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President’s Report – April 2017

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Chicken and Salad in the park……What’s this all about?? That question I wrote in the February report was well and truly answered on Sunday 19th March at Heywood Park, Unley Park. We dropped off our chairs and tables as requested, went on a great run for about 1 hour through our fabulous Adelaide Hill and returned to find a fabulous spread ready and waiting for us – Chicken, salad and fruits a plenty! We all went home well fed! Thanks to Peggy and Sue for organising this event.

A good crowd turned up for the Informal Lunch at Café Buongiorno, Mitcham.  Good to see a few blokes turning up to these events.

Don’t forget the Historic Race Meeting at Mallala on the 22nd and23rd April.  Refer to the Sporting Car Club or Mallala Motor Sport Park websites for details.

Our annual Weekender is fast approaching and Margie and I will be checking more details over Easter. 27 People have booked so far – a great value 2-night weekender!

Helpers needed for Sunday May 7th Mallala MSCA 6-hour regularity relay. A great day for the volunteers with some very close action supporting our drivers.

See the club calendar for all future events and get involved.

’til we meet again

Bill Berlemon

President’s Report – March 2017

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

All British Day was again a very successful day for the organising committee. Our thanks to member Geoff Ellis for being part of the crew.  22 Triumphs were on the TSOA site with a ‘couple of guests’. Down on previous years, hope we improve next year. Our two club marquees make a difference to our set up and comfort and in the absence of Arrand Ellery, our thanks to Ian Rigby and Kate Berlemon for looking after the parking. Kate also did a marshal training course to qualify. Also thanks to Margie for producing and organising an information flyer able to be handed out on the day to interested public.

Coming events are mentioned in my January report and hope to see lots of members enjoying our summer events.

Margie and I (more Margie than I) have been working hard on our next weekender and its looking like a great three-day event.  We will be covering quite a few k’s so check your car thoroughly before the event. The committee has approved double subsidy for the three-day event ($50.00 per person, max $2,000) so it will again be extremely good value.  Book early to avoid disappointment.

Chicken and salad in the park . . . what’s this all about??

‘til we meet again

Bill Berlemon

President’s Report – February 2017

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

With Christmas and New Year Celebrations behind us we look forward to another TSOA calendar year. Our first meeting for the year on the 17th Jan was our informal meeting and thanks to Kevin McEnroe for bringing his Norton motor bike and Roger Lange for his ultra-modern slot car set.  My little TQ Speedcar also created good interest. Would have liked to have seen more boys toys on the stage though…. maybe next year.

First run for the year is the Annual Ice Cream Run on 28th January followed by the All British Day at Echunga on 12th February -if you have not entered your car, spectators are most welcome.  26th February is the Annual MSCA Picnic presentation day at Virgara Winery, Angle Vale. This is generally a very pleasant day and hoping for a good turn out to support our racing fraternity.  MSCA super sprint start on the 12th March.

Don’t forget to put March 19th in your social calendar for ‘An Evening in Heywood Park’ starting at 4.30pm for a scenic run followed by a chicken and salad dinner provided by the club.

Again your committee is working hard to provide a great mix of events but we need you to participate to make these events a success.

News Flash – date for our annual Weekender is 19th-21st May yes three days two nights….

Till we meet again

Bill Berlemon.

President’s Report – December 2016

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Presidents Report for December

It was nice to see some new members at our last general meeting for the year, and it is encouraging that the interest of Triumph’s and our club still remains strong. The future of our Club remains with its ability to attract new members and retain existing ones – hence our club display days like the day of Triumph and all British Day remain very relevant to the strength of our club.  We need to continue to promote ourselves to remain the successful club that it is. Making new members welcome remains paramount.

Talking of new members Bill Galler and his wife Chris took out the Annual Observation run on Sunday 20th November set by Alex and Sue Smithson. Bill’s Mk II Spitfire has come up a treat and the day was enjoyed in splendid weather with a BBQ Lunch at Lobethal.

Our next club function is the Christmas Dinner where Margie and I will receive our Life Membership Badges. We are looking forward to this great honour. Nearly 70 people have booked in so will as usual be a great night!

First meeting for 2017 will January 17th which is our informal night. I want to theme this night as a ‘big boys’ toys night’ – I will be bringing along my Vintage TQ Speedcar, Kevin McEnroe will be bringing a vintage motor bike, and two Soap Box cars have been entered.  Looking for more additions to make this a truly fun night …let me know if you have any special toys eg speedboat, quad bike, jet ski’s etc to bring along.  Greg will be holding an auction of surplus club books.

Margie and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Till we meet again

Bill Berlemon.

President’s Report – October 2016

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

As I recommenced my semi-retirement work with Pete for the summer season from 1st October, and Margie had Children’s Week from October 21st – 30th, we were unable to participate in the Nationals this year. However, we did manage to go to Auburn for the show and shine day – wow what a great day with so many great cars. Good turnout from our club members visiting the day as well.  Thanks to the Nationals committee for an excellent day, and getting the local school involved to cook the BBQ lunch!

The day of Triumph was well run and despite the floods the week beforehand, we managed to get through the day and hoe just in time for more rain. Thanks to Ian Rigby and team for organising another great day – lots of spectators enjoyed our display as well!

Coming up is the Observation run and the Christmas Dinner – look out for more info in Trak.

Until we meet again

Bill Berlemon

President’s Report

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Sunday 25th September (3 months to Christmas!) – this morning Margie and I parked along Lower North East Road next to Mercato Continental Deli (for coffee and breakfast) and watched about 1,000 Vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles go past in the Bay to Birdwood. What a sight to behold – their enthusiastic owners, lots in period costume, the smell of exhaust fumes particularly from the two stokes, the various states of repair from the definite ‘barn’ finds to the pristine Concours entrants all making this a wonderful event. Saw only three Triumphs – one Mayflower and two TR3’s – one belonging to Vic Neeve – sorry if I missed any!

We are just so lucky to be able to participate in these motoring events at all levels from Club runs, State Events, Major Display days, Track events and Hillclimbs.

Oh for the love of Vintage motoring!

Bill Berlemon

President’s Report – Sept 2016

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Well it’s been a long time since I wrote my last President’s report for this newsletter. So here we go again.

Firstly, Congratulations to this club and its members for finally coming of age and accepting a new Constitution. What a tremendous job Mike Temby and the committee have done to give us and up to date, workable Constitution which allows up to proceed us to proceed forward without the divisive membership criteria of the past and the ability to review the document on a regular basis and make changes as required fairly simply. Our past (91) Constitution I must say served us well for a long time but as with all such documents became outdated.

As Vice President for the membership year, it was my privilege to be able to nominate Ian Rigby for the Vice President’s Award. As I said at the AGM, Ian over the last year was the convenor of our Day of Triumph Event, organised a Club visit to the Sub Marine Corporation (which would not have been easy) has organised several club runs and contributed to our club magazine, has supplied some fabulous photos for our club calendar, is a member of our National Rally Committee and is an all-round good guy!

I look forward to working with our (new) committee for the next 12 months and continue to work for the greater good of our club.

I feel privileged to be awarded Life membership of this Club for Margie and myself and thank you all for this acknowledgement.

Until we meet again

Bill Berlemon

President’s Report – June 2016

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Now that the federal elections are out of the way, it’s time to turn our attention to the TSOA elections coming up in August. As usual, all committee positions will be declared vacant at the AGM and nominations will be called for. If you are thinking about how you might be able to become more involved in the TSOA, I would like to encourage you to talk to one of the committee members and think about a position that might suit you. It’s always great to have more people involved in the running of the club.

We are now finalising the constitution based on feedback received from members, and will be publishing an update before the August AGM where we will be voting on it. Please mark the date (Tuesday August 16) in your calendar now, as we would like to see as many members attend the meeting as possible to ensure we have a quorum for the voting process.

There are now some opportunities for TSOA SA members to come along to some of the Nationals events over the weekend. This is for members who want to join in the Nationals but aren’t able to make it to the full event. If you would like to register your interest for this option, please contact either Alex Smithson or myself so that we can get an idea of numbers for accommodation.

I would like to thank Ian Rigby for stepping in and taking the Minutes at the June meeting while Dwayne was away.

Mike Temby

President’s Report Jan / Feb 2016

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Happy New Year for 2016.

We are looking forward to another exciting year of events, particularly with the Nationals being held here in
SA in October (refer to advert in this edition). The event program is shaping up well, thanks to the
dedicated committee who have already put in many hours arranging the event and will continue to do so in
the coming months. There have been many trips to the Clare region arranging activities and run routes. If
you would like more details on the Nationals, information and registration forms are on the TSOASA

The Christmas Dinner was again a great evening with those attending enjoying a delicious meal and great
company. Congratulations to all those who received trophies this year. Well done to Ian Rigby for receiving
the Clubman’s Award.

Thanks to Robin George for displaying his car on stage and telling us the interesting story behind it during
the January meeting.

The committee is currently finalising updates to the TSOA constitution to bring it in line with current legal
requirements and club practices. We anticipate it will be available for member feedback in the next couple
of months prior to voting on it.

All the best for 2016.

Mike Temby

President Report AGM

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

President report
Wow what
a quick year .
The club continues to remain healthy and vibrant with money, events and members . Fine tuned improvement were made to fast track last year and the value of being a member was also well tuned with discounted events and no increase to subscription fees.
We have begun to celebrate our 50th Birthday this year with extra special events including a formal dinner. The dinner , a memorable weekender and the years events would not have happened without the effort of Bill Berlemon. Hence why he is the recipient of this year’s President’s Award.
At now 50 years old it would be easy to imagine not being successful with a marque out of production for over 30 years but we and our Triumph cars have thrived, not just here in SA, but worldwide.  I am sure like many older successful clubs before us with longer history and with the passion inside us all we will survive many more years to come.
Officially the year ended august 15. So if you have not renewed membership or had your rego papers stamped etc you cannot legally drive your car and again we will report non financial members to DPTI.
This scheme back bones the TSOA, with many non active members utilising it.  Although we never meet them here they are often the other Triumphs we see on the road. They love their classic car as much as many of us, they keep the club financial so tonight I say thanks to them.
But bigger thanks to everyone who puts not only renewal money but time and energy into the club and organises, attends and participates.
Next year will likely be a little different.  I am looking forward to more detail about the national meeting and hopefully a new triumph saloon in my collection. I won’t be standing again for president, so as I bow out a big thank you to all for your support in the near 3 years at the top,  and I wish the new committee the very best of success.