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Socially Speaking – March 2014

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

42 Vehicles were registered by the TSOA members at the All British Day on the 9th February, making us the 4th largest club display on the day.  Add on 4 entries from the TR Register and 8 from the Stag Owners Association – the Triumph marque was well represented. Extremely lucky with the weather on the day forecasted at 35 degrees as the day before was 42 degrees with catastrophic fire warnings and a large fire at Crafers and 40 degrees on the day following the event. (It was hot work marking out the ovals on the day before the event – I’ll tell you!)  850 cars and motor bikes were entered but the public attendance fell short on the day which the organising committee feels was due to the hot weather conditions, and will result in a financial loss for this year’s event. However we do feel some good gains were made in the overall management of the event.

Over 60 people attended our February General meeting with lots of new faces which is great.  Let’s all ensure our newer members are made to feel welcome. The GT40 kit car owned by Bill Jones certainly created a lot of interest.

Margie and I travelled to the Copper Coast last weekend (22nd and 23rd February) to plan this year’s Club Weekender. We ended up with what we feel is a great program, food and accommodation. Twenty Motel rooms have been booked (maximum) so get your application in early to avoid disappointment. Extra rooms will need to be off site. We have again done some great deals with the smaller locals and at $110.00 per person (plus the club subsidy of $20.00) the weekend represents great value.

Ian Rigby and Bob Cini have put together March and April club runs.  See flyers in this issue for all events.

Busy, busy, busy……………..

Till we meet again.

Bill Berlemon.

Annual Weekender – Copper Coast

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Come along and join us for a weekend of fun in the Copper Coast of South Australia.

Departing Whitehorse Inn, Pt Wakefield Road, Bolivar at 9.00am


*      Morning tea at Popes Café – Pt Wakefield

*      Visit to Ducatoon Park Horse Stud, Kadina

*      Lunch at Wallaroo

*      Wallaroo self drive tour around the historical township

*      Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum (for those who are interested)

*      Travel to Kadina to book into Gateway Motel

*      Happy hour by the Pool from 5.30pm (BYO drinks,, food supplied)

*      Dinner on site at AN POBEL Bistro at 6.30pm with the usual fun and frivolities.


*      Breakfast at the Motel in the Bistro from 8.00am -8.30am

*      Free time to explore Moonta and visit Moonta Mines Museum (for those who are interested )Moonta Mines Sweet Shop, Moonta Tourist Office at the Old Railway Station  (fantastic souvenirs and gifts)

*      Meet at the Moonta Tourist Railway at 11.45am for our exclusive train journey through Historic Moonta Mines.

*      Travel back to Pt Wakefield for Lunch at Salt of the Earth Café and Gallery

Cost: $220 per couple payable by the April meeting. Singles and Families to be negotiated. Final numbers need to be confirmed by the end of April.

Enquiries to Bill and Margie 0438836837

Weekend Feature: Ducatoon Park is one of South Australia’s leading Horse Studs. Principal Peter Toole has been in the horse breeding business for 52 years. We will be shown around a working Horse Stud which specializes in race horses and rearing of foals until yearling stage. We are also invited to wander through the extensive gardens, large walk in aviary and Peter’s Brag room showcasing his award winning woodwork.

Girl Torque – March 2014

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Firstly thanks to the girls who have put their names on the Supper roster.  We still have spaces so if you can help please let me know.

In regards to the Supper, as we have between 50 -60 members at each meeting, can I ask that we don’t have pies /pasties/sausage rolls?  These are expensive and we really need to have 2 pieces per member and the budget does not extend that far.  It is more appropriate to have sandwiches/cheese/dips etc to ensure all members have a choice of savory items. If making sandwiches please ensure you make 2 loaves which makes 80 quarters. Thanks girls.

Bill and I have spent the weekend in the Copper Coast organising the weekender for May….boy it has been an interesting time…no-one gives discount for 40 people to go anywhere in the Copper Coast except the Kadina Gateway Motel, which is where are staying! Anyway we had fun and hopefully you will enjoy the weekend – remember the Motel only has 20 rooms….so book early and you won’t miss out!

Margie Berlemon AM

Report – Ice Cream Run

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Ice Cream run – Sunday 26th January.

Well we met at Super Cheap on Port Road on a barmy night….everything was going well until I had a call from Lorraine Page (the advanced party) to tell me there was absolutely no parking anywhere near Noonies…our ice cream destination! Lorraine and Greg had circled for half an hour to no improvement so we had to discuss our options and put plan B into place in case of emergency!

We set off down Port Road and wound our way down to the Port and the Expressway, over the bridge and then onto Outer Harbor…(some STAG owners…not mentioning any names….went bush bashing!!) and then into the activities at Largs Bay, Semaphore and Semaphore south….wow never seen so many cars….the roads were ok, but if you wanted to park..think again….oh well after stopping at Noonies and advising not coming, plan B came into effect and off the Café de Vili’s we went.  Car parking easy, not too many people and service was good.   Then the Holden Car Club came as well…overheard a  conversation…they had intended to stop at Largs Bay…but no car parking and their plan B also came into action! It was a good night and even the STAG owners had a good time!

Margie Berlemon.

President’s Report – February 2014

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Gee the year is racing by. It is February already and all that time I had to fix those Triumph issues came & went with all those jobs are still waiting to be done. Can anyone relate?  I have a cracked brake disc on the TR7 (Neil says I need to do more cool down laps before parking) and the first competition event is on the 23rd February so I am sure I will get it done at the last minute. Having a deadline is a good thing!

Maybe you made a New Year Resolution to undertake something on your Triumph or drive your Triumph more. Maybe we can help you stay accountable to that. Send a photo of your Speedo in now and each month for the magazine so we can see how many km’s you are covering. Maybe you are intending on finishing that big job before the Nationals, or just before a certain date? Whatever the goal or plan, it is often easier with the help of some friends and there are plenty of them in this club. I know many of you have some very close friends in the TSOA, and with a few Triumphs changing ownership recently hopefully you all have room to extend it to include a few more. We had a couple of new members at our January meeting, and some others join recently so if you don’t have a New Year Resolution to do something on your car, maybe you can make it a resolution to get to know someone new in our club. Maybe sit in a different spot at the meetings, with a different group at a lunch, or take a minute to stop and have an in depth chat with someone new.

I am sure the year ahead will be a great one for our club, but we still rely on the same people over and over again, so maybe this year, YOU can set a run somewhere, mid week, Sunday or even break tradition and go for a Saturday or Friday, whatever the members want. Maybe you can volunteer to assist in a sub-committee for us hosting the upcoming National Event in just over 2 years. Maybe you could run it. If you have never done it before, have you ever bought anything from IKEA? How did you feel after you finished building it? This is the secret behind the success of not just IKEA, but packet cake mixes. By doing some work, putting something into it, you have a lot more pride in the outcome.  When we all join together and everyone does a little bit it makes the club run so smoothly and keeps us all TSOA proud.

My new year started with moving into our own house and I now have my own shed, so its going to be a great year for me, I hope it is a great year for all of you and I look forward to hearing of all your success and fun in your Triumph as the year progresses.


Socially Speaking – February 2014

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Socially Speaking

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope the Festive Season was kind to you all.

The Christmas dinner at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club was well attended, the ambience was good and the food was of a high standard.   A great evening shared by some seventy seven members with lots of laughter in the room as friends celebrated the Triumph Year.  Trophies were presented to well deserved club members, for Day of Triumph and club involvements. Thanks must go to Sue Gibson for organising the annual event.

The After Christmas run to the Vine Inn in Nurioopta was well attended, and from all reports was a great run and good fellowship by all.

The Informal meeting in January saw some model cars that members have collected and also included an informal auction for the sale of Tom’s collection!  A few ladies enjoyed the coffee and gelato at CIBO before joining the men folk at the clubrooms.

The Annual Ice Cream run was held on Sunday 26th January – Australia Day – the run was good – people everywhere at Semaphore so plan B was out into place and Café de Vili’s saw most of us finish the run there.  A good evening run and fellowship enjoyed.

I am looking for volunteers to set the monthly runs this year…please come and see me with your ideas and assistance.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the All British Day at Echunga on Sunday February 9th – come along and enjoy the event even if you have not entered the day and enjoy the magnificent display of British Cars!

Starting to think about the annual weekender….thinking about end of May and the Copper Coast…stay tuned.

Till we meet again

Bill Berlemon.

Girl Torque – February 2014

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Girl Torque

Firstly may I thank everyone for their kind wishes following my surgery in December?  I am recovering well and although still not driving, am returning to work in February! It is amazing how much you miss being outside when you are recovering from an illness and how much you  miss the interaction of people….well I do anyway…and I will be pleased to see people and do things again and not watch TV..which thank God for the cricket and tennis or else I would have gone stir crazy!

Thanks to Sue for organising the Supper Roster… we still need people to help out, so please see either Sue or myself at the meeting to fill in the spaces…many hands make light work, so in advance I thank everyone for their help.

Looking forward to another great year with lots of fun and coffee runs!

Margie Berlemon.