been created primarily for owners of Historic race vehicles, but is open to “invited” cars of suitable heritage  and a manufacture date preceding 1975. Fit’s right in for most Triumphs, doesn’t it?

If interested, you had better get moving – contact the South East Auto Club or go to their website and follow the links.


Social Scene – October 2010

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

We have just returned from 3 weeks away taking in Sydney, Canberra and the NSW Nationals so I am unable to make any comments on the mid week run on 1st September organised by Jack or the run on Sunday 19th September organised by Bill & Margie.  However I am sure both these runs were successful and thanks to the organisers.

The next event on the social calendar is the ladies technical session on Tuesday 12th October at Cafe Buongiorno Mtcham at 12 noon.   If you are not doing anything on that day ladies, come along and join us, we would love to see you.

Sunday 17th October is the annual Tony Esau Memorial Trophy Run being set this year by last year’s winner Ian Rigby.   I am sure Ian will have set a challenging run, so get along to Castle Plaza Shopping Centre at 9.00am bringing with you chairs, table, drinks and a clipboard and pen.   Also put the brain and  the Triumph into gear and join in the fun.   A club sponsored BBQ will be held at the destination (a secret at this stage) and we hope to see many Triumphs in attendance.  The winner on the day must be driving a Triumph.

The Technical Meeting on Thursday 28th October is at Performance Alloy Wheels at 60 Kinkaid Avenue North Plympton at 12.45pm.   Bob will need an indication of numbers attending at the October meeting.

Sunday November 14th John is organising a run heading up to Greenock Aviation Museum for a visit and BBQ lunch (cost $10p/h) joining with the Austin Healey Sprite Club.  The cars will be displayed on the lawn so come along on the day.  We will require an indication of numbers at the October meeting for catering purposes.

The Christmas Dinner and Trophy Presentation on Saturday 4th December is being held at the same venue as last year, The Royal Adelaide Golf Club.  Payment in full is required by the November meeting and is the same cost for members as last year ($40p/h) with non members $55.00p/h.

Sue Gibson

Member’s Triumphs

Thursday, September 9th, 2010


GT6’s ready for battle! Rod Carey, Roger Lange and Trevor Lindsay – Wakefield Park

President’s Thoughts for September 2010

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

The AGM has been conducted and the new committee formed, some new faces along with several carry over members make up the new committee.  The names and positions are shown in the minutes of the AGM which you will find included in this magazine.  My thanks to both the new and continuing committee members for making this commitment for another year.

After a lot of thought, and discussion with others, I finally decided to stand for the position of president.  For those members who do not know me, and with a membership of approx 300, there will be many, here are some brief details.

I am 64 years of age and along with my wife Barb have retired from the workforce. I have always had an interest in cars and for most of my working life I was involved with the automotive industry.  From the mid sixties I had a soft spot for the Triumph TR’s and it was only nearing retirement that I took the plunge and bought my pride and joy, a white 1972 TR6.

Barb and I have both been members of the TSOA for approx 9 years and participate in many of the club runs and events, including National Rallies in both South Australia and Queensland.  In my new role we look forward to attending more regularly than in the past.

Most of our participation has been in the social events, which are successfully run by a group of dedicated people.  I would propose that this feature of our club continue to develop and grow as it has over the past few years.  As well as satisfying the social need of club members, these runs allow participants to enjoy driving their vehicles and also in its own way promotes the club and exposes the general public to our vehicles.  From my point of view there is nothing better than seeing a procession of Triumph TR’s, saloons and Stags winding their way through the Adelaide hills on a sunny Sunday or Wednesday morning, although I acknowledge that this may not necessarily be what everybody enjoys.

In recent months there has been some healthy discussion that should not be ignored as it is important that we try to provide for members what they are looking for in our club.  Quite rightly some members feel we should put more emphasis on our marque and revive other activities associated with the promotion of our vehicles.  I would encourage members to put forward ideas to achieve this end.

I understand that one technical meeting has been arranged in late October to learn about the manufacture of Alloy wheels, and we have also organised a joint run with the Healy Sprite club which has been scheduled for November.  Both events are planned with the intention of developing, learning about and promoting the use of our vehicles.  This is a first small step but hopefully one in the right direction.  I know that these events only scratch the surface of the discussion points that have been raised but we need to start somewhere.
I look forward to being inundated with ideas and the members willing to develop them.You can forward your thoughts to

See you soon John Sampson.