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President’s Report including 2018 Qld Nationals

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

President report November 2018

A big Thankyou this month must go to Alex Smithson.

Alex has been working heavily on getting our club to a position with reporting and logging of club information on a new electronic system. This was discussed some months back and the main reason that subs increased this year to cover this move. We are now into a 2 month free trial but initial view is that it looks very promising.

As the year comes to a close we will have our end of year dinner and Trophy presentations.

This looks to be at risk next year as the numbers have been getting less and less. We need a reasonable number to secure this event. I will be having a conversation with the rest of the committee in the new year to work out a solution for us but if you have an idea that would help promote this please contact any of the committee or our ever pleasant social ladies who would be more than happy to listen.


My Nationals story:

Most may know that I have recently been motoring around in Queensland on what was a fantastic Nationals week, amongst other TSOA members. The Queensland team did an outstanding job keeping everyone entertained, fed, looked after and made to feel very welcome. Knowing the difficulties that a Nationals can present I think it went off very smoothly especially knowing that the team had never been involved in organizing this kind of event before.

Hats off to Queensland for a job well done.


I left Adelaide for the Queensland Nationals on the 2nd November and I’m happy that I took the journey.

I spent the first 3 days travelling across the bottom end of SA, Victoria and into NSW up to Coolangatta to meet up with wife Raelene. She had taken the easy option to fly and spend time with our daughter and grandchildren before I arrived.

Day 1

After spending Sunday night with them we left for Peppers resort at Salt, Kingscliff for the first day and welcome dinner. We were met in the main lobby by the Nationals team, who handed us our information for the week a Nationals gift of Cooler bag, bottle of wine regalia scarfs and sponsorship info.

We had a few initial sorting out details with the room before we met the rest for the first of many well-presented meals and missed the first Iron Man on the beach, but another state kindly represented us in that event. The dinner was a casual beach theme.

There was no shortage of food or drink on any day and the resort also knew how to throw on a great breakfast.

Day 2

This was the show and shine event held on the lawns next to the resort and in walking distance for the days function in support of the Melbourne Cup. We had 40 Triumphs on display and mostly covered all styles. There was a Concours event with a handful of cars presented for this but the black TR5 took out the honors. (Front left in the picture)

I was fortunate enough to win a challenge that ran during the course of the dinner and up to the main horse race. After an intense ending that had 3 of us remaining from a field of 50, 2 of us were left standing after much banter on who would win.  The final prize was shared and we both walked away a little richer. (Just for interest:  turns out my number was the last but we agreed to go 50/50 before the final draw)

Day 3

This for some was Race day at Norwell and an alternate event to Byron Bay by Bus (or car) for the other group. I can’t report too much on the race event but listening to those that ventured that way had a day of fun racing around the track.

Raelene and I chose to take the car on the alternate run and after arriving at Byron Bay we took a tour around the back streets and found a few places of interest to us. Interesting that each time I pulled up someone approached me to either talk about the Triumph or tell me of their own. A really nice couple approached me while Raelene was in a baby shop and he invited me back to his place to have a look at his TR5. Unfortunately, time didn’t allow for this, but I have his card and will call past one day in the future I hope. We then went to meet the rest at the light house for morning tea but with the difficulty finding a park we ventured back down the hill and did a bit of a walk around the main streets. I was told that the morning tea put on was fantastic with again more food that no one could finish. We caught up with everyone at the next stop in Bungalow and spent a few hours for lunch and also tramping through the boutique shops.

 Day 4

After another big breakfast the groups were divided into 2. Team one went in one direction and Team 2 driving in the opposite direction. Some roads were, at times, bumpy but the scenery and meeting places made it well worth the drive. I quickly worked out that the little TR4 I was following was not standard as it kept disappearing around the bends. However, the driver and owner Graeme Spender, one of the Nationals committee, did well by always waiting for the rest of the field and we mostly travelled in a line of Triumphs that were welcomed in all the little towns as we drove through. This level of effort to keep the group together worked really well and made for maximum impact throughout the day.

The evening was an Ironman barefoot bowls event with a well-organized BBQ at Kingscliff bowls club.


Day 5

Today was a relaxed drive / Observation run to Murwillumbah and some took in the planned movie while others looked around the town. The evening meal was a really special one held close by at the Margaret Olley Gallery where we were met with platters of food (on top of the planned meal) while we enjoyed the happy hour and amazing sunset looking out over the hill view.

Day 6

This was the second day run and alternated across the groups through another well thought out drive across a great variety of roads that eventually took us to a little pub in a place called Uki (for our group) then back to the resort for the final dinner and presentations for the racing and also for others that were caught out for different reasons but winning them a bottle of wine. There were several auctions also held during the evening for items supplied with the main event for a dinner and accommodation that was given to the group from the owner of the restaurant at Margaret Olley. Proceeds went to Charity.

WA then made their pitch for next year at Margaret River and pretty much straight away Raelene nominated that we would be going.

The info can be found on their web page with all the current details

Note: Next year is the 40th anniversary of the Nationals and the 50th anniversary of the TR6. Not one to be missed I think.


Day 7

This was our final Nationals morning. After another great breakfast and catching up with the groups for the final time Raelene and I headed back to our daughter’s place to spend some more time with them before I hit the road home. Looking at what my little TR needed to fit in it for the drive my boot rack had its first ever use.

Yes it all did fit!

The road home

I left Queensland on Thursday 22nd late afternoon having spent some time with the granddaughter at her school. It was only a short drive the first day as I didn’t want to challenge the Roos at night.

The next day I called into the Parks Observatory then onto Forbes motor museum. I was fortunate to spend a bit of time with the owner again looking over several newly placed cars amongst the older ones he has.

My final day on the road was a long one and I arrived home after covering 5,436 Kilometers in total and burning 508 liters of fuel with a final average around 30Mpg. 800 Kilometers of the trip was done during the week of the Nationals so a fair bit of ground covered with them and no hint of any trouble with the TR6.


 The Next experience.

This last weekend Duane, my son Adrian and I helped out a lady named Georgia with her wedding. She contacted me after talking with Power tune and asked if we had cars that she could have for her wedding. After an initial contact with her she was going to speak with me at the display day but had dental surgery so could not make it.

                       So, what have you been doing with your Triumph? Tell us your story.

On another note.

You never kow when a classic is going to turn up or where. I have seen stories of old bikes being removed from between walls when renovations being done have exposed it. Or a classic Ferrari being uncovered from an underground grave but never one 200 feet below the surface in a lake.

This 1927 Chev coupe was found on the shipwreck Mansoo that went down in 1928, Found 200 feet down in Lake Huron Georgian bay.

They won’t raise the ship but are considering bringing up the car.


Regards Ian Rigby


Important Dates for coming TSOA events

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018


Sun 10th    : All British Day – Echunga gates open from 9.00 am

Wed 13th   : Mid Week Run – meet Zeea’s Eatery 553 Portrush Rd Glenunga 10.30am depart 11.15am

Tues 19th   : General Meeting Sporting Car Club King William Road, Unley 8.00 pm

Sun 24th    : MSCA Picnic / Presentation Day – Virgara Winery Angle Vale, from 11.00 am


Sun 17th     : St Patrick’s Day Run – meet at The Feathers Hotel Carpark, Burnside 11.00 am departing 11.15 am

Sun 17th     : Round 1 of the MSCA Super Sprint series at Mallala, including a Come and Try component

Tues 19th    : General Meeting, Sporting Car Club, King William Road, Unley 8.00,pm


Sun 14th     : Monthly Run – details t.b.a.

Tues 16th   : General Meeting Sporting Car Club King William Road, Unley 8.00 pm


Minutes of General Meeting held 20/11/18

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Minutes of TSOA GENERAL MEETING held 20/11/18


Meeting Opened at 8:03pm     


  1. Welcome:
    • Apologies: John Wood; David Stephens, Colin White, Ivan Powell, Pete McIntyre, D & M Bogisch, Dominic Rechichi, Andy Hill, P & J Davidge
    • Guests/Visitors/New Members: Nil
    • Previous Minutes: Accepted without alteration Proposed by Geoff Ellis, seconded by Neil Martin.


  1. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby
    • Ian arrived back from the Nationals on Saturday. Covered over 5000km in 2 weeks in his TR6 without any major issues. Ian reported the event was very well organised by the committee who were all first timers at planning such an event. 64 people attended and over 40 Triumphs were displayed on judging day. Ian has a USB device with photos of the week that will be displayed at an upcoming meeting.
    • WA Nationals itinerary is now on their club website.
    • Ian is seeking expressions of interest for a 2021 SA Nationals Sub Committee to start planning where etc. Any ideas are welcomed.


  1. Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak
    • FHMC Minutes of meeting were received. Duane highlighted that there are now reportedly over 25,000 cars on club registration, was 15,000 prior to July 1st 2017 changes.
    • FHMC also requested log book audit which has since been provided to them by Kevin Foster.
    • Duane has booked in a showroom tour of Richmond’s car dealer for January informal meeting at 7pm, 15/01/2019.
    • The State Library requested copy of July/Aug Trak magazine, correspondence was sent back to advise the publication is no longer being produced.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Alex Smithson
    • Funds in bank are $49,489. Funds received for subscriptions, Christmas Dinner and regalia sales, funds out included purchase of regalia, general meeting costs, Day of Triumph expenses, Club Registration scheme expenses, Insurance and Trophies.
    • Alex has begun a trial of a new database system, “Our Car Club” to assist and synchronise the efforts of Membership and Club Registration officers. All members with emails will be sent an email via the new system to confirm their details. After a 2 month free trial, cost to club is $250 per annum. Members without email, or those who prefer paper, will be mailed renewals or notices.


  1. Social Report – Peggy Argent/Sue Gibson
    • The Early Morning run had 13 members attend, concluding at Café 1923 at Blackwood for morning tea.
    • 45 people are registered to attend the Christmas Dinner
    • Annual Ice Cream run is to be held on Saturday 19th Jan 2019 (one week earlier) to avoid car parking congestion issues. Meet Kmart Kurralta Park rear carpark at 7:30pm.
    • All British Day is on 10th February 2019.
    • Peggy will be approaching the executive committee to seek subsidies for several events next year to give more back to members who attend events.
    • Tony Harvie will be arranging mid-week runs next year, commencing 13th Feb at Zeeas eatery on Portrush road.


  1. Competition Report – Neil Martin
    • Trevor Lindsay competed at Winton Festival of Speed finishing 6th in one heat and 3rd in 2 other heats. Trevor also competed at Sandown and achieved three 2nd placings behind a Lotus.
    • Rod Carey also competed at Sandown finishing 7th in two events and 8th in another. Roger Lange commented that although the MG Car club had invited all other British Marques, Triumphs were the only other marque represented. Roger mentioned the commentators spoke favourably of the history of Rod Carey’s Spitfire.
    • Trevor Lindsay is competing at the Victoria Park Sprints as part of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival Dec 1st and 2nd.
    • Duane Kaak achieved a new Personal Best time at MSCA Superspint of 1:29.7. At a recent Regularity event Duane also participated but didn’t achieve any great results due to 2 separate spins on spillages on the track.
    • Andy Ansell and Neil Martin have both competed recently at Winton twice, one being the All Triumph Challenge. Andy received a trophy for Driver of the Day.
    • Andy Ansell & Neil Martin also competed at Wilby where Neil was sent out after a short delay in attempt to catch Andy on the track. They also competed at Legends of the Lake in Mt. Gambier where Neil achieved a new Personal Best time.
    • Last weekend Andy & Neil also competed at an Ararat Hillclimb event, helping SA to win a perpetual Peter Hall Memorial trophy against VIC. Victoria TSOA members Max Hayes and Ed Ferguson also participated.
    • Neil is registered to participate in a Phillip Island event in March 2019.


  1. Library ReportBill Berlemon
    • Bill advised library was open for business
    • Neil Martin is purchasing a copy of a Spitfire DVD to donate to the library that contains information and articles about Rod Carey and Andy Ansell’s Spitfires.


  1. Regalia Report – Sue Smithson
    • Sue reported that the Day Of Triumph resulted in $100 of regalia sales.
    • A full range of sizes is now in stock for most shirts including black/chequered polo shirts and chambray/denim type.
    • Due to Beanies selling out, more were ordered and are now in stock.
    • Tonight is the last chance to buy regalia until next formal meeting in February 2019.


  1. Magazine Editor’s Report Ian Rigby on Behalf of M & D Bogisch

9.1  The E-Tread magazine received from interstate TSOA was passed on to SA members in addition to a FasTRak. Although quite comprehensive it is also potentially no longer to be produced due to position vacant.


  1. Website Report – Roger Lange
    • Roger sought show of hands of members present to see who had attempted to access the website today. Approx 5 members indicated.
    • Roger is happy to load any content or material on the Club Website if it is submitted to him.


  1. Conditional Registration Report – Kevin Foster

Nil Report


  1. General Business
    • Kevin McEnroe thanked TSOA for the combined effort at their display day and read out favourable comments from TR Register attendees that have been published in the National TR Register magazine.
    • This weekend Ian Rigby and Duane Kaak are using & displaying their Triumphs in a Wedding at Willunga. Any other members are also able to attend to make it a fun social day and show off the marque.


  1. Cars or Parts For Sale or Wanted.
    • Graham Dean approached an owner of a Stag as a potential new member. Owner is wanting to sell Stag and provided 3 pages of details re modifications to Graham. Has a Holden 253ci Motor fitted. Details contact Graham.
    • Tony Rutter advised he is going to sell his TR4. Contact him for further details.
    • A member donated a Dolomite Distributor cap; Duane Kaak accepted it.


  1. Raffle

Won by Gary Buckton and Natalie Farrell.


  1. Cars on Stage – Nil


  1. Supper.


Thanks to Dianne Falzon & Fay Esau


17         Meeting Closed:           9:15pm.           

President’s Report – October 2018

Friday, November 2nd, 2018


President’s report October 2018

What a month!

After watching the weather do whatever it wanted on the lead up to the Annual All Triumph Display day, we thankfully bagged a good one.

Firstly I would like to thank all those that helped in the days prior to and on the day. It is certainly one of the events that need’s that kind of support to make everything run to plan.

My support crew (judging and scoring) did a great job and we, the club and I, appreciate the time that you took from the day to glance over our cars.

I was amazed at the number of TR5s that we had, along with all of the other designs that turned up, especially seeing that we move the day to Saturday and not the usual Sunday.

I also enjoyed seeing the range of TR6’s, Stags and also Carolyn Byrne’s  little Triumph Herald Coupe.

This year, like most know, we combined the day with the TR Register who were running their National event and I think all would agree with those cars added to ours and a scattering of several others it made quite a display.

105 cars turned up on the day and significantly took over Wigley Reserve.

Special thanks also go to Richmond’s, who brought one a red TR3 along to the show.

The TR Register put on a great show with I think 65 cars on display. Some of these included the Swallow Doretti, a low volume special that is comprised of mainly Triumph mechanicals. Not something that I have seen before and there were seven on display. Just fantastic!

At the end of a very long day, for some of us, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Register dinner that night.

It was one of those days that I seemed to have several new experiences. I actually caught the train and the tram to the event. VERY educational indeed.

It was also here that I found that some in the Triumph community keep their after dark secrets hidden. I found these 2 cruising around the place. Pity they didn’t dress up like the rest did. Great job Noel and Cindy. 

I also found out that some of our members have unique talents. Harmonica sound mixed in with the very talented band on the evening. The person blowing all the wind was our very own David Stephens. (Or should I say Uncle Fester)

I think that on the day there were a few enquiries to join the club and several people who were very interested in talking more about taking part with the club runs.

Not sure what our club made on the day with clothing sales but the TR register had a great response to their sale of club apparel and took in a substantial amount on the day. Thanks to Sue Smithson for supporting us on her busy day.

I have also had several people ring and message me with parts for sale for Triumph and Vanguard  parts and a full TR6 (Left hand drive) that would make a good project I think.

Both will be up on the net in our parts for sale or wanted very soon.

I’ll be away for the next 2 weeks leaving on the 2nd to the Queensland Nationals.

After sorting the saloon out ready for the display day and doing the usual checks and service I finally got around to getting the TR 6 ready for the run.

I should be back for the next meeting where I can report on that event and hopefully catch up with our social ladies who will be super excited with the numbers that are coming to the dinner and trophy presentations.

So that all being said now to the results from the day.

Outright winner on the day: Noel & Cindy Schmidt

2nd outright: David Stephens

3rd Outright: Robert Schaefer.                       The margins between these 3 were VERY close!


Tr2/3/3A3B:              Noel & Cindy Schmidt             TR3A

TR4/4A/5 : 3 place getters.

  • 1st             Robert Schaefer  TR5
  • 2nd             Ian Burman     TR5
  • 3rd:             John Tuohy      TR5

TR6 : 3 place getters

  • 1St             Dino Vettese
  • 2nd             Robert Schaefer
  • 3rd             Ian Burnett

TR 7/8:                        Richard Sutherland     TR8

Saloon:                      John Tuohy      3 years in a row now progressed to Master Class.

Dolomite:                   Steve McCready

Herald Vitesse:           Carolyn Byrne             Herald Coupe

Michelotti Trophy :    Robert Schaefer

TR Register Trophy :  Noel & Cindy Schmidt

Harris Mann Trophy : Richard Sutherland


Pride of Ownership.

Tr2/3/3A3B:               Robert Powell             TR2

TR4/4A/5:                   Keith Williams             TR5

TR6:                             Alex Smithson

TR 7/8:                        Dean Bogisch              TR7

Spitfire / GT6:             Graham Jones             GT6

Stag:                            Duane Kaak

Saloon:                       Bill Berlemon

So now what:

With the Xmas dinner almost on us and the trophies are all sorted how about take the time to send in the form and make payment that way we all get to congratulate the winners when the trophies are handed over.

Next year get inspired and you have 12 months to polish everything shiny, clean under the hood, tidy up the inside and come out to challenge the winners from this year.

It’s a great day to be involved AND have a great time mixing with fellow club members.

On closing I put out a special thankyou to both David Stephens and Ivan Powell who were both fantastic to deal with in getting the display day up and running with both of our clubs and I think we should do more of this in the future.

Best regards and see you all again soon.

Ian Rigby

TSOA President.