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MSCA 6-Hour Regularity Relay : Team Triumph

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Jon Williams has put together a very nice visual summary of the 2015 Team Triumph entry in the 6-Hour event that was conducted on the 3rd May.

In Jon’s words –

“6 Cars, 6 Hours, as many laps as possible in nominated times with penalties for breaking the time – sounds really easy . . . but it isn’t.
Despite having a fantastic Team of Supporters with great communications and brilliant experience, Team Triumph still had to work through everything from clutch failures, power steering problems, rear hub issues and lap time breakouts to finish the day 9th out of 22 teams entered.
Rule number 1 was “Have Fun!” and we did. Thanks to all involved.”

That pretty much says it all – have a look via this link :



Winton Historics 2015

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Hi everyone

My yearly trip to Winton went great. My liver agrees too but that’s another story. Lots of Triumphs on display and in the carparks, although no GT6s this year at all. Also there were less Trumpies actually competing – not sure what that suggests. Lots of superb TRs but you’d expect that. My picks were the beautifully restored Vitesse and the sharp Vanguard.

The weather was cold but the rain stayed away until, I kid you not, 10 seconds after the final race ended – then the heavens opened.

My Pi behaved admirably on the trip, although I did pop a leak in a rainstorm at highway speed. Anyway, here are the pix. Just the Triumphs.

DSCF3164 DSCF3196 DSCF3195 DSCF3194 DSCF3193 DSCF3192 DSCF3184 DSCF3183 DSCF3176 DSCF3175 DSCF3174 DSCF3173 DSCF3160 DSCF3159 DSCF3158 DSCF3157 DSCF3133 DSCF3132 DSCF3131 DSCF3130 DSCF3129 DSCF3128 DSCF3120 DSCF3118 DSCF3117 DSCF3116 DSCF3112 DSCF3109

DSCF3108 DSCF3104 DSCF3103 DSCF3102 DSCF3095

Phil Bagust