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Minutes for General Meeting 17/9/19

Monday, September 23rd, 2019


Meeting Opened at 8:00   

  1. Welcome:
  • Apologies: Andy Hill, Brian Argent, John Wood, Colin White, Greg Page, Kate Tuohy & Shane Dix.
  •  Guests/Visitors/New Members: Nathan – MK3 Spitfire
  •  Previous Minutes: Proposed be accepted as accurate by Dean Berlemon, seconded by Bob Cini.
  1. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby

2.1 The Executive Committee is largely unchanged from last year except for Dean Berlemon stepping in.

2.2 A Nationals 2021 Committee has been formed and will get ready to present in 2020. SA Location being discussed.

2.3 Historic Registration processes are being mastered, spreadsheets updated and some new cars such as the Stag on display tonight have recently been added.

3.0 Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak

3.1 Correspondence sent out to FHMC updating them of this years’ office bearers. No official correspondence in as yet (mail box not checked tonight due to work commitments)

3.2 John Wood has advised he is borrowing a 2500S for the WA Nationals and has a spare seat or two if anyone wants to accompany him.

4.0 Treasurer’s Report –Alex Smithson

4.1 $52,198 funds in bank, being $677 down on last month.

4.2 Regalia income was received and some Presentation Dinner income also received.

4.3 Expenses out included AGM expenses and new key fobs for new members.

5.0 Social Report – Peggy Argent

5.1 The Annual All Triumph Rally is on this Sunday (Observation Run). 8:45am start from Crafers Hotel. Prize for best Spring themed dress.

5.2 No run scheduled in October due to WA Nationals being on.

5.3 Civic Park is the venue for the Day of Triumph in November, cars need to be in place by 10am for judging.

5.4 Members encouraged to book in now for the Presentation Dinner on November 30th.

6.0 Competition Report – Neil Martin

6.1 Fairly quiet in Motorsport, Neil was only competitor at the recent Modern Regularity.

6.2 Next event is the MSCA SuperSprint on 29th Sept. Flag Marshalls needed, Ian Rigby, Duane Kaak and Dean Berlemon have volunteered.

6.3 Duane Kaak, Neil Martin and Roger Lange are entering the WA Nationals Competition events.

6.4 Andy Ansell is modifying his fuel tank, Duane has modified his rear drum brakes but still seeking a new gearbox.

7.0 Library ReportGreg Page (absent)

No report but open for business

8.0 Regalia Report – Sue Smithson

8.1 T-Shirts with TR6 or TR7 images have been popular and on display. A Stag print shirt is now also available for $30 in black or grey.

8.2 Black Short sleeved polos are on special at $34 tonight only.

8.3 Sue and the regalia won’t be at the next general meeting.

9.0 Fastrak Editor’s Report Marg & Dean Bogisch

9.1 Please feel welcome to send in any stories.

10.0 Website Report – Roger Lange

10.1 Roger invited any questions from the floor but there were none.

11.0 Conditional Registration Report – Ian Rigby

11.1 All reports are in, only 1 logbook un-financial member notified to DPTI.

12.0 General Business

12.1 Rimmer Bros (UK) are having a 15% off Triumph parts sale. See Ian Rigby for the link to the sale price list if needed.

12.2 The committee will discuss this year the recognition of long term membership that is continuous.

12.3 The TR7 is 45 years old this year.

13.0 Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted

13.1 Peter Davidge is seeking a TR8 Bonnet stay in good condition.

13.2 Bill Galler has a set of 13 inch minilite wheels with nuts (new) for sale and other Spitfire related parts.

14.0 Raffle

14.1 Won by Alex Smithson meat tray.

15.0 Cars on Stage

15.1 Roger Lange displayed his newly acquired Inca Yellow 1976 Stag – potential for improvement but a promising starting point.

15.2 Stephen Wade displayed a 1964 Jaguar and spoke of the difference in models and changes throughout the SS and Jaguar evolution. The Jaguar has original books from the UK and has been improved with parts from Stephen’s previous Jaguars. A very nice motor!

16.0 Supper.

Thanks to Fay Esau and Sue Smithson  

17         Meeting Closed:           8:45pm

2019 Day of Triumph

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Information regarding Judging for Concours and Pride of Ownership

Concours Section
All cars must be driven onto the judging site (except competition vehicles which may be trailered).
Entrants must score a minimum of 70% of the total points available in presentation section to be eligible for a Class or Outright trophy.
Standard classes will be – TR2/3/3A/3B, TR4/4A/5, TR6, TR7/8, Stag, Saloon, Dolomite, Spitfire/GT6, Herald/Vitesse, Pre 54 and Competition Classes may be split/combined depending on the number of entrants in each Class. This will be determined by DOT Officials on the day.
Judges will award points for each car up to a maximum of 750 possible points in 5 judging sections as follows –
. Exterior (170 points) – if convertible, the soft top must be erected and any tonneau/s displayed
. Engine bay (140 points)
. Underside (100 points)
. Wheels & tyres/boot (170 points) – boot must be left open or at least unlocked, with spare wheel, tools etc available for judging
. Interior (170 points)
Cars will NOT be judged on originality except in the event of a tie when the cars will be marked out of 250 points in accordance with the Concours table.
In the event of a tie “originality” for each model shall be broadly determined as any equipment or manufacturing (i.e. official works modifications) produced by the original car manufacturer or an approved option available for that model.

Masters Class
Cars that win their Class for 3 years running, or win outright for 2 years running, will be placed in a Masters Class and are ineligible to enter the standard Concours Classes for 2 years. Masters Class Awards will be given to all Masters Class cars in attendance.

Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall place getters on the day. The Register Trophy (TR2/3/3A and 3B), The Michelotti Trophy (TR4/4A/5) and The Harris Mann Trophy (TR7/8), will be awarded to the highest points achieved in that Class. Where the winner is also the winner of a Concours Class only one personal trophy will be awarded.
Trophies will be awarded to 1st place only if 3 or fewer cars are entered in a Class and 1st and 2nd place if 4 or more cars are entered.

Pride of Ownership Section
Entrants will be scored on presentation only (originality will not be considered)
Judging will follow the processes outlined in the Concours section, except the underside will not be considered. Standard classes will be – TR2/3/3A/3B, TR4/4A/5, TR6, TR7/8, Stag, Saloon, Dolomite, Spitfire/GT6, Herald/Vitesse, Pre-54, and competition.
Restoration projects may be considered depending on what is presented on the day.
Classes may be split/combined depending on the number of entrants in each Class – to be determined by DOT Officials on the day.
Masters Class cars are ineligible to enter POO section until 2 years after their Masters Class qualification.
Trophies will be awarded to Class winners only.


President’s Report – September 2019

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

President’s Report – September 2019

Another year starts for the new (but not much has changed . . . ) TSOA SA Management team.

We have started off this month in review of the upcoming end of year dinner and the formation of the Nationals Committee for 2021.

Alex, as always, has started off well regarding the Nationals, and we have a few options being checked with discussions currently based around cost, content and timing. The better part of next year will be fine tuning so that we have something to present at the NSW Nationals next year. The preceding months will then be finishing off all requirements of the event and registering what we hope will be a good take up from the other States.

A letter received from The Federation of Historic Motoring regards working on our cars ourselves and issued a warning of caution. The ACCC had noted that 126 people had died while conducting DIY car maintenance. The main point covered was being crushed while working under the vehicle. Thought it may be a safety moment for the club members to always second check supports or “Makeshift” stands / structures that we use while doing work.  They also mentioned at times when the handbrake needs to be released to perform specific tasks and to make sure the Jacks / supports and remaining wheels are chocked to prevent movement.

The letter also discussed an issue regarding “older vehicles” (and their owners) with dwindling numbers of cars seen on runs. They mentioned that there is work in the background by some clubs to network specially organised days to cater for the older cars so these people and car would be part of a greater all included group. Noting that better communication between clubs would help in the arrangement and organisation of these events and they suggested each club is informed. I would be interested in discussing the proposal and will follow up at their next meeting.

The Annual “All Triumph Rally” on the weekend looked to be a wash out, but thankfully the rain held off.  We had around 34 attend and 10 Triumphs taking up the challenge. Alex and Sue fought through illness and presented a great run with lots of challenging questions and an end location in Macclesfield. The BBQ cooked up by a range of helpers so big thanks to everyone involved with the prep and cook.

Dean Berlemon & Lisa Macleod were the final Trophy winners and next year’s run challengers. Second place went to Peter and Michele Thornton with 3rd place taken out by Roger and Cherri Lange. The theme for the day was spring. Not quite sure that we had that but there was a short time there when the sun came out.

Our racing team is once again at Mallala on Sunday 29th September and the more support we can give them the better. We have a small team assisting with Flags and encouragement as they fly past. So maybe come and watch as it’s always a good day.

We also wish our SA Team well during the week of the WA Nationals and a safe trip both ways. I’m looking forward to the report and stories on the event when they return.

Now to the Day of Triumph on the 17th November and then the End of Year Presentation Dinner on Saturday 30th November.

The plan to have Triumphs from the TR Register and the Stag Club also on display should hopefully increase the numbers for the public to view. This sometimes encourages new memberships and we have certainly had this in the past. Let’s hope for good weather and a great display of the Triumph marque!

The End of Year Dinner is a must for all TSOA members – great location this year at the Edinburgh Hotel, and value subsidised by your club to encourage your participation. Make it a date! BE THERE!

Keep a look out for updates on our future events on the web.

Best regards

Ian Rigby


Day of TRiumph 2019

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Civic Park will be Open for our display from 8.00am . . . All Cars to be in position by 10am.

We will be joined by the TR Register and The Stag Club on the day.

YOU need to be there to make sure that TSOA has the most number of Triumphs on display!

Information regarding the rules and regulations for the Concours dÉlegance and the Pride of Ownership competitions is available within the “Concours” tab . . . just click on that tab in the right hand column, and all the details are there for you to behold!

2500S Project Blog Update

Friday, September 13th, 2019

I’ve added a very belated update to my 2500S project blog for anyone that’s interested 🙂