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President Report – September 2014

Friday, September 19th, 2014

September Report

Spring is here, and the Social Calendar is filling fast.

And so are the committee positions thankfully, with a new Secretary. Thank you and welcome to Dianne to the Executive Committee.  We are still seeking one more dedicated Triumph enthusiast to join the executive committee, as the “Competition Secretary”. No need to attend every race event, the reporting will be done by the racing guys who participated. However the committee needs someone to vote and assist with the administrative tasks that come with the club. The executive committee meets every few months, typically before the general meeting so you won’t have to lose any free nights on your calendar.

Speaking of Calendars, we are planning a 2015 TSOA SA Calendar. I have seen a few great photo submissions, there are still spaces, but get in fast if you would love to have a photo of your pride and joy considered. I am really looking forward to having one of these on my wall early next year. Email these through to Natalie Farrell.

We had some passionate discussion about our club communications at the general meeting, most members seem to feel the email newsletter doesn’t give them all they want? So this month as you read this email newsletter, make a note of what else you would like added and let us know how we can improve it. Several members advised they still like paper newsletters. Cost has never been an issue, sure these email ones are cheaper, but producing a lighter newsletter bi-monthly was intended to make the Editor’s position responsibilities lighter and just include the essentials. What other essentials are needed each month? The executive committee will consider your feedback and discuss this further so please pass it all to me for consideration so we can keep you all updated as you need!

Until then, this is the best of time of year to be driving your Triumph when the sun is shining to keep you warm enough to not freeze with the roof off or dodgy heater, but not too hot that your radiator boils at the stop lights! I hope to be spotting you all on runs soon.


Socially Speaking – August 2014

Monday, September 8th, 2014

July saw an afternoon run set by Natalie and Bob from the Top of Taps through the beautiful Adelaide Hills to the Watershed Cafe at Mawson Lakes.  Although not a lot of starters at the beginning some members joined in the afternoon tea, which was a great location, thanks Natalie and Bob.

The August run set by Peggy and Brian was a great day and the Triumph’s were joined by the Sunbeam and Stag clubs for the run and Lunch at Currency Creek Winery – a noisy group in the Winery! Thanks Peg and Brian.

September is a busy month with a mid week run on September 10th , followed by the General Meeting, then the all important Breakfast run on September 21st. This day is also the day of the Sprint car display, so a busy day for all to enjoy.  September 28th is the Bay to Birdwood and we will be back at the old spot on Dequetteville Terrace from 9.00am.

So its time to get out the Triumph’s and enjoy a busy month ahead!

Till we meet again.

Bill Berlemon.