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TSOA Members and their Triumphs

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012


This is Geoff Bills (Hon TSOA SA Life Member) in full flight at this year’s MSCA 6-Hour Regularity Relay. Doesn’t the TR3A look just wonderful?

Social Scene – September 2012

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Well funny things happen at AGM’s, including myself taking on the role of Social Secretary.  See what happens when no-one else puts their hand up!

I must say I am happy to take on the role from Sue who has done a sterling job for the past 7 years and has left the portfolio well managed.

Gee, the club calendar is already organised till the end of the year, so at least it will be a good start to the job!

So what about next year? I intend to make some minor changes to our main monthly Sunday runs by focusing more on the run itself, rather than the “eating venue”, therefore finishing our runs with simple BBQ’s or such. Sure we will still have the “fancy” outings, but probably less.

I will be looking for someone to manage the “mid week” runs, as I am still working full time. Please contact me if you are interested or watch out for that tap on the shoulder!

Upcoming events are listed in the back of TRAK as well as promo advertisements inside. Thanks to Rod Dent for organising the august run to the Military Museum, which I believe was enjoyed by those who attended.

Socially Speaking,

Bill Berlemon

Sporting Triumphs – August 2012

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

The sporting calendar has been full of activity this month starting with the All British Day at Wakefield Park and finished with Modern Regularity at Mallala on the 29th.
As I mentioned in last month’s edition, Neil Martin was our sole representative at the All British Race Meeting. Duane Kaak accompanied Neil to Wakefield Park and took on duties as Team Manager, sole pit crew member, head mechanic, time keeper, dishwasher and general roustabout.
The trip to Goulburn seemed to be without drama that is until Neil and Duane arrived at the track only to find that the tow vehicle had thrown up a stone and punched the radiator of the TR7. This required a trip to the local auto parts shop for some radiator stop leak. Scrutineering found some play in the front wheel bearing which needed attending to before Neil could compete in his regularity event. Neil had set a time in practice of 1:20:76. His best run for the weekend was round 4 which he placed 3rd. Overall both Neil and Duane had a good trip away and we thank them for representing SA.
Racing four weekends in row proved a little too much for even a keen competitor such as Neil, who decided to sit out round 3 of the Super Sprint Series at Mallala held on the 8th of July. Roger Lange’s GT6 engine is still in pieces but he entered again in his mate’s quick Datsun 240Z. The double entry proved too much for this car’s brakes which were fading badly. This must have made for some interesting times heading into the northern hairpin Roger!
Duane Kaak was also entered and had a consistent run in his TR7V8. Competitor numbers were down for this meeting suggesting harder economic times maybe having an effect on some competitor’s pastime. This meant the three runs were completed ahead of schedule and gave everyone the opportunity to compete in an extra 2 runs for the day – Good value for money.
The 12th of August is the next round for the Sprint Series and is our club’s turn to perform flag duty. Flag marshals are imperative to any motor sport event and the last event had difficulties starting due to the lack of flag marshals. It also proved embarrassing to the rostered clubs who didn’t provide the necessary volunteers. I’m certain that the TSOA members who have volunteered to help out will have a fun and rewarding day. The time to meet is 8.30am at the Scrutineering Shed. Did I mention that lunch and morning tea is provided?
Until Next Month
Rick Staehr
Coming Events
5th August Hillclimb Wintercup Round 4 Collingrove
11th Rover Scout Tailem Bend Tarmac Challenge Cup Rd 2
12th August MSCA Super Sprint Series Rd 4 Mallala
18th & 19th August SA State Road Racing Rd 3 Championship Mallala
19th August Willunga Swap Meet
22nd – 26th August Supaloc Classic Targa Adelaide

Social Scene – August 2012

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

The visit to David Armstrong’s shed attracted a lot of people on 11th July.   David had a number of cars on display and I am sure all those who attended enjoyed looking at David’s treasures.

Thanks from TSOA to David & Yvonne for inviting us to their home and for providing a lovely BBQ lunch.  Thanks also to Wendy & Tony for organising the day.

The Jolly Jaunt through the Adelaide Hills on 15th July ending up at Tranquilo in Stirling was very well attended despite the shocking weather.   Thanks to Chuck & Dianne for organising.

The next Sunday run is on 19th August meeting at Eagle on the Hill Lookout at 9.00am and we will then drive to the Military Museum at Salisbury for a tour.

Sue Gibson

President’s Report – August 2012

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

I would like to thank club members who organised the club runs during the period Barb and I were away overseas just recently, I understand that they were well supported again showing the strength and fellowship of our club. My thanks especially go out to Margie and Bill Berlemon for organising the weekender to the Riverland, again I understand that the event was a great success, with many interesting activities planned, and a good time was had by all members who attended.

While I am on the subject of club events, I would like to put in an early reminder that the “2012 DAY OF TRIUMPH” will be held again this year at the Tea Tree Gully Civic Park opposite the TTP.

Again this year we would like to put on a special display at this great venue and promote our marque and club to the public, but more importantly this day is a good opportunity for club members to picnic and socialise in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow like minded Triumph enthusiasts.

There will be several adverts for this event in the magazine over the next couple of months which will be held on Sunday the 28th October, and while there is still plenty of time before the event it may be time to put a note in your diary as a reminder, and start making some preliminary plans in readiness for this important event on our club Calendar. So now may be the time to start brushing the cobwebs of the car and start checking over your vehicle in readiness for all those great summer months ahead.

August again “Heralds” the club AGM which will be held on Tuesday the 21st at the SCCOSA club rooms at 8.00 pm. As is the normal practice all club committee positions are declared vacant and elections will be held. I believe it to be a sound practice to change the mix of the committee from time to time to encourage new ideas and keep the club fresh, if you also believe in this principle and would like to get involved in some small way in assisting in the running our successful club, give me or one of the other current committee members a ring and discuss how you may be able to help.

The Concessional Historic vehicle and prescribed LHD Registration scheme code of practice has been issued and several articles have been presented in the past magazines for your information. Just to update a little further the code requires the clubs to set up and maintain a series of records which are required to be kept for a period of 5 years, these will be subject to audit from time to time by the DPTI. The code also requires each vehicle to be inspected every 3 years and we as a club need to commit to complying with these conditions by the end of December 2012.

The committee and our three authorizing people will be working through and tying to understand the new requirements, and from time to time we will issue statements of our understanding or clarifying the code to the membership as required.

In the mean time our team were very happy with the membership’s acceptance of the new requirements for a Stat Dec. and log book sign off at the July meeting and remind members that club subscriptions and log book sign off are required to be completed by the AGM or your historic vehicle will be unregistered and not covered by insurance.

That’s all for now

John Sampson