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President’s Report – December 2019

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

President’s Report – December 2019

At the close of formal TR runs this year we had 43 cars on display at our “Triumph Display Day” held at Civic park Modbury. A big thank you to everyone involved and special thanks must go to Dino and Lisa for providing discounted prices for us at their restaurant.

We were also helped this year by several from the Stag Club: Bob Gaston, Romeo Macolino, Steve Arthur, Shane Coates and Ricky Corben who gave judging assistance. Several of our own members also helped on the day. Thanks to Duane Kaak, Neil Martin, Noel Schmidt and Andy Hill who recently sailed back in.


I finally had one “Master Class” entry seen here from John Tuohy.

A second car is now in this class also having won 3 years in a row. Dino Vettese with his TR6.

The end results:

Outright winners for the day: Dino Vettese: TR6. Second Outright: David Stephens TR2 Third outright: Lisa Vettese STAG

Pride of Ownership

• Wayne Byrne: TR2  Graham Jones : GT6 • Geoff Ellis: TR6 Duane Kaak: Stag • Bob Farrell: TR8 Bryan Young: Estate • Bob Cini: Dolomite Ivan Powell: MODIFIED TR3 • Neil Martin: COMPETITION TR8

Concours d’elegance

➢ Dino Vettese: TR6 Richard Sutherland: TR8 ➢ John Tuohy: TR5 Lisa Vettese: STAG ➢ Carolyn Byrne: Herald Coupe Bob Cini: Saloon ➢ David Stephens: TR2

Master Class:

John Tuohy: Saloon

Other trophies that will be handed out this year for events held either during club runs or for Racing:

Under the racing categories:

Drivers Trophy: TBA at the dinner. Competition Trophy: TBA at the dinner.

General Club: Clubman award: 2019 TBA at the dinner. TSOA Observation Run: Dean Berlemon and Lisa MacLeod

President / Vice President Awards. Equally placed were Alex Smithson and Duane Kaak. Their support this year, not for the positions they hold but for the extra work and effort that they both consistently did during the year for TSOA made it very easy to make these awards as a combined effort.

Next year we start off as usual with an informal meeting in January and we hope to post up the next year’s calendar soon. I would be grateful if people had ideas to discuss with me for next year’s display day. Especially early on for a location or back to somewhere they enjoyed the most.

Our Nationals committee had its first formal meeting and we are well on the way to developing this event for 2021

Rather than re type the next bit of info sent, the following was received and discussed at last month’s meeting. Worth considering

“Dear Fellow Triumph Owner,
It’s time to make plans for Drive Your Triumph Day, February 10, 2020.

My name is Rye Livingston and I’m with the Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club in Northern California. In 2015 I encouraged members of our club to drive their Triumphs on February 10th, to celebrate Sir John Black’s Birthday, the man who organized Standard’s purchase of Triumph after the war, and went on to make the cars we enjoy driving today. This celebratory drive has been building momentum every year. For 2019 I received close to 350 photos from all over the world: UK, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Uruguay, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Finland, Canada, Holland, Czech Republic, and of course all over the USA.

This year is going to be a bit more of a challenge as February 10thfalls on Monday. As tempting as it may be to plan a drive for the weekend, we’re going to keep true to the day, and please submit photos only taken on Monday, February 10th, 2020.

The concept is straightforward. On February 10th, go for a drive in your Triumph. Take a scenic drive on a country road or out to lunch, to the market, to work, wherever. Go for a drive alone or in a big group from your local Triumph Club. Take your spouse, buddy, child, grandchild or your dog; then take a photo. The photo is mainly of the car and the owner if possible, ideally in front a cool spot, landmark, scenic view, in front of the hardware store or in your driveway. If it’s the middle of the winter where you live and your car is in hibernation, or in the middle of a restoration, take a photo of it anyway in the garage. Some winter photos I’ve received have the garage door open with the car tucked under a cover, and snow outside. Have fun with it and participate.

Next step is to email a high-resolution photo to, along with some basic information: owner’s name, year and model of car, and place photo was taken (city, state, country). The photos will then be published not only in our club newsletter, but also in USA’s national magazine: Vintage Triumph Registry, and on the Drive Your Triumph Day website:

Sir John Black was a very interesting character who brought the car industry at that time through some difficulty with his leadership and inspirational quality. Starting out from insolvency and thirtyfour cars a week in 1929 with a deficit he drove the company to a healthy £47,000,000 turnover and an output of over 135,000 cars and tractors in I95I. He was placed into the hall of fame in 2017 along with others tied heavily with the car industry racing and Triumph.”

So that’s it for this year I guess. If I don’t see you hope you all have a great Christmas and safe new year.

Best Regards

Ian Rigby President

President’s Report – October 2019

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

President report October 2019

A Big welcome back sent to our SA team who recently attended the WA Nationals.  For those that missed out have a read of Alex Smithson’s report and stories on the event. Great shot of Neil’s car flying the SA flag on the display day there.

Our next major event is the “TSOA display day” on the 17th November to be held at Civic Park Modbury. The follow up dinner will be on Saturday the 30th at the Edinburgh Hotel in the Victorian room, 7 High Street Mitcham. Pre-dinner drinks at 6.30pm all welcome.

We a have been lucky enough to be sponsored for this event.

The Federation of Motoring clubs SA have donated funds for the day in support to our costs.

Dino and Lisa Vettese have also been very generous and offered “50% off “meals to those that attend the event on the day at their Café Primo restaurant in the new Modbury lower dining area.

The plan to have added Triumphs on the day should hopefully increase the numbers for the public to view. An invitation was extended to the TR Register the Stag club and any Triumph belonging to members of the federation to join us on the day. This sometimes encourages new memberships and we have certainly had this in the past. Let’s hope for good weather.

I hope to have some from the Stag and TR Register clubs assist in judging this year.

Over the past month I attended the Federation Historic club meeting and an interesting number came out during a conversation regards the number of cars currently using the conditional registration scheme. Hot rod (738), L/H drive cars (1365) and those on Historic came out at an eye brow raising 56,000.  We currently have just over 300 members but when the number of Historic was mentioned it’s easy to understand why they/we harp on about the importance of keeping on top of the reporting for this. Big question is where are the rest of them? I’m sure there are some owners out there with a cattle yard full.

I also tagged along on a random TR Register run to Clare. It was an “interesting day” with a very small amount on the road.

This could have been due to their Nationals being held

At the end of that week and understandably they were probably getting their cars ready. In most respects it was a great run (cold in Clare)

On the return journey home I was lucky enough to come across the VERY expensive “Variety cars” sitting proudly outside of Seven Hill Hotel.

And with a short break over the Xmas period coming up it will be a time to gather our thoughts on what to do over the following months to entertain everyone. If you have something that you feel would be of interest please let our social ladies in on it and we will do our best to get something up and running.

Keep a look out for updates on our future events on the web.

Something already for us to consider:

This year the Federation had a run for all clubs to Wirrina and will be holding the event again next year. Apparently the event went off really well with multiple clubs joining in. The event is planned again next year on the 13th September 2020

This may be an opportunity to join in for that months run and showcase our club also.

Next year’s Nationals in NSW are to be held at the Anchorage 5-star beachfront resort at Port Stephens from 30th October to 6th November 2020.

Best regards

Ian Rigby


President’s Report – September 2019

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

President’s Report – September 2019

Another year starts for the new (but not much has changed . . . ) TSOA SA Management team.

We have started off this month in review of the upcoming end of year dinner and the formation of the Nationals Committee for 2021.

Alex, as always, has started off well regarding the Nationals, and we have a few options being checked with discussions currently based around cost, content and timing. The better part of next year will be fine tuning so that we have something to present at the NSW Nationals next year. The preceding months will then be finishing off all requirements of the event and registering what we hope will be a good take up from the other States.

A letter received from The Federation of Historic Motoring regards working on our cars ourselves and issued a warning of caution. The ACCC had noted that 126 people had died while conducting DIY car maintenance. The main point covered was being crushed while working under the vehicle. Thought it may be a safety moment for the club members to always second check supports or “Makeshift” stands / structures that we use while doing work.  They also mentioned at times when the handbrake needs to be released to perform specific tasks and to make sure the Jacks / supports and remaining wheels are chocked to prevent movement.

The letter also discussed an issue regarding “older vehicles” (and their owners) with dwindling numbers of cars seen on runs. They mentioned that there is work in the background by some clubs to network specially organised days to cater for the older cars so these people and car would be part of a greater all included group. Noting that better communication between clubs would help in the arrangement and organisation of these events and they suggested each club is informed. I would be interested in discussing the proposal and will follow up at their next meeting.

The Annual “All Triumph Rally” on the weekend looked to be a wash out, but thankfully the rain held off.  We had around 34 attend and 10 Triumphs taking up the challenge. Alex and Sue fought through illness and presented a great run with lots of challenging questions and an end location in Macclesfield. The BBQ cooked up by a range of helpers so big thanks to everyone involved with the prep and cook.

Dean Berlemon & Lisa Macleod were the final Trophy winners and next year’s run challengers. Second place went to Peter and Michele Thornton with 3rd place taken out by Roger and Cherri Lange. The theme for the day was spring. Not quite sure that we had that but there was a short time there when the sun came out.

Our racing team is once again at Mallala on Sunday 29th September and the more support we can give them the better. We have a small team assisting with Flags and encouragement as they fly past. So maybe come and watch as it’s always a good day.

We also wish our SA Team well during the week of the WA Nationals and a safe trip both ways. I’m looking forward to the report and stories on the event when they return.

Now to the Day of Triumph on the 17th November and then the End of Year Presentation Dinner on Saturday 30th November.

The plan to have Triumphs from the TR Register and the Stag Club also on display should hopefully increase the numbers for the public to view. This sometimes encourages new memberships and we have certainly had this in the past. Let’s hope for good weather and a great display of the Triumph marque!

The End of Year Dinner is a must for all TSOA members – great location this year at the Edinburgh Hotel, and value subsidised by your club to encourage your participation. Make it a date! BE THERE!

Keep a look out for updates on our future events on the web.

Best regards

Ian Rigby


President’s Report August 2019

Sunday, August 25th, 2019

President Report                                                                                            August 2019

I can’t really say that’s another year over yet but for the club and the 2018 / 2019 Executive committee it is. The past few meetings we discussed the AGM and now that it has passed its time to let those that were not there know the results.

I thanked the past executive committee and the supporting Committee members for all of their support during the year and also presented a joint President / Vice president nomination for this year.

It was with great pleasure that we named both Alex Smithson and Duane Kaak for this years award noting the exhaustive efforts both of them put in, above and beyond their designated positions.  It should also be mentioned that the club had a very committed group at all levels taking care of business and I also pass on my thanks to them.

The Executive committee stands the same at all levels with only one change to the Vice President role with Dean Berlemon taking on that roll. We thank the outgoing Vice president David Stephens for his support during the difficult year he had.

It’s also been a bit of a challenge taking up the position of Club Registration Scheme taking over from Kevin Foster who has earned a rest and noting the difficulty the group endures each year trying to get the books and reporting in order. I would like to note to all members that the cut off will be end of June and all log book issues need to be resolved prior to the start of July.

I think the transition from August back to the financial year may have been confusing for some but the 2 month “Grace period” is for our reporting not membership payments. We have held off this year right to the end of this cycle but it puts pressure on the officers to get everything sorted and the report to DPTI. Leaving it to the last week is a risk to the club and embarrassment if the report goes in and a late entry misses the report. Retracting the information after the fact is work that can be avoided with a bit of early planning and support from the members.

It was also noted, in General business, that we should consider the money the club is holding and a few suggestions were presented. We all agree that as a not for profit organisation, every effort to run the club efficiently but with stability is paramount. We are holding a good level of funds but without careful planning from our dedicated treasurer those funds could easily be reduced. We are always discussing ways to give back and I mentioned extra funding to the weekender, more funds to the racing group and subsidised runs were part of the past years planning. Anyone joining in gets the benefit of those planned events. If we end up with funds not used in that year that can only be testament to good financial planning. (remembering the budget is set 12 months in the past)

Tony Case also raised a good point that we should consider those in the club who have dedicated their membership over many years and suggested rewarding that group. I agree that we should consider what best way to thank them for their continued support. Anyone who has had uninterrupted membership for a significant amount of time should be thanked and we will be discussing this during the next year.

Onto Socially enjoying the club:

The Presentation dinner is fast approaching which means that the annual display day is not far off. I only have 2 weeks between each event to sort the trophies so I would appreciate anyone holding onto the Perpetual trophies to return them soon so that they can be engraved with the next years winners. I hope to be making contact with these people soon.

This year as mentioned in past reports we are back at Modbury and have extended an invitation to both the Stag and Tr Register to join us on the day. Maybe we can encourage one or two of them to help in the Judging to give our usual team a bit of a rest so they too can enjoy the day in its entirety.

The last club run to the Paech farm turned out to be a great event. It was well planned and executed. The predicted hail and rain on the day scared a few Triumphs into the corner of the shed but 4 represented on the day, two even running without the roof.

There was plenty to look at in and around the sheds but we were also allowed to look through the main house which had a great history and lots of collectibles.

We found a Triumph in the main Man cave and lots of historical farm tooling and machines.

In closing:

Thanks again to the dedicated team. Welcome to all of our new members and I hope to see lots of Triumphs out on the display day.

Don’t forget the TSOA Observation run September 22 departing Crafers Hotel shortly after 8.30am Club Sponsored BBQ. This year’s  Run is organised by Alex and Sue Smithson. Both are looking forward to presenting the new Trophy winner on the day. Bring your thinking hat . . . Alex can be a bit sneaky.

Best regards.

Ian Rigby

President (Once again)

President’s Report July 2019

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

President’s Report July 2019

Sometimes we get messages through from interstate that are sad in content and this month we were told of NSW member Warren Carter’s passing. Our thoughts go out to his family and certainly all who knew Warren from close friendship and National meetings where Warren played a part in keeping a morning team of enthusiastic walkers active, he will be missed. We also had some sad news for a few members in our club having their own family loss. Out of respect I will hold off noting their names in this report but like to pass on our thoughts to them also.

With the AGM creeping up on us I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped in any capacity over the past year. Their continued support helps to keep the club electronically up to date, financial, on track historically speaking, fed and entertained at the meetings as well as supported on and off the race track.

It’s a timely reminder that the next club meeting could have new leaders and helpers so just in case I wish the incoming team all the best for the next year. Looking forward to seeing a good turnout for the nights event and voting.

The time has passed for all members to be financial if they are on Club Registration and the team responsible for keeping this data up to date have certainly been busy stuck in spread sheets, on the phone and chasing those that we hoped to protect from failing the log book test. I now have my Rubber stamp so happy to help where and when needed.

The club breakfast run this month had a healthy turn out with 31 people joining in and enjoying a breakfast while catching up with some new faces and interstate guests. Great to see them enjoy the run with us. B Social was a great statement for a venue and we were.

We have gained several new members this year bringing even more Triumphs to the stable so a big welcome to them and thank you for joining us. Unfortunately we also say goodbye to some long time members who have moved on due to selling their cars or for other reasons, so wishing them well and maybe we will see them if they see us parked one day.

The next few months will see some significant events both around the state, Country and on the track . . .

Paech farm for next month’s run should be a good day and with a Club subsidised lunch.

The All Triumph Observation run in September (Club Sponsored BBQ) is always a good event and we would like to see lots of Triumphs on the day. Even if you choose not to go for gold (and the coveted Trophy) its always a great day to blow the cobwebs of the car.

The following weekend TSOA is at Mallala for MSCA Super sprint and the battle of the V8s continues!

We have a good team of Triumphs heading over to The WA Nationals and we wish them a safe journey.

The annual display day will be the follow up the next month out at Modbury leading into the end of year presentation dinner end of November. (New event location this year)

Kind Regards
Ian Rigby

President’s Report – June 2019

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Thank you to those who helped support the club during my leave of absence in May. It’s generally going pretty good but I would like to remind everyone again that the date for club membership is almost over and you need to get your log books updated and Membership paid as this is required to keep your car on the historic register. Fees must be paid and Logbooks updated for the 2019-2020 Club Year by 30 June 2019. If this is not done and the owner is detected driving the vehicle after 1 July 2019, the vehicle is deemed to be unregistered and uninsured. Prosecution is the likely outcome as the conditions of having a vehicle on the “Concessional Club Registration Scheme” have not been met. We are still looking for someone to take on Kevin’s role. If you are interested we are happy to have names put forward and I’m sure Kevin, Colin or Stuart will assist settling in. Have a chat when you are getting the paper work signed this year. As noted at this month’s meeting I will be caretaker for now to ensure we comply with government requirements. Socially Speaking: The Bend run this month turned out to be a great event.

The weather wasn’t too cold for us stuck out in the background waving flags and I believe that we had a good turnout of those that did the run so thankyou to them for supporting the day and sorry I didn’t get time to catch up. Both Duane and Neil had a great run with good results.

I had a quick chat with Bill and Margie at this month’s meeting and thanked them for the May Weekender and was informed that it went very well. I didn’t expect anything different as they always put a great run together.

Take a look at the club page for upcoming events. Just as an FYI here is the next run. Winter Breakfast Run Meet 8.30am Burnside Town Hall Sunday 21st July Breakfast at B. Social 246 Fosters Road Oakden at 9.30am Come and enjoy a short run through a couple of new suburbs before Breakfast or join us at B. Social. Details: Margie / Bill 0438836837

This year’s AGM to be held on the 20th August with all positions open so have a think about getting involved and support the club.

Best regards for now

Ian Rigby


President’s Report – April 2019

Saturday, April 20th, 2019

President report April 2019

Like to remind everyone again that the date for club membership is fast approaching and you need to get your log books up dated. If you can’t get to the next 2 club meetings then please contact either of the club registration delegates. Their contact details are on the web in the committee section. Remember this year’s membership is $60 if you get in by the due date.

We are looking for someone to take on Kevin’s role. If you are interested we are happy to have names put forward and I’m sure Kevin, Colin or Stuart will assist settling in. Have a chat when you are getting the paper work signed this year.

Socially Speaking:

With the MSCA 6 hour event upon us on 5th May, any help at the track is always welcome and I’m sure that Duane, Neil and Roger would be happy to have you get involved. Lunch and morning tea is provided along with a great days racing. I’ll miss it this year so putting it out for others to help out.

We also had a few spots left for the Weekender on 25th and 26th of May but as this goes to print that might no longer be the case. If you are interested give Bill or Margie a call ASAP and if you don’t have their contact details give me a call.

We have been actively looking into a new location for this year’s Xmas / presentation dinner. As discussed prior, we have now selected on what we consider a great substitution. Costings will be presented soon but for your consideration between now and the 30th November check out “The Edinburgh Hotel.” The date is now set and the format is similar with club sponsored pre dinner drinks prior. We have pulled the date back a little as we know December is quite busy for some and 2 weeks after the display day it gives me time to arrange the trophies. Also for those that are travelling to this year’s Nationals in Perth they should be settled back in to S.A by then.

I will be away for the May meeting, sorry no report from me but im sure that those holding the fort can get everyone up to date. I will however catch up with everyone on the next run to “The Bend” on the 16th June for the MSCA super sprint and the June meeting.

This year’s AGM will again have all positions open so have a think about getting involved and support the club from a different perspective.

Best regards for now

Ian Rigby


President’s Report – March 2019

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

President Report March 2019

Happy March everyone.

I mentioned at this month’s meeting that we are currently working on several things for the year and the major one being in search of different venues for the end of year dinner and all of the committee are hopeful that we can encourage many of you to attend. More to come, along with initial pricing so you can plan it in.

With the club in a good financial position Alex laid out the budget for next year and we have reduced the membership down to $65 but you can save a further $5 and only pay $60 if you pay by the 30th June. Social membership stays the same at $25

The AGM this year will see all positions open once again and volunteers are sought. Fresh ideas and people are always welcome and supported, so think of something you would like to give a go and put your name forward. I’m sure that committee members currently running would be more than willing to discuss in the background before you nominate. Names can be given prior to or on the night.

With this in mind, Kevin Foster has advised that he will no longer continue in his position as Administrator of the Club Registration Scheme.

I would like to express on mine and the clubs behalf, our thanks to him for his dedication over the years. He has helped a lot of us with the historical component of owning a vintage vehicle. Kevin has indicated that he will still support us in the background and it would be good if someone Northern would like to take up the position. At the moment, we currently have the other areas covered with Kevin, Colin White and Stuart Ghent. The new electronic membership registration along with the revised code has seen the pressure off in this area too.

Kevin has given a detailed list of what the new Administrator is to manage and forms part of this month’s Trak.

Socially speaking:

We had a good turn out to this month’s run to Ashbourne for St Patrick’s Day with lots of green and lots of Triumphs with several new members joining us. The weather turned out to be great for those that went topless and Geoff Ellis and wife did a great run sheet for us. I hinted at a prize on my last report but it was all level on the day until John Tuohy waltzed in dressed in a brightly coloured jacket and hat. Hope to see it at the next club meeting for those that missed it:

Sunday April 14th is a club run, BYO picnic to McLaren Vale see the advert on the web calendar. (Meet at the McLaren Vale visitor centre at 10am)

 Sunday 28th is an invite to display the Triumphs in North Adelaide for the North Adelaide Car Display. It will be a great way to show the Triumph Marque. The proceeds will go to “Little Hero’s Charity” Via a $10 entry fee.

The upcoming May 25th & 26th Weekender looks to be a great way to spend a weekend. See the advert for more details or contact Bill and Margie Berlemon.

Duane has sent details for the Track day at the Bend on June 16th and we are planning this as the June run. See the Advert for this with more details to come. Let’s support our Triumph racers at the Track. We also need to support the event by providing Flaggies.

I’m always in contact with others who are either on the lookout for a specific Triumph or wanting to sell one or parts. I recently had a look over a nice red TR6 that will soon come on the market so if you’re looking to buy a very nice TR6 fuel injected give me a call and I’ll put you onto the owner. It’s not ready yet but no harm in looking it over.

Best regards,

Ian Rigby, President

President’s Report – February 2019

Saturday, March 9th, 2019

President’s Report                                                                                                                              Feb 2019

Firstly, my apologies for the late report. I have been off line for a few weeks sorting out behind the scenes issues and work commitments.

Thankfully, we have a dedicated team prompting me along so while I’m recovering from a day at the track with 90,000 other petrol heads thought I should put my mind to the February report.

All British day was a great day with lots of help getting all the cars into position. Thanks once again to all involved. We had almost a full field of the nominated 58 Triumphs on display. The club now has another two new members signing up and lots of interest from the public.

The future:

All out GREEN for St Patrick’s Day on the 17th March. Meet at Pavilion Car Park corner Glynburn and Greenhill road (Formally the “Feathers hotel”) at 11am for a run to “The Greenman Inn” (Appropriate pub for the day.)  We may even be able to get our treasurer to consider a prize for the best effort on the day. Why not!!

I have also been asked to mention the Entertainment books will be up for sale again in April. See the flyer. It helps with our clubs fund raising so get a book or the app and start enjoying the savings.

This year’s Weekender is on again. Bill and Margie have spent a lot of time again for us, going over locations things to do, the best places to eat and generally having a weekend for the club to enjoy. This is always a great event but unfortunately, I will miss it this year so I’ll look forward to reading all about it when I return from O/S. see the flyer this month.

Another significant event at Mallala on the 6th May for our team racing drivers (other than the normal fast weekends) is the 6 hour for the Peter Hall Memorial Trophy. This is a great day and again I’m unfortunately going to miss this one also so have a think about helping out waving a flag or 2 or just come and support the drivers and crew on the day.

From the Web:

A great day for the TSOA – not only do we need drivers and cars to compete on the track, we also need a band of willing helpers in the pits, on the pit wall doing timing, sash changeovers, catering etc. A true TSOA Team effort. Contact Roger Lange if you would like to be involved.

After May we will be looking to support our drivers again but this time at the Bend on the 16th June. We are looking to make the day our monthly run so stay tuned for that one.

The Display day for us is now locked in and paid for, so mark your calendars for the 17th November Civic Park Modbury. This is in between the 2 racing weekends in the month so a busy time ahead.

We have also been working on possibly moving to a new place for the annual Presentation day / Xmas dinner and look forward to testing out one or two places with the committee to see if a change of venue will encourage more to come along and close out the year together. The final date is yet to be locked in.

And lastly for now, but certainly more to come, the WA Nationals are also fast on the approach with several of the SA crowd making plans and you may have seen a mail out from Duane with the Eastern state planning their drive.  Check out the WA web site for more details.

Regards for now, Ian Rigby


President’s Report January 2019

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

President’s Report – January 2019

I’m hoping that this finds every one well, rested and ready for another busy year. Seems we are now moving to Easter according to the retail Giants.  Who folded and bought Easter buns the day after Xmas???

Now that the mad month is over and things start to settle down again, I thought that I would open the year with a short report on what has been and gone and what is planned over the next few months / year.

For those that attended this month’s meeting I think you would agree that it was an interesting start. Richmond’s is certainly every car enthusiasts dream.  Thanks to Duane Kaak for arranging the event with a very healthy turn out despite the temperature on the day.

On the weekend several of us got together to enjoy a slightly cooler day and catch up on adventures since the close last year. We talked about several things and covered events that are planned with the club and interstate.

The Ice cream run for this year is always a good start and was well represented by our club and this year we had the stag club joined in and it seemed that the colour of choice this year was yellow.


The upcoming “All British Day” is well under way and communication has been great from Geoff Ellis our club representative on the committee. I will be one of the marshals but have been designated a specific area so for those that will be coming please look out for Aaron Ellery and possibly Kate Berlemon who will be placing you in our designated space. We have a good number of cars and as long as we adhere to the required spacing, all will get a position.

The Perth Nationals are well advanced and several members from interstate have already planned the trip. I hope that all received the message from Duane regards this just in case you are planning to go and drive to the event and possibly join in their convoy.

This year’s display day is locked in and I will be advertising this during the year once the council sends final confirmation to us with the submission of documents.

The new club reporting tool seems to be working well and by now you should have received several messages via this new method. It would be interesting to get some feedback from members on how they are feeling about messages and the current method of communicating so we can manage this in the future. We are still in the trial period so now would be a good time to ask.

The committee is also seeking feedback on the Xmas dinner. There have been talks about the future of this event regards location, timing and content and thanks to those that have taken the time to send me their thoughts on this. I will certainly be discussing this with the committee.

As the sun goes down on this month thanks again to those that have started the year off for the club and hope to see all out in the Triumphs soon. Really looking forward to seeing the new members and their cars that have joined recently.

Best regards

 Ian Rigby