All Triumph Race 2015

ALL TRIUMPH 2015 Race weekend Review 

Well, it was a great weekend! The weather was good, cold early in the morning, but sunny through the day and no cold wind or rain on both days. Most people used the Saturday Super sprint as their test day on the Saturday, with in the triumphs Trevor Lindsay in his GT6 fastest, Mark Morsillo (Dolomite V8 turbo) second and Ryan Glinn (TR8) third. Poor Mark had a massive shunt at the end of the day, closing the track for the rest of the day. Luckily Mark was fine and walked away after hitting the main fence on the entry to the front straight very hard, not sure what will happen with the car.  Geoff Byrne had gearbox troubles mid-day Saturday that ended his weekend, and Glen Coutinho had a fuel leak that stopped him running all weekend. Rod Carey had to pull out a few days before the event with a piston issue, but made the long trek to support his SA mates and Andrew Gibson had a failed gearbox on the Saturday after installation, so also missed the event this year.


Sunday was some great racing. First there was the 3 regularity runs. Great to have 4 Triumphs running . Sorry Guys I didn’t have your results on hand at the presentation. Results . . .

Run 1 – John Whitaker (Spitfire) 1st, Neil Martin TR7/8 4th, Ken Peters TR7 and Horsct Kirchner Stag but DNFd

Run 2 – Neil Martin 3rd, Ken Peters 5th, John Whitaker 6th and Horsct Kirchner 14th

Run 3 – Neil Martin 3rd, John Whitaker 4t and Horsct Kirchner 5th, with Ken a DNF

We had a great suggestion that next year there will be a trophy for the Regularity Races as well.

For the ATR races, we had 19 runners (would have been 24 without he last minute drop outs). There was heated duels not just at the front of the field, but right through the field.

Race 1 – 1st Howard Glinn (TR8) , 2nd Trevor Lindsay (GT6) second and 3rd Jon Newell (TR8)

You can watch race one on You Tube from Greg Morsillo’s car, type in to You Tube “Greg Morsillo All Triumph Race 1 2015” for all 6 laps (many thanks Greg)

Race 2 – The Reverse Grid Handicap. There was virtually 1 minute difference between the front groups release and the last. It seems like forever to be waiting in the last pack for your release. 1st across the line was Gary Gibson (Dolomite Sprint) who started off the front row with Grant Rawlings (Stag),  2nd was Trevor Lindsay with a great drive from last row of the grid, and I made 3rd place. It was very close with no one knowing with half a lap to run who would win. It looked like it could have been Chris Swingler or Sue Tahir in the front 3 with half a lap to go. It was great for Gary at his first run at the event and the circuit.

Rog & Trev at Mallala Nov 2009

In the All Triumph Trophy Race  – 1st Howard Glinn, 2nd Trevor Lindsay (who pushed me so hard non stop for all 9 laps) and Jon Newell 3rd.  We both got down into the 1.08s.

In the Classes, Roger Lange took out the up to 2 Litre Class in his GR6, Trevor Lindsay took the 2.0 to 3.5 Litre Class in his white GT6, and Howard Glinn the over 3.5 Litre Class in his TR7V8.

Following that we had the All British combined race, with the win going to Trevor Lindsay, Howard second, Jon Newell 3rd and Rhys Morsillo with his first run in the ATR 4th with Greg Morsillo 5th. I must say it wasn’t until I held the Sportscar Trophy that I could sit in awe that Trevor has won it 6 times and Graeme Rutledge 5, so to pip Trevor by such a small margin on the day, no wonder I was mentally exhausted when it finished

I must thank the generosity of Glen Coutinho and Sue Tahir for their sponsorship, and Glen also helps me through the year in many other ways of support beyond simply money, so thank you. To Ken Peters and all his helpers on the flags for the RG race, many thanks. To Terry Donovan and all thise running the MRA round, great event and thanks for allowing us to run on the program. If I missed talking to you on the day, Im sorry, but running the twins in the car Saturday and then racing in the two categories and doing the handicapping during the Sunday keep me very busy.

To all that came to race, especially those from interstate, many thanks and hope you really enjoyed yourself! Also thanks to those that travelled just to watch and support us on the day. I think we delivered a great event to allow many varied Triumphs to come together in the same race, and to showcase to the spectators what a great time you can have owing  a Triumph.


We have 15 confirmed entrants to the second ATR to be run at Winton as part of their “Champions of Winton” race meet on 28th August 2016. If you are truly interested in running in this event, please please send me a note so I can add you to the list. You certainly aren’t entering and paying yet, just so I can get a feel for the grid size. I am still working with the circuit promoter to see if they would run a mixed field regularity on the same program so will kept you all know.  It would be only a one day event, but is then so much closer to both Victoria and SA. Next we need a sponsor (anyone know someone fitting in Victoria?) and if someone knows of a suitable event we could do on the Saturday would be great. I will send this to all the ATR contacts and see if they have suggestions on this. This seem to confirm we should also work to add a meeting in Morgan park in 2017 to make it a 3 state competition.


What has been so instrumental in the growth of the All Triumph Race in NSW has been the generous sponsorship by Sue and Glen from TSOA NSW every year. To help with this first event in Winton next year, we need a sponsor for that round. Ideally someone that can commit $2,000 for the naming rights of the Winton Round of the ATR. You will have your Logo and name added to all emails and advertising done throughout the year and in at least the TREAD monthly magazine article on the ATR. If you have some interest but would like more details, please contact me by Phone or Email for more discussion.

Many Thanks

Howard GLINN

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