All British day 2017

All British day 2017.
The years just seem to get shorter. We enjoyed another successful day in the hills with lots of fine historic examples on display at this year’s All British day. We had 22 Triumphs on display this year and again a bit down on other years.
Although the weather did turn out a bit cool I was thankful it didn’t reach the temperatures experienced during the week.
After setting up the tents, getting the cars to position with the help of Kate Berlemon, and getting settled in, I did the rounds of the displays. It seemed like some other clubs were missing a few entrants also, as there was a fair bit of vacant land around, but after talking with a few officials it was said to have had around 750 cars and bikes across both fields.

There was a great take up of food and drink support as usual and old Merlin was there drowning out everyone when she fired up.
Tony Rutter volunteered his car for a display from D-Carb. The idea basically is to de-carb the engine using a mix of Hydrogen and Oxygen (A mix produced running through water charged in an intricate little box full of wires and voltage plate charged Via a host car) The suggestion was that it increases power; engine runs smoother, lower emissions and better fuel efficiency.
Several people discussed this at length with the team running the show, while Tony’s car took in the mix over a one hour period. There was a notable difference during the time it was being treated and both Tony and I discussed a follow up to see how it went on the way home. The team then offered to do another car so I presented mine allowing me to get a feel if this was a practical solution to an issue I have been dealing with over the past few months.
Without getting too involved in the run up to getting this done, I did notice that my car performed better the longer I drove it. I had no noticeable hunting at the lights, a condition that has been bugging me. Coasting down and leaving it in a higher gear than you would normally pull away in, I did feel that the car pulled away nicely with no lag. The Idle was smoother also. I pulled the plugs when I got home and there was still a carbon coating so I will be leaning the mix off a bit and looking at this again after the next run.
I received a follow up call from the company today and they were interested in how the car performed. They also told me that Tony was going back for another FREE clean as he still had issues. They also offered that to me and suggested that they would use a scope to look into the engine. I may do this when we get back from holidays in a few weeks.
The company have recently come over from the states and set up in the old Mitsubishi site to promote this process and equipment. They are well presented and have a very strong belief in this system.

If you are interested the web page is or on 0883113767.
They were also willing to come to the club one evening to talk with us some more.

Towards the end of the day the sun finally came out allowing for a very pleasant drive home.
I’m looking forward now to the next planned weekender, so watch out for details in Trak and at the next meeting.
Happy Triumphing
Ian Rigby

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  1. Roger Says:

    Thanks for your report Ian – it is good to see that someone has taken the time and effort to work out how to lodge an item on the website apart from me! Well done!

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