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Calendar (Short form update) Feb / Mar / Apr 2016

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Calendar Feb/March/April 2016

Sun 14th All British Day – Echunga Oval from 10.00am
Tues 16th General Meeting – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm
Tues 23rd Ladies Lunch Caffe Buongiorno Mitcham 12.00 noon

Tues 15th General Meeting – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm
Sun 20th Breakfast Run – meet 8.30-9.00am Cnr Esplanade/Lady Gowrie Drive/Harrold Street
Largs Bay – see advert

Sun 10th Evening Run – see calendar for details
Tues 19th General Meeting – Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm
Tues 26th Ladies Lunch Caffe Buongiorno Mitcham 12.00 noon

Social Scene – Jan / Feb 2016

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

TSOA Social Scene – Jan Feb 2016

The year finished in deep sorrow with the passing of our wonderful friend Lorraine Page, our thoughts are
with Greg and his two girls and their partners, as their long journey without Lorraine begins.
Many thanks to all who attended the After Christmas run. We had a very good turn out with 60 in all, along
with 18 Sun-beamers coming along in their modern cars which was somewhat disappointing, Brian and I
were the only ones in a Sunbeam .The Venue was good and the food excellent in my opinion. I would just
like to point out, this is why it is fair to the organizers of a Club Event that you do let that person know if you
are attending or not, as the Venues can get rather toey at times with the numbers fluctuating leading up to
the day and on the day.

We have a reasonably full calendar for 2016 with just a few dates yet to be taken by a willing member to
organize a run. Those dates to be filled in are August 21st and Sep 18th, Sue and I are hoping we have
planned events that are pleasing to you, our members and we have many Triumphs out on the runs. We
would love to have a little more feedback on runs, so we are catering to the needs of members who look
forward to club runs each month.

The ice cream run was very well attended with 50 people enjoying ice cream coffee, donuts etc. at the
beach with a brilliant sunset out over the horizon.

If you were one of the helpful people who bought raffle tickets from Peg for the Orange Tree Quilters group
late last year I am sorry to say you didn’t win, However Peg did sell the winning tickets 1st prize the Blue
and yellow baby quilt went to Kathy Woods in the Sunbeam Club, and the 2nd prize went to Ross Kent from
the Hillman Club, we sold 220 tickets and the proceeds will enable our group to purchase more materials to
complete quilts for “Children in the Community “

Cheers Peg (Sue)

President’s Report Jan / Feb 2016

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Happy New Year for 2016.

We are looking forward to another exciting year of events, particularly with the Nationals being held here in
SA in October (refer to advert in this edition). The event program is shaping up well, thanks to the
dedicated committee who have already put in many hours arranging the event and will continue to do so in
the coming months. There have been many trips to the Clare region arranging activities and run routes. If
you would like more details on the Nationals, information and registration forms are on the TSOASA

The Christmas Dinner was again a great evening with those attending enjoying a delicious meal and great
company. Congratulations to all those who received trophies this year. Well done to Ian Rigby for receiving
the Clubman’s Award.

Thanks to Robin George for displaying his car on stage and telling us the interesting story behind it during
the January meeting.

The committee is currently finalising updates to the TSOA constitution to bring it in line with current legal
requirements and club practices. We anticipate it will be available for member feedback in the next couple
of months prior to voting on it.

All the best for 2016.

Mike Temby