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TSOA Members and their Triumphs

Thursday, July 10th, 2014


TSOA SA Treasurer Jack Zeunert’s lovely Fuel Injected TR7 dhc – good enough for the Concours Class this year do you think? I sure do!

President Report July 2014

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

July Report August is the AGM time again. Our long term members know the drill really well, a short general meeting, open bar for 1 free drink, then the AGM formalities begin. Each year it is always a little nervous wondering who will nominate for the Committee Positions. I intend on nominating myself again for President, but like all other Committee members, we welcome anyone else to nominate. Maybe then we can actually have an ?election?. I truly love being involved with the Club in any position, helping however I can. Remember my IKEA theory? For those that feel like they don?t get much value out of the club, here is your chance to change it, by putting something in yourself and making a difference. Thankfully many other committee members are also happy to re nominate, however at this stage no one has expressed an interest in Nominating for the role of Secretary. Jack has done a wonderful job of compiling all the mail in, taking minutes, braving the stage each month to sit alongside various Presidents, and been actively involved in Committee meetings inputting into the club. However, like most people putting in a good few years it is time for someone new to take over. All Committee Positions are declared vacant, so even if the Secretary Position isn?t for you, but you would like to nominate for any other position, please do, as I know many Committee Members are happy to be involved wherever they are needed or wherever there is a vacancy. So as you read this, if there is even the slightest interest in helping your Club to thrive, grow and achieve, please feel welcome to contact me or anyone on the current committee to have a casual chat. Just like IKEA, all tools for the job are provided!

Socially Speaking – July 2014

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Reports for this year’s weekender will be found in other areas of TRak and for next year’s run we are proposing a three day two night event…but will need to watch the area the 2016 Nationals are going to so we don’t duplicate the events.

Forty people have booked into the Pasta Night on the 27th June at the Marche Club and we are confident it will be a great success.

July’s club run is an afternoon run on Sunday 20th July 1.30pm start at the Top of Taps with Afternoon Tea at The Watershed Cafe at Mawson Lakes – having been to the Watershed Cafe before, we have been most impressed with this unique venue on the Greenfields Wetlands.

Tuesday August 5th is the next Ladies Lunch…The Place next Door, Burnside at 12.00noon.

Sunday 24th August is out Lunch run to Currency Creek – meet Top of Taps at 9.30am for a special Menu Deal, Peggy has organised for us at $25.50 per person…please pay a deposit of $10.00 per person next meeting so we can confirm numbers at the venue.

September holds our Annual Club Breakfast on the 21st with the following Sunday 28th the Bay to Birdwood Run with the return to the old run and our meeting spot of Dequetteville Terrace.

As you can see even though it is winter, there is still plenty of club events for you to enjoy.

Till we meet again

Bill Berlemon.

Girl Torque – July 2014

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Well we had the first Ladies Lunch at The Place Next Door at Burnside in June….only a few of us attended, so we will try again in August and discuss future meeting places for the future.

Best wishes to Fay who has been couped up with a broken foot…hope you are on the mend soon.

The Supper Roster is empty for September……anyone who can help please let me know we appreciate your help.

Well as the weather is cold and the heaters are on, I hope you are all keeping well and not too many people are on the sick list.

See you all soon.

Margie Berlemon AM