2500S Project

Hi all,

I’ve been writing a blog on my 2500 project(s) in case anyone fancies a look 🙂


I’m also on the lookout for some red vinyl interior parts – have placed an ad in the wanted section.



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  1. Roger Says:

    Hey, someone else has a project! Good to hear from you Russell. I look forward to seeing your 2500S in the metal sometime soon.

  2. Russell Sayers Says:

    Cheers Roger – hope to have it on the road soon, by February at the latest. Am sure I’ll see you around – keep up the good work on your project! Looks like you’re going into a little more detail than I am!

  3. Duane Kaak Says:

    Great Blog Russell, I think Red interior looks vey classy, we will spread the word. The 2500S is a great model, hope you can get it roadworthy in the next 3 weeks to bring to the Day of Triumph.

  4. Ian Rigby Says:

    Great story Russell.
    When you get to the front shockers (Mine uprated from Rimmers) and run into the same problem as I did, give me a call and I can let you in on several issues I needed to deal with. Easy fix but was not expected seeing everything was “replacement”
    Ian Rigby

  5. Russell Sayers Says:

    Cheers Ian – will do! Springs and shocks are definitely on the list. Did you get complete units or just the damper insert and replace yourself? Removed the petrol tank this weekend to give it a good flush but turns out it was pretty clean. Things are progressing slowly but surely…

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