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August run to Paracombe Premium Perry. (Pear farm)

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Congratulations must go to Duane for this month’s run. We were joined by the usual crowd with 3 saloons and 2 Tr6s. It would have been nice to see a few more in the convoy though. The run did start off at a VERY slow pace but that was to make sure that we stayed in line and no one got lost. The run took us through some great roads that we have not ventured down much, if not at all. I did think that getting over 40 Klms per hour was going to be a challenge, but as we hit the hills and winding roads the engine and shocks got a work out.
Not only did we get a good turnout but Duane was able to pull off what can be one of the best presentations held by a local business that we have seen.
Damian from “Paracombe Premium Perry” (Pear farm for the uneducated) was very inviting well versed on his produce and just very open to our group.
Yes it was cold but as we arrived they took coffee orders from all that wanted warm hands and Mark the local Barista delivered a very nice cuppa.
Damian presented us with a very informative tour of what they produced, how it all started and the finer details of preserving, caring for and delivering a range of produce from what I thought was a very simple fruit.

It was interesting to see how Damian has continued to run the family business. Moving back home in 2010 he took over from his father and moved to modernise the output with some overseas machines and also turned his skill in inventing line processes that not only work well but out shine off the shelf machinery.
The site started in 1932 by his grandfather and it has stood the test of time. Handed down through generations and is now managed and run by Damian and his wife Amelia.

They were also helped on the day by Pam who was just as welcoming.
The Triumph line of cider started back in the 1800s and after sampling all of the alcoholic and plain juices we were given a clear sample to try that you could run your car on.

After 2 hours of conversation Coffee and question and answers we said our thankyous purchased some pears and bottled produce and farewelled our hosts.
We were back in the cars and after a short trip up the road met at the Cudlee Creek hotel for a $10 roast lunch.
I think the day went very well and after we all said good bye for the day Raelene and I went on a bit further to the Cudlee Café for a final Coffee and met up with Wilhelm Galler and his wife. Last year’s winner of the annual “All Triumph Observation Run” that is to be held on Sunday 15th October. No secrets were handed over just that this year’s run is in the final stages.
I hope to see as many Triumphs out on that day all challenging for the winner’s trophy.
It’s always great to meet up on the monthly runs and for me is a way to forget work, dust off the Triumph and just enjoy life with friendly people.
Thanks again to Duane and I’m looking forward to the next run.
Ian and Raelene Rigby.

“We got us a Convoy”

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Although off to a nervous start i did manage to get all Triumphs in convoy today for a quick run through the northeast and Range Road. Naturally(?) Our Triumphs left the modern cars behind and the rain stayed away for a fun and informative tour of Paracombe Premium Perry farm.

The next year

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

With the annual AGM over for another year and the next year’s committee members in place I take this opportunity to provide a bit of feedback to those that missed the night and to thank the only outgoing member.
Bill Berlemon, who supported in this roll yet again, has now handed the baton over to me.
The usual general business was discussed with 2 new members bringing their TR6s to the fold. Welcome to them.
After the initial meeting took place and that part of the evening closed, the bar opened up for drinks and all Executive positions were declared open. Surprisingly there was an involved uptake this year and positions were voted in reasonably quickly.
No inspirational speech from me, but, I was inspired leading up to the night with several members speaking with me directly and encouraging me to raise my hand. Please don’t let my Rego number on the six get you worried. Who would have though TRUMP would be elected when I bought the plate several years ago. I promise that I will not tweet late at night and upset other clubs or our neighbouring states with its content. But I will keep everyone up to date where I can with the club activities and anything that needs to be highlighted and raise awareness.
I know that the ongoing support from those in the group will continue and I thank those that have once again stepped up and taken on their existing rolls for another year to help.
Our Vice president remains unchanged and I’m looking forward to working with David Stephens.
Alex Smithson, as our Secretary, has kept everyone informed of our funds over the year and I’m sure that his tight grip will continue. Both Peggy Argent and with a bit of coaxing, Sue Gibson will continue with our Social calendar. Duane Kaak will maintain his Secretary roll while Neil Martin continuing with the competition secretary roll. All of the year’s events will be posted in Trak again by Marg and Dean Bogisch.
I also thank the following for their continued support.
There were no open positions or votes taken but the remainder of the Committee members stay the same. The club Registration team of Kevin Foster, Colin White and Stuart Ghent have a slightly changed involvement looking after the amended government scheme that will naturally be reported on in Trak and the Web.
Sue Smithson: Clothing, Tom Long: Mag distribution, Greg Page: Library, Arrand Ellery: Media and Advertising, John Tuohy: Club Historian, Meeting displays and Technical Meetings, Natalie Farrell: Memberships, Roger Lange: Website manager. And I will also continue with Concours and Pride of ownership (for now)
At the end of the proceedings I took a small amount of time fixing something that our club had overlooked last year. It was brought to my attention that 2 special presentations did not take place at the end of year dinner. Unknowing how that occurred apologies went to them both and we set about to fix the issue. I was grateful to be able to present both Bill and Margie Berlemon with their recognition trophies for their elevation to “Life members”. I was also able to present them and Tom Long with a small token key chain with the wording “TSOA SA Life Members” so they have that with them day to day.
I thought it fitting that we also take this time to recognise our other past life members and will issue the same token chains to them shortly, or posted if I can’t get to see them at the next club meeting they attend.
Thank you to those that assisted me in the selection and wording.
Well that’s it for now.
I hope that I can continue in the supporting role that has been presented to me in the same fashion that others in the past have done and look forward to more monthly runs with lots of Triumphs.
Kind regards

Ian Rigby.

2017 TSOA Annual Display Day

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

2017 TSOA Display day
12th November Semaphore Esplanade
Its on again and time to start thinking about polishing and dressing up those Triumphs.
This year we will be at Semaphore just by the public area south of the Steam Train Kiosk.
Entry will be opposite Coppin street and parking on the grassed area for Triumph Owners.
I will need several volunteer judges again and I’m look forward to working with them to pick the best of the best.
We will also be looking for those with pride in their cars and as usual Pride of ownership will be Judged.
Local traders are there for food and drink so No coffee bus will be on site.
You can bring a SMALL shade tent as this year allocation around the outer areas has been included in our display.
This year we have invited the Cadillac LaSalle Club of SA just for an added interest. There are some fine examples of these in SA and it will interesting to see what turns up on the day.
Why Cadillac?
Cadillac was Founded – August 22 in 1902 and has a rich history.
Cadillac is among the oldest automobile brands in the world, second in America only to fellow GM marque Buick. The firm was founded from the remnants of the Henry Ford Motor Company in 1902 and named after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. The founder of Detroit Michigan. So build a car and a town why not.
Cadillac was also the first American car to win the Royal Automobile Club of the United Kingdom’s Dewar trophy. This award is for Interchangeability of components just like Triumph.
Back to Triumph.
With the Standard Car Companies purchase of Triumph in 1944 the development of the Triumph 1800 was a solution to keeping the Marque afloat, they began exporting to the US and with the 1800 styling, 3 abreast seating, column gear change and folding dickie seat it was a good fit. Almost the length of Cadillac its features were suited to the American market and renamed the 2000 Roadster after an engine change. After that the rest is history and the models kept coming. Utilizing Jag engines swapped out chassis remake styling and the list goes on. With the Standard Car Companies roots starting not long after Cadillac in 1903 the merging of components and bodies the link is thin but there. That’s how I see it anyway.
So with all that history of different models, astute men with drive to succeed in a competitive market and global success how can we not display that to the public? So it’s worth getting them out from under the covers and onto the road.
This year on SUNDAY the 12 November drive to Semaphore.
Starting time is as usual around 8.30.
Cars need to be in position for judging no later than 10am when judging starts and the cut off for entry.
It’s a pity that during the last 12 months some of the clubs breeds have moved on especially Chuck and Dianne’s black beauty. As it won’t be there this year to take the front row I’m sure we will have a worthy contender. This will be decided on the day so if it takes my eye when you roll in then decision made.
Let’s hope the weather is kind and we get a good turnout.
See you all on the day
Ian Rigby