An engine-related update to the 2500S blog…

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  1. Ian Rigby Says:

    continued great story. I’m in the same process but ended up doing a full rebuild. it is a costly exercise. If you do need some spares or find that the block crank or head have issues let me know and I might be able to help.
    I have a spare engine in good condition and about to collect another one from a saloon rescued in Queensland with a very good history. all the best with your build. Ian Rigby TSOA President.

  2. Russell Sayers Says:

    Thanks Ian – much appreciated.

    So far I’ve got it pretty much stripped down (another blog update to come) and there’s a little bit of pitting on the camshaft so I think I’ll be in line for a new one. I’m not sure if there are any cam specialists in SA who would be able to rectify, or any Oz-based suppliers of replacements. I might end up shipping one in from the UK…

    The crank definitely needs a regrind but hopefully that’s not cracked and will be salvageable.

    Any local recommendations for the crank grind and re-bore are always welcome, as are any other learnings you made through your rebuild (this will be my first full rebuild)…

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