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January 20th, 2022. Submitted by Roger.


Good news fellow Triumph enthusiasts . . . the Club website is finally clear of the damage done by recent hackers, and we can now get back to business!

If you are interested in what went on with our site, have a look at https://www.zdnet.com/article/over-a-million-godaddy-managed-wordpress-sites-cracked/ and you will understand that this has been no mean feat for our technical gurus to overcome.

The first issue for most of you is that the previous registration authorisations have been lost. That means, if you want access to the club site you will need to re-register by sending a request to Roger at rogncher@internode.on.net advising him of your preferred User Name and your mobile phone number. A temporary password will then be issued to you, and you will then be operational.

When you have a look at our site, you will notice some minor changes, but we have endeavoured to get it back to pretty much what we had before. The Classifieds work a little differently, and the Calendar isn’t as pretty (but we’re working on it). Submitting a post of your most recent Triumph news, together with photos, remains the same, so don’t hesitate to have a go.

Something that we are trying to develop is the look of the home page, where new and previous posts will appear as a title only, so that you can click on that to go to the full post. This will tidy up the look of the Home Page quite a bit.

So, onwards and upwards . . . or “On the Marque and Up To Speed” as we say it within our TSOA circle!

Roger Lange

TSOA SA Website Manager


Quick Calendar

January 10th, 2022. Submitted by Roger.

Quick Calendar

January 2022

Tuesday 18th     18th Informal Club Meeting  ***CANCELLED DUE TO COVID***

Saturday 22nd     Ice Cream Run – meet Super Cheap, 69 Port Road, Thebarton at 7.00pm (we hope to have a new run, depending on time, and will finish at Noonies at Semaphore)   ***CANCELLED DUE TO COVID***

February 2022

Sunday 13th      All Britsh Day, Echunga


President’s Report November / December 2021

January 10th, 2022. Submitted by Roger.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – November / December 2021

Well what a month November has been!  And it’s not over yet!  We’ve tried a couple of different things and they seem to have worked so we are finishing off the year on a high and celebrating with our Back to the Fairway, Christmas Dinner at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club.

I’m pleased to report after many anxious moments on my part, that the Run to Monarto Safari Park on Saturday 13 November went well.  Members who attended were treated to a club subsidy and group discount that may not be available again soon.  The 25 attendees enjoyed the food, gift shop, information provided by the volunteers, the animals and fortunately the weather.  The Park is a major conservation area, and we were blown away by the Lion Cage, impressed by the feeding of the Giraffes and fortunate to see 15 month old white rhino, Esche, before she unexpectedly died about 10 days later.

At the last meeting, Club co-founder Tony Case and long-time member Vin Anderson provided some observations on what it was like to be a member in the very early days of TSOA(SA).  This not only encouraged members who we hadn’t seen for many meetings (Bob Anderson, Geoff Bills, Helmut Liepe, Bill McGuiness, Geoff Mount from Tasmania) but entertained the usual attendees with tales of enthusiasm, fast driving, roll overs and other antics that were possible back in the mid 1960’s/early 1970’s.  It was of course noted that traffic was much lighter then and there were no RBT stations or speed cameras to spoil one’s driving pleasure.  Most of us remembered!  And of course on stage were Vin;s white TR3A which he has owned for 50 years and Margaret Anderson’s immaculately original green Stag which Bob steadfastly refused to sell.  It took me a few days to recover from the buzz of it all!

I now look forward to our Christmas dinner at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club on Saturday 26 November.  It should be all over by the time you receive this FastTrak and 60 attendees will have had an enjoyable and memorable time.  Thanks go to Sue Gibson for her negotiations with the caterers, her menu development, cranking up the numbers, the table allocations and successfully getting us Back to the Fairway.

Thanks also to the Committee for your efforts so far this year and for all those members who have assisted with proceedings or attended meetings and other activities over the past 6 months.  We rely on all members to continue the momentum of the Club into its 57th year.

And finally have an enjoyable Christmas with friends and relatives.  Stay away from anyone from NSW, Victoria and the ACT and return safely to Club meetings and activities in 2022.

Kind regards,

Peter Davidge, President

President’s Report – August 2021

August 28th, 2021. Submitted by admin.


Welcome to a new TSOA Club year!  South Australia is still doing well with reasonably few Covid restrictions and so together with the rising rate of vaccinations I am hoping we have a better year than we did in 2020/2021.

The AGM last month went smoothly with most members of the Committee including me as President, being renominated and elected unopposed.  Whilst this is an excellent result, most current members have been on the Committee for more than 10 years.  It is imperative for the future success of the Club to draft new members on to the Committee.   To this end I will be asking all Committee members, where possible during the year, to seek new nominees to the Committee for the 2022 AGM.

In the meantime as a matter of urgency the Vice President, Ian Rigby, would be very pleased to hear from anyone able to assist with various membership duties or to take over organization of the Day of Triumph which is planned for late March/early April 2022.  Give him a call now, his number is 0417 085 083.

As July’s meeting was cancelled due to a Covid lockdown, we held our annual pizza thank you to contributing club members, prior to the AGM. There was a good turn up and well deserved thanks were given!

Recently I have been in touch with members Bob Farrell (hip), Kevin Foster (heart) Tom Long (limited sight) and Roger Lange (hip), who have made and continue to make significant contributions to the Club.  Each is in good spirits and very much appreciated best wishes from the Club.  Frankie Merrett, ex social secretary of the Club about 8/10 years ago and resident of Boyanup WA, rang me from Perth last weekend.  She has been in hospital for the last 4 weeks following an ankle operation and, despite not losing her sense of humour, has the rehab blues.  If you know her, I’m sure she would appreciate a call from SA.

Check out the Club website while you’re at it!   I just sold a group of items leftover from my TR6 restoration and on the classified ads since December 2018.  Just proves the value of the website and patience!

And don’t forget to browse our social calendar later in this FASTRAK and also on the Club Website.  Some great events are coming up and it is pleasing to see the support that Bill and Margie are getting on a regular basis.  Unfortunately as we live at Victor Harbor and often have a commitment on Sunday mornings it is not always possible for Julie and me to get to organized Club runs.  Despite that we will do our best.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Club meeting.

Kind Regards, Peter Davidge, President

Socially Speaking – September 2021

August 28th, 2021. Submitted by admin.

Socially Speaking for September 2021

August 15th was a morning tea run through the hills to Balhannah for morning tea.  A great run was had by 17 members and 4 joined at Balhannah for Coffee.  Thanks to Sue and Rory for organising the run.

September 12th is The Mt Barker to Strath train trip on the Highlander.  Meet at Mt Barker at 9.30am for a 10.00am departure, and then have a couple of hours to wander in Strath and have a bite to eat, with the return train departing Strath at 1.30pm arriving at 2.30pm in Mt Barker. Cost is $29 Adult and $15 Child.  Bookings are essential, with payment to Alex by 30th August.

Sunday 17th October – Club run to National Motor Museum, Birdwood. Meet The Feathers Hotel, Burnside 10.00am. Club Sponsored BBQ Lunch.

November 27th is the Christmas Dinner at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club.  Details in this edition of Fast Trak.  Bookings and monies to be paid by the October meeting.

Stay safe everyone.

Bill and Margie

Christmas Dinner

August 28th, 2021. Submitted by admin.






Club Sponsored Pre-Dinner drinks 6.30p.m.

Dinner – 7.00pm

Cost – $50.00 members

$70.00 non-members


DETAILS – SUE 0428 735 960

Mallala 60th Anniversary

August 22nd, 2021. Submitted by admin.

Looking to enjoy some car time this weekend? Neil & I will be at Mallala both Saturday & Sunday as part of the Weekend full of events, competing in a Supersprint. There will be lots of different cars on the track and on static display. $10 spectator entry.

Hopefully with some new stiffer front suspension now fitted, I will set a new Personal Best time in my Tr7. Stay tuned!



President’s Report – July 2021

July 28th, 2021. Submitted by admin.


Hi everyone.

Not much fun in July!  Travel plans disrupted continuously, a State Government lockdown and the Committee had to cancel the Club’s July meeting.   I hope you are doing as well as you can within the rules of the lockdown and hopefully, we will be out of it early this week.

Since my last report, I have had the opportunity to reconsider my position as President.   I have decided to toss my hat in the ring again and nominate for 2021/22.  That doesn’t preclude anyone else from nominating or, alternatively, considering joining the Committee.  If I am re-elected, I will retire the following year.

New members are required on the Committee.  That will be the challenge over the next 12 months!   Almost all current committee members have each spent more than 10 years serving the Club and they are happy to continue.   However, it is about time other members

  • check out the Committee/Club Representative positions as listed on the TSOA SA website
  • talk to Committee members about their roles. I am happy to speak to anyone who needs a little encouragement to get more involved.  Or why not ask Ian Rigby about organising the Day of Triumph and taking that over with his help. He has decided to relinquish the role.
  • nominate for a position (contact Duane Kaak our Secretary) and
  • join us at the AGM on Tuesday 17 August 2021, the next normal Club meeting

Well, that’s enough spruiking, but it would be nice to think that members are sufficiently enthused by and interested in the Club to maintain its ongoing success.

National Meeting Memories – 1981, 40 years ago


The above pictures were provided to me by Tony Case (co-founder of the Club).  The 1981 Adelaide Nationals were the first conducted over a week and set the framework for organising all future National Meetings both here and interstate.  That is something the Club can be proud of, as the same format exists today.  We still have race days, entertaining social events, observation runs, display days, an emphasis on touring and who knows whether we drink as much or drive as fast.

The group photo of delegates at the “Unofficial Party” looks more like a Wild West family gathering.  But believe it or not it isn’t!  Disguised in 1980 outfits are various members at the time including Tony Case, Bob and Margaret Anderson, Chris Barnes, Geoff Bills, Bill McGuiness, and Tom Hutchinson.  See if you can find them!

And finally, check out the social calendar for our upcoming program and commentary on the recent Christmas in July Run to the Yankalilla Hotel.  Well done to the organisers Sue and Alex Smithson!   This may become a regular annual event.

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM.  John Tuohy, if I recall, is next up to set the Club Quiz,


Kind regards,

Peter Davidge (President)

Quick Calendar

July 23rd, 2021. Submitted by admin.


Sun 17th           Club Run to Birdwood Motor Museum – Free Entry plus Club Sponsored BBQ

Tues 19th         General Meeting – Sporting Car Club, King William Road, Hyde Park 8.00pm

Sun 31st           MSCA Super Sprint – East Circuit, The Bend



Tues 16th         General Meeting – Sporting Car Club, King William Road, Hyde Park 8.00pm

Sat 27th            MSCA Super Sprint – Mallala (TSOA is required to provide Flag Marshalls at this event – let Roger Lange know if you can                                     help out)

Sat 27th            Christmas Dinner –Royal Adelaide Golf Club 

Socially Speaking – July / August 2021

July 23rd, 2021. Submitted by admin.

Socially Speaking for August 2021

July 18th was the Christmas in July Run with Trophy Presentations for the All-Triumph Day. A fabulous run set by Alex and Sue Smithson, with a great lunch at the Yankalilla Hotel.  We had 33 people on the run, with cars and members dressed in Christmas attire.  Many thanks Sue and Alex it was a great day – just before lockdown!

August 15th is a morning tea run – meet Office works Marion for a 9.15am start.  Details below.

September is The Mt Barker to Strath train trip on the Highlander.  Meet at Mt Barker for a 10.00am departure, and then have a couple of hours to wander in Strath and have a bite to eat, with the return train departing Strath at 1.30pm arriving at 2.30pm in Mt Barker. Cost is $29 Adult and $15 Child.  Bookings are essential, with payment to Alex by 30th August.

November 27th is the Christmas Dinner at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club.  Details to follow.

Stay safe everyone with the lockdown, and lets hope SA will return to normal soon.

Bill and Margie