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President’s Report June 2013

Monday, May 27th, 2013

It is with again much sadness this month that we said goodbye to another great TSOA member, John Allnut. He was a great contributor to the club, and I believe there may be an article in this month’s magazine reflecting a bit more on his life. As sad as saying goodbye is, it is also very joyous to see and meet new members at our meetings and on our runs. I would love to meet many more of the unseen members, as I’m sure they have a great Triumph story to tell and I have set myself a challenge on how to do this over the coming years.

This month at the meetings we introduced a new Concierge service, thanks to Bob Farrell for taking the lead on this. Too often at meetings we are busy catching up with our regular friends, and I’d hate for any new attendees to be missed or too feel uncomfortable in such a large group. Thank you to all of those that have expressed an interest, in being the face of the TSOA at our future meetings.

Our membership secretary Natalie Farrell supplied with more numbers of interest which I hope will also be published in the next TRak magazine, of the total number of members cars in each make and model. I love reading these numbers but I wonder more, are these non historically registered cars running, registered fully, under restoration? Please let us know where each of your Triumphs are at so we can compile some great and interesting facts about triumph cars in SA.

Hopefully in the June TRak are also some photos from the 6 hour regularity competition event. A HUGE thank you to the volunteers who assisted on the day. Those that were there know I had a blast when I achieved my nominated lap time, pumping the air and I could see these antics also put a smile on the face of those behind pit wall also.

The committee is meeting soon to discuss the budget for next year. A small membership increase is proposed to keep income and expenses steady, and we had a passionate discussion about the cost and the production of the Trak magazine, being a major cost to the club. I see the magazine as more than just something to read and discard, for me it is a great way or marketing our club to new members and keeping in touch with those that aren’t up to speed with internet. Maybe in the future, near or far, it could be an electronic newsletter, but to have any decent magazine in print or on-line, we need members to submit articles of interest, photos etc. Many like to read it, are passionate about it, in any form, but only a few seem to submit articles. So please, put Pen to Paper, or fire up your computer and type something, tell us all your story about your repair, restoration, or Triumph Spotting and travels, online or in print, it will be a much greater read for all those involved.

I look forward to seeing you all on the road or at the next event soon!

Duane Kaak

Vale John Allnutt

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

It is with great sadness that I report the death of long standing TSOA member and Triumph enthusiast John Allnutt on 2nd May following a short illness.


John has been an active member of TSOA for well over 20 years, with his main Triumph interest being his pristine yellow TR7 fhc. John also owned and cherished a silver TR8 dhc during the 1990’s before selling that car to Roger Lange to renew his acquaintance with his TR7 that he regretted selling – fortunately he was able to convince the then owner to sell it back to him.

During his involvement with TSOA, John has served as Club Treasurer and on National Meeting committees, and has been a regular attendee at General Meetings. He has been rewarded on many occasions over the years with Concours trophies for his Triumphs, and always enjoyed presenting his Triumphs for inspection. John has made many friends within the club and will be sadly missed.

A funeral service for relatives and friends of John was held at Charles Berry Funeral Home, 198 – 204 Magill Road, Norwood on Monday 6th May.

The TSOA Community joins with Helen and family in mourning the sudden loss of John – a true gentleman and a highly respected and loved man.

Duane Kaak, President