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Minutes of General Meeting 16/10/18

Monday, October 22nd, 2018


 Meeting Opened at 8:03pm     


    • Apologies: Neil Martin, Dean & Marg Bogisch, David Stephens, Roger Lange, Fay Esau, Peter & Julie Davidge, Andy Hill.
    • Guests/Visitors/New Members: Mark Newman (Spitfire MK1)
    • Previous Minutes: Proposed accepted without alteration by John Wood, seconded by Peggy Argent.

 2.Presidents Report – Ian Rigby

2.1 Last month was busier than usual with phone calls and contact, mostly due to upcoming Day Of Triumph.

2.2 Website has some new content, a blog of owning and restoring a Saloon by member Russell Ayers, along with Roger Lange’s Dolomite restoration progress.

2.3 No new volunteer as yet for Trak Magazine editor.

2.4 Only a low number of people have RSVP for Christmas Dinner, please register tonight even if need to pay later.

  1. Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak

3.1 Invitation received to join Sprite Club for an evening cruise on Saturday October 20th.

3.2 Richmond’s Car Sales have also invited our club for a tour of their facilities and cars on show after hours. Duane to arrange due to good level of interest.

3.3 Stag Owners Club has been invited to display their cars at Day of Triumph to help us reach a goal of 100 Triumphs.

3.4 Some other club magazines received and available to take home and borrow.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Alex Smithson

4.1 Just over $50,900 in bank.

4.2 Income received for advertising and Christmas Dinner payments.

4.3 Main expenses out were Meeting Costs, Administration costs and Observation Run costs.

  1. Social Report – Peggy Argent

5.1 Reminder of Christmas Dinner on December 1st.

5.2 Congratulations expressed to Alex Smithson as the winner of the Observation Run.

5.3 Day of Triumph this Saturday, arrive from 8:30am.

5.4 TSOA National Meeting is on 5 – 11 November.

5.5 Sunday 18th November is an early morning run leaving 939 Marion Road (Officeworks Carpark) and ending for Brunch and or Coffee near Blackwood.

5.6 Volunteers needed for runs next year. 

  1. Competition Report – Duane Kaak

6.1 This coming weekend Neil Martin & Andy Ansell will be competing in a Hillclimb at Mt Tarrengower, near Bendigo in Victoria.

6.2 October 28th is the final MSCA Supersprint of the year, Duane will be competing. Spectators welcome.

6.3 Neil and Andy will also be competing at Legends of the Lake in Mt Gambier in November.

  1. Library ReportGreg Page

7.1 Nothing new added – open for business 

  1. Regalia Report – Sue Smithson

8.1 Sue will have Regalia for Sale at the Day of Triumph this weekend, buy tonight to avoid disappointment.

8.2 Some new items have been ordered and due to be at next month’s meeting for sale.

8.3 Beanies sold quickly and there are only 3 remaining.

  1. Magazine Editor’s Report Vacant

9.1 Ian advised that the Club will continue to distribute communication via email, through the previous editors. Any suggestions on what you want to receive via email are welcome to be passed to Ian.

  1. Website Report – Roger Lange

No Report

  Conditional Registration Report – Kevin Foster

11.1 Overall fairly quiet a few new cars have been added, but also a few have been sold.

 General Business

12.1 Geoff Ellis advised All British Day (ABD) entries are now open, all previous entrants should have received an invite – contact ABD if you didn’t receive yours. Entries close early to mid November, or if capacity is reached earlier. Oval 2 has had new irrigation installed and will be just as green as oval 1 this year. Theme is British Racing Heritage and some Triumph Competition cars will be on display in the spirit of the theme.

12.2 Day of Triumph – any TSOA members who are also a part of the TR Register Nationals are still eligible to enter their cars into the TSOA Concours and Pride of Ownership competition. 65 TR Register cars will be on display and our aim is for 100 Triumphs in total. Any member with a Drone was sought to take an aerial shot.

 Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted

13.1 TSOA Member Russell Ayers whose blog is on our Website, is seeking a red front seat for a saloon.

  1. Raffle – Waterless Car Wash kit won by Bill Berlemon

 Cars on Stage – Nil

  1. Supper – Thanks to Sue Gibson & Peggy Argent

17    Meeting Closed: 8:50pm                       

In Memory of Ron Fergusson

Monday, October 15th, 2018

October 13, 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of TSOA of SA co-founder Ronald John  Fergusson, when aged only 66.

Ron was the driving force behind the formation of the club when, in April of 1965, after purchasing a TR3, he convinced Tony Case, who owned a TR2, that he should join him as joint co-founder of the Triumph Sports Owners Association SA Branch Inc.

In October of that year when a constitution was put in place, the revolutions were no longer idle, and the Club was official.

Day of Triumph 2018

Monday, October 15th, 2018



Saturday OCTOBER 20th 2018

Wigley Reserve, Glenelg

In conjunction with the TR Register Nationals Show and Shine / Concours

This promises to be a big day for the Triumph marque . . . make it even bigger by being there yourself with your Triumph!

note the date/day – it is a Saturday this year

Information regarding Judging for Concours and Pride of Ownership

Concours Section
All cars must be driven onto the judging site (except competition vehicles which may be trailered).
Entrants must score a minimum of 70% of the total points available in presentation section to be eligible for a Class or Outright trophy.
Standard classes will be – TR2/3/3A/3B, TR4/4A/5, TR6, TR7/8, Stag, Saloon, Dolomite, Spitfire/GT6, Herald/Vitesse, Pre 54 and Competition Classes may be split/combined depending on the number of entrants in each Class. This will be determined by DOT Officials on the day.
Judges will award points for each car up to a maximum of 750 possible points in 5 judging sections as follows –
. Exterior (170 points) – if convertible, the soft top must be erected and any tonneau/s displayed
. Engine bay (140 points)
. Underside (100 points)
. Wheels & tyres/boot (170 points) – boot must be left open or at least unlocked, with spare wheel, tools etc available for judging
. Interior (170 points)
Cars will NOT be judged on originality except in the event of a tie when the cars will be marked out of 250 points in accordance with the Concours table.
In the event of a tie “originality” for each model shall be broadly determined as any equipment or manufacturing (i.e. official works modifications) produced by the original car manufacturer or an approved option available for that model.

Masters Class
Cars that win their Class for 3 years running, or win outright for 2 years running, will be placed in a Masters Class and are ineligible to enter the standard Concours Classes for 2 years. Masters Class Awards will be given to all Masters Class cars in attendance.

Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall place getters on the day. The Register Trophy (TR2/3/3A and 3B), The Michelotti Trophy (TR4/4A/5) and The Harris Mann Trophy (TR7/8), will be awarded to the highest points achieved in that Class. Where the winner is also the winner of a Concours Class only one personal trophy will be awarded.
Trophies will be awarded to 1st place only if 3 or fewer cars are entered in a Class and 1st and 2nd place if 4 or more cars are entered.

Pride of Ownership Section
Entrants will be scored on presentation only (originality will not be considered)
Judging will follow the processes outlined in the Concours section, except the underside will not be considered. Standard classes will be – TR2/3/3A/3B, TR4/4A/5, TR6, TR7/8, Stag, Saloon, Dolomite, Spitfire/GT6, Herald/Vitesse, Pre-54, and competition.
Restoration projects may be considered depending on what is presented on the day.
Classes may be split/combined depending on the number of entrants in each Class – to be determined by DOT Officials on the day.
Masters Class cars are ineligible to enter POO section until 2 years after their Masters Class qualification.
Trophies will be awarded to Class winners only.

Calendar to 31/12/18

Monday, October 15th, 2018

Calendar – September to December 2018


Sun 14th – MSCA Super Sprint

Tues 16th – General Meeting Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm

Sat 20th – Day of Triumph Wigley Reserve Glenelg 8.00am-3.00pm in conjunction with TR Register National Show & Shine


Mon 5th-Sun 11th – Queensland Nationals

Sun 18th – Early morning run, meet 8am Officeworks carpark 939 Marion Road Mitchell Park

Tues 20th – General Meeting Sporting Car Club King William Road Unley 8.00pm


Sat 1st – Annual Christmas Dinner & Trophy Presentation Royal Adelaide Golf Club 6.30pm for 7.00pm.

President’s Report – September 2018

Monday, October 15th, 2018

President’s Report – September 2018

At this month’s General meeting I discussed a few tidy up issues and what we will do in the short term regarding club communication. For those who attend the meeting we normally formally accept the minutes reported in the hard copy magazine. My question to everyone was do we now do the same for electronic. In this instance, after a short what for, we did.

An extract from the Constitution supports the question and statement so will therefore be the norm from now on.

The TRak Magazine will continue to be electronically distributed for now, until we have someone willing to take on the Editor position, if at all, the hard copy ceases to exist.

The timing of messages will be subject to importance and TRak will be when we have enough detail for the membership to have a read. I suggested that if we do have someone willing to help that we look into doing 2 big editions rather than bi-monthly. Electronic will fill the gaps. We were also contacted from other states asking if we were happy to swap stories for inclusion and this is being looked into.

I was contacted by Graeme White TSOA Victoria who has given permission to present his supplied story to me after seeing a picture on our page that he wanted to use. The monthly minutes will be posted each month as we are required to do.

This month, one of the members put their case forward that we don’t need the TRak and also stated that in their opinion we don’t need the Nationals. I’m a little bit more optimistic and hope that we will continue to do both. Not everyone can make the meetings or like to read sitting at the computer. Interstate also like to receive news from us. I will be at the Queensland Nationals this year and will report on that when I return. It’s one event where all states can get together to have a good time and hopefully showcase their club and areas.

With the year slowly coming to a close we are getting ready for the last few big events. The last run held on the 23rd of this month was an event that we never know how many will turn up for. This year we eliminated the need for the winner to develop the next year’s run. Not sure if this had the effect but it was great to see several cars that don’t normally enjoy these days and it was a great turn out. Thanks to Rory and Sue for holding the event.

I didn’t do the full run as I needed to bring items that not even I can fit in a TR6. I’m sure that the rest who did venture deeper into the hills had a great run.
The end of run BBQ went off well and thanks again to Sue and Peggy for helping with the food prep prior to everyone turning up.

Congratulations to the winners

• 1st Place: Alex Smithson      • Second Place: Roger and Cherri Lange      • Third place: Noel and Cindy Schmidt

Now it’s time to get ready for this year’s Triumph Display day. As previously reported, this year we will be additional to the TR Register Nationals. We would love to see as many TSOA members out on October the 20th at Wigley Reserve Glenelg from 8.30 and join in with the 63 side screen cars that will be on display. Entry to the field is at the bottom end of Anzac Highway, go around the roundabout and enter the area on the left. It will be manned and signed.

I will also be needing help with our judging as we will be running our event as normal alongside their display. So please put it on your calendar and let’s make the display another one to remember.

The trophies will again be presented at the annual Christmas dinner that will be held on Saturday the 1st December. We have sent out the flyer but if you missed it, please contact Sue or Peggy (or me) and we will make sure you get the right details. The night commences with a Happy Hour, 3 course meal – $45 Members. Famous quote “Now that’s a bargain” $60 non Members.

See you all next time on the road or at the club.

Kind regards
Ian Rigby

Social Snapshot – September 2018

Monday, October 15th, 2018


Many thanks to Sue and Rory for organising a great Observation Run and the food on 23rd September, finishing at McLaren Vale for a club sponsored BBQ lunch, and to Ian, our BBQ head chef of the day. It was a great drive and the countryside is lovely and green at this time of year with many of the dams full. It was lovely to see many Triumphs with the tops off in the beautiful spring weather. Also good to see a few young ones with us for the run. The run had three stops for questions, the first being at Meadows where we had a coffee and answers to find around the Mawson Café. Then on to Prospect Hill for more answer searching time, and final stop at McLaren Flat, moving on to the Bocce Club grounds for our lunch. Alex was a clear winner with Roger & Cherri second and Noel and Cindy taking out third place. Well done to all. This year we did things a little differently with announcing at the meeting on 18th September, that the winner will not have to set the run next year – we already have an undisclosed person who is happy to set next year’s run.

We have just had our last informal lunch for the year, which indicates it is not long to Christmas, just 90 days.

The DAY OF TRIUMPH is the next big thing on the calendar, SATURDAY October 20th, we are holding our day in conjunction with the TR REGISTER’S National Rally Show & Shine at Wigley Reserve Glenelg. We have heard that there are around 63 TR’S attending their National Rally. So come along & bring your Triumph, can we outdo the Register TR’S? Your car doesn’t have to be judged if you don’t want it to be it’s all about showing your Triumph. Yes it is on SATURDAY 20th OCTOBER .

November 18th will be an EMR Early Morning Run, beach side finishing near Blackwood for Coffee or if you prefer, Brunch with moderate prices. Meeting at Officeworks, 939 Marion Road, Mitchell Park at 8am. For more information contact Peg 0409 090 369

Christmas Dinner and Trophy Presentation on 1st December. Please book early, $45. Members, $60 Non members for a three course dinner at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club.

Thanks to Dianne and Fay for offering to do supper at the November meeting.

If anyone would like to set a run in the new year please contact us as we are working on the 2019 calendar.

Cheers Peggy-Sue

Evening Run – After the Day of Triumph

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

I’m going to do this run whilst my Triumph is all shiny from the Day of Triumph and I have used a day in my logbook! All Triumphs are welcome.


The Sprite Club of South Australia will be cruising again for the first time this season on the evening of Oct 20th  . As usual this is a low key short sharp and hopefully shiny evening to display sports cars. Gathering in the Target shopping centre car park on the corner of Tapleys hill Rd and Valetta Rd Kidman Park at 6:00 pm for a 6:30 departure. As usual we would like to be joined by any interested  sports car, clubman, etc drivers. We are not too fussy about what constitutes a classic sports car. The run will be of approximately 1 hour duration. Sun is scheduled to dip into the gulf of St Vincent at 7:33 on this day. The route will hopefully keep the glare behind us.

Depart the shopping centre car park in a southerly direction.

Follow Tapleys hill Rd to Sir Donald Bradman Rd and turn left.

Follow Sir Donald Bradman Rd to West Trc.  and turn left.

Drive along West Trc. Follow city ring route Park Trc. Hackney Rd. Dequetterville Trc.

Hard left turn at the Victoria round about onto Fullarton Rd.

Turn right onto the Parade. (We tend to attract a bit of attention here.)

Follow the Parade up to Glynburn Rd. and turn left.

Follow Glyburn Rd to K mart on your left hand side.

There will be a short presentation at K mart.

Route maps will be available at the departure point.

If the bureau predicts above 36 deg or more than a 20% chance of rain the Cruise will be postponed.

As would be expected everyone joining us take part entirely at their own risk and are responsible for the roadworthiness of their vehicle.

Further info on the evening contact Pat Miller 0421 289 706 email