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Stag Sold!

Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

For all of you who may have admired / criticised my Stag, I am pleased / saddened to advise that it has been sold to an enthusiast who could see it for what it is . . . a fine example of the model with all the patina of its 44 years since production, but a solid car underneath and with the benefit of its new interior, soft top, and many other enhancements. So, to those who admired it for what is was, thanks, and for those who poo pooed it . . . well, understood. Will there be another Stag in my garage in the future? We’ll see . . .

Annual Weekender

Monday, February 24th, 2020


MAY 22ND -MAY24TH 2020


Places we are visiting:

Sea Squadron Wallaroo

RSL Military Museum – Pt Pirie

PADARC Car Club – Pt Pirie

Accommodation – John Pirie Motor Inn – Superior Rooms.

Jacks Large model cars and trucks – Jamestown

Charlene’s Quilting Shop – Jamestown

Discovery Centre – Gladstone- history of the area, and tastings.

Gladstone Gaol – maybe closing this year

Ossies Homestead – Gulnare-working farm . . . Damper and billy tea for morning tea

Claymore Wines – Leasingham – curated tasting of the current range with 10% discount on wine purchases.

Meet: Friday 23rd May:

OTR Bolivar (859 Pt Wakefield Road Bolivar)

8.45am for a 9.00am Departure

Cost:  $200.00 pp (with club subsidy of $50 members) twin share

Individual and Children’s Rates –by negotiation.

Contact Margie/Bill 0438836837

President’s Report – March 2020

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

   President report:  March 2020.

As prior reported, I will be away for the February meeting so this is a short report on following from the last few weeks and  All British day.

Once again it was a great turn out and all but one entrant turning up for the display. Alongside and with the Stag clubs 22 registered we had 27 Triumphs, a V12 E Type Jaguar, and one Mini on display.

There were several more across the field joining other clubs but at the end of the day it was our very own Noel and Cindy Schmidt who blitzed the field once again with the TR3 and took out “Best Vehicle” and was awarded the honor by Jeremy Cordeaux, so go Triumph.

As a follow up to displaying our cars I previously mentioned a vote we ran at the presentation dinner last year. The results of this are as follows after asking tthose that attended where it should be in 2020.

Semaophore :    4 votes.

Glenelg:               17 votes

Modbury:            20 votes

Other:                   14 Votes 7 of these were the Birdwood Museum with a few scattered elsewhere

So this decision will now go to the committee and final acceptance before I start this year’s process.

The second part of the voting I asked for 2021 possibly having this at the “All British day” 42 voted Yes and 13 were No.

Seemed like a good idea especially for me as with the Nationals later in the year having the event early with all infrastructures taken care off, the only detail I would have discussed would be subsidizing the entry cost.

After looking over the field this time there were cars that normally go to that display missing so I’m not sure if it would be fair to do this or take the risk and go with it. That being said we got more cars on display at all British than we typically have had over the past few years for the display event. We would certainly have different winners.

This will be another committee decision based on what we have seen from the voting and the day this year.

The other detail up for review is the display day presentation dinner. We have a date set but at this stage we are negotiating a location.

Who ventured out on Monday the 10th for “drive your Triumph Day” I took the mother in law to her appointment in the morning so treat for her in the TR6 her first time in the car. Once dropped off I couldn’t resist a little run in the hills then back to our local park. Even with the car still dusty from the Sunday event I will still post up the picture.,

Best regards for now.

Ian Rigby


TSOA Club Information and News

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

A lot of information has recently been updated on your TSOA website . . . most of this has to do with event and meeting cancellations for the next couple of months.

Check out the March President’s Report for all the latest developments.

And remember . . . if you want to communicate with your fellow TSOA friends, you can do so on line through this medium – just create a post! It’s easy! If in doubt, contact Roger who is always happy to assist.


President’s Report – January 2020

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

President report:  January and February 2020.

I will be away for February and will be supported during this time by the committee and Dean Berlemon our Vice President.

Firstly I would like to wish everyone a happy new year.

So the start of 2020 has kicked in and over the break I’m sure that most, if not all, enjoyed the warm weather and time with Family. We have seen Fire devastation across large areas with friends and family being affected or close to it. Also 40+ degree days making it difficult to do anything outside and the cause of the cancelled planned run that was to be the first for the year. We will look at holding this event again in April so apologies for the cancellation but sometimes we need to be a bit practical. Now for me it is a return to work and back looking at club issues.

Over the break I signed up a few more cars to the registration scheme and will take this opportunity to note that these, along with all currently registered vehicles bikes ect, will need updating again hopefully before the 30th June or VERY shortly after.

We are currently looking at adding refreshed information regarding Historic registrations to our Web Page so anyone can follow up or new members wanting to join have the correct details they need.

Socially this year:

Last year at the presentation dinner I held a voting event to see where this year’s display should be held. I also suggested maybe in 2021 that we hold the event at the all British day and possibly subsidize the event. This would help immensely with judging and also give plenty of time to arrange trophies. Infrastructure is in place, food would be taken care of and other things to look at and not just our club would be on show. Typically most that come for the display turn up at all British and It would also give us more to consider when we hold the dinner. Possibly earlier in the year rather than close to the Xmas break. These are all things that I will be presenting to the committee as there was an interesting mix of suggestions but no clear winner in the vote. The vote was well responded to and the results will be discussed later in the early part of the year.

I also didn’t give out the names of winners in an earlier post to some of the trophies presented as these needed to be announced at the dinner so congratulations to those as follows.

Drivers Trophy:                       Neil Martin

Competition Trophy:               Trevor Lindsay

Clubman award: 2019             Rory Gibson.

 A-Class Trophies were a great support once again this year having everything ready for us in less than 2 weeks given to them from the display to the dinner.

I believe the Ice cream run (our first run for the year) was a great success with around 50 people enjoying a pleasant run and good weather. Unfortunately I missed the event due to other commitments.

All British day 9th Feb. We have a large number registered this year so great response.

Race events over the next 12 months will also see several Triumphs out there representing the marque and suggest support for the guys by heading out and yelling from the side lines maybe a good thing. I’m sure Duane is anxious to get out and test his new gearbox.

MSCA Presentation with car club display will be held at Mount Barker Football Club rooms on the 1st march.

May 6th is the MSCA 6-Hour Regularity event. The guys will need club help (and spectator encouragement) for this event. Contact Neil Martin 0408 700 727 or Roger Lange 0458 621 161 to register your interest as a volunteer Team Member.

This year also marks the 40th anniversary of the bay to Birdwood Sunday 27th September. Maybe we need to have a look at that day for a social morning again as the flyer for this event hints towards more than just the run to celebrate the time.

NSW is hosting the 2020 National Meeting to be held at The Anchorage resort Nelson Bay from Friday 30th October till Friday 6th November and the registration form is now on their web page. Get in early if you would like to be part of the fun this year as it will book out. For us in SA we have had several meetings of our own planned Nationals in 2021. The planning is going well and everyone has had lots to discuss. Several from the group have already spent time crossing the fields in search of places to visit and a great deal of work has been done on the location with a firm location now in place.

After starting the Nationals development and looking into what’s on, along with events and places to go ect, we note that it’s the 60 year anniversary of the TR4. After reading a little on the advent of this body style (Code name “Zest” during development) I had a slight smile noting they made a point of saying it had wind-down windows and the “Advanced feature” adjustable vents. Seems we have come a long way comparing marketing styles these days for new cars and the need to show importance of blue tooth availability, Nav support and heads up display ect.  However they don’t typically turn as many heads as do the old classics.

Over the break I finally had time to get back to the engine re-build on my saloon and note the current Blog on our web page by Russell Sayers. Have a read if you get a chance.

Best regards for now.

Ian Rigby


Club Registration – Transfer from another Club

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

Club Registration and Logbooks are specific to the individual Clubs.

  1. Owner of the Club Registered Vehicle must have their old logbook cancelled by the other issuing Club
  2. The Cancelled Logbook must be presented to TSOA as proof of cancellation.
  3. The person must be a current Financial Member of TSOA
  4. TSOA will issue a new MR334 form and a new logbook

The Vehicle current club registration will continue when the MR334 form is presented to DPTI (service SA) and their records will be amended to reflect that the vehicle is now under the administration of TSOA

The registration and expiry date will remain unchanged.

Ian Rigby-TSOA Club Registrar


Club Registration – Log Book Usage Tips

Saturday, February 1st, 2020


The following relates to keeping your Club Vehicle Logbook up to date, as it is a legal document that is subject to audit by SA Police and the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)

  1. Driver must date, sign the logbook before the journey commences with a brief description of the travel (eg City, Suburbs or Country areas) and carry the logbook in the vehicle for that journey on that day.
  2. If the logbook is not signed by the driver and the driver is stopped by police then the vehicle is deemed to be unregistered and uninsured as the conditions of Club Registration have not been met. The driver may be prosecuted.
  3. The same applies if the vehicle is involved in an accident, meaning as it is unregistered and un insured, Companies will most likely refuse any claim or coverage.
  4. If there is a change of driver then each driver is to make an entry and sign the logbook for that days use. Same details but next line in the logbook.

NOTE:  This includes any person taking the Club Registered vehicle for a test run when in for any maintenance or service.

  1. One entry is required for each calendar day. (Midnight to Midnight represents a day)
  2. Do not miss any lines, all entries in the logbook to be consecutive.
  3. Sign Logbook only in Ink NO pencil is allowed.
  4. Vehicle can be driven for 90 days a year and it does not matter how many drivers sign the logbook
  5. The owner does not need to be with the vehicle at the time of use. Remember the DRIVER must sign the logbook.
  6. If the logbook is lost, TSOA must be notified as a replacement can be arranged.
  7. Should you change your Registration Number TSOA must be notified so records can amened.
  8. It is the Owner’s responsibility to enter and update the Registration commencement and expiry details
  9. If the owner fails to renew their club membership the vehicle must not be driven as it is Unregistered and uninsured, as the conditions of Club Registration have not been met. TSOA are required to notify DPTI. The logbook cannot be updated.
  10. To maintain compliance with the Club Registration Scheme, the Logbook must be updated by the 1st July as this is the commencement of the Club financial year. If not updated. Again the vehicle must not be driven as it is unregistered and uninsured TSOA must notify the DPTI.
  11. If the club registered vehicle is sold, the owner must cancel their club registration for that vehicle immediately. Club registration is not transferable. The logbook must be returned to the Club of issue so it can be cancelled. Once cancelled the logbook will be handed / posted back and they are required to keep the document for 2 months in case the police request to see it.
  12. If the owner of the Club Registered vehicle resigns from TSOA, cancels the registration or reverts to full registration, the logbook must be returned to the TSOA for Cancellation.
  13. Should the sole owner of the club Vehicle become deceased, the vehicle must not be driven as once that person dies the vehicle is deemed to be unregistered and uninsured by DPTI.
  14. Should the Vehicle be in joint names and one owner dies, then a person is recorded as deceased and this will prevent the registration being renewed again. There is a process in place which does which does an automatic transfer from joint to single names where deceased is recorded but this does not work for conditionally registered vehicles.
  15. Should the vehicle owner change Club Registration to a different Authorised Club,, the logbook must be returned to the issuing club for Cancellation, before the new club can issue a logbook. Club Concessional Registration and logbook issue is specific to a club.


Ian Rigby- TSOA Club Registrar



Club Registration – Code of Practice

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

Here is the link to the full version of the Code of Practice that applies to all users of the Club Registration Scheme – have a read and understand the implications and obligations that apply to you as a user of the scheme.

Copy and Paste . . .