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2015 Day of Triumph Update

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015




Final update for our 50th year “TSOA Display day”

When: 25th October.  Where: Wrigley Reserve Glenelg.

Entry is via the roundabout at the end of Anzac Highway.

Times: I will be there around 7.30 ish for set up. Cars to position can be from 8 a.m. but need to be in place preferably by 9.30 so we can do a call to arms and start judging at 10 a.m.

Cars on trailers are no problem but we may need to put the towing cars on the paved area. I have permits for these cars. Cars on display do not need permits.

The club tent will be in place but to a limited area, so please, as this is a requirement by council see me if you do bring one as I need to control the placement and we may need to restrict to the size stated on the acceptance to the reserve.

We will have our Regalia for sale on the day so bring money.

We also have David from “Coffee N Cookies” Selling –

Cappuccinos, etc

Cookies / slices hot dogs

Toasted sandwiches


Flavoured waters

Soft drinks


HISTORIC INSPECTIONS:  These will be available on the day.

Both Kevin Foster and Colin White will be there to help you get this requirement done.

You will receive a sheet to keep on your car window so that the guys have clear vision who wants this done.  Keep an eye on your car so when they get to it meet them and you can show them the documentation they need. (Log book and Rego Papers)


I also have a very short questionnaire regarding this event for next year and need your input so I can present the outcome to the committee.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the day.


Ian Rigby


This is Triumph

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

Here is a link to great historical record of Triumph’s origins. Enjoy!

“This is Triumph” on YouTube


Social Scene – August 2015

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Well hello to all TSOASA members. At the AGM Sue Gibson and I, Peggy Argent, have put ourselves forward to do our best in the position of Social Secretary jointly taking on the role.

To fill Bill’s boots would be just about impossible so we won’t even try and just do it our way, and just think there is only 11 more months to go and someone else  can give it a go.

Sue and I both thank Bill as he has been an outstanding social secretary, and he has left the calendar with quite a few runs already organized, this should make the transition from old to new a lot smoother.

I am sure Sue and husband Rory don’t need any introduction to members as they have been in the SA club for about 25 years, and both been very active and held office positions, and have had the same TR6 for many years.

Me however, along with husband Brian, have been members for about 19 years, but we don’t have a TRiumph now, however Brian is always looking.

We have had many Triumphs starting with a GT6, Stag, 2500 x2, TR6 and a TR7. Although I have never held a position in the club, I have helped out with the supper roster over the years, and of course I love to do breakfast on the Saturday morning on our fabulous WeekEnders.

We would like to invite members to contact either Sue or myself with your preferred style of club activities, that way we can give it our best shot to accommodate YOUR diverse requests. What will it be? Long runs, short runs, early morning, mid morning,  stopping for breakfast, cook your own  or sit and be served, or morning tea or  lunch, or what about starting

later in the afternoon and stopping for pre dinner nibbles and A drink , then  drive on to dinner?  Then driving back in the moonlight how romantic could that be?

WE need to hear from YOU, otherwise we will set what we think you want to do.

Unfortunately we were not at the August 23rd Dolphin Cruise, but believe all had a lovely day with great weather, and dolphins to fulfil the day.

The Ladies lunch will be on the 8th Sept at Caffe Buongiorno 212 Belair Rd Mitcham at 12 noon, and yes the men are welcome.

The next run will be Sep 20th meeting at Victoria Hotel Top of Taps – One thing to be aware of on this day, it is the City Bay Fun Run and there are a number of road closures including Anzac Highway from the City to Glenelg.

And now is the time to add your name to the Christmas dinner.

Sue’s contact details are 0428 735 960

Peg’s contact details are 0409 090 369

Cheers for now

Peggy -Sue


Day of Triumph 2015 Update

Monday, September 7th, 2015

For a bit more convenience we will be joined on the day by David from “Coffee n Cookies.” (Mobile coffee truck) he provides Cappuccino’s, hot dogs, Cookies, slices, toasted sandwiches, slushies, soft drinks.

Also the cars that you plan to display need to be in place preferably around 9am for a 10am start to the judging.


Ian Rigby

Ian at Bathurst 2013

President Report AGM

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

President report
Wow what
a quick year .
The club continues to remain healthy and vibrant with money, events and members . Fine tuned improvement were made to fast track last year and the value of being a member was also well tuned with discounted events and no increase to subscription fees.
We have begun to celebrate our 50th Birthday this year with extra special events including a formal dinner. The dinner , a memorable weekender and the years events would not have happened without the effort of Bill Berlemon. Hence why he is the recipient of this year’s President’s Award.
At now 50 years old it would be easy to imagine not being successful with a marque out of production for over 30 years but we and our Triumph cars have thrived, not just here in SA, but worldwide.  I am sure like many older successful clubs before us with longer history and with the passion inside us all we will survive many more years to come.
Officially the year ended august 15. So if you have not renewed membership or had your rego papers stamped etc you cannot legally drive your car and again we will report non financial members to DPTI.
This scheme back bones the TSOA, with many non active members utilising it.  Although we never meet them here they are often the other Triumphs we see on the road. They love their classic car as much as many of us, they keep the club financial so tonight I say thanks to them.
But bigger thanks to everyone who puts not only renewal money but time and energy into the club and organises, attends and participates.
Next year will likely be a little different.  I am looking forward to more detail about the national meeting and hopefully a new triumph saloon in my collection. I won’t be standing again for president, so as I bow out a big thank you to all for your support in the near 3 years at the top,  and I wish the new committee the very best of success.