Competition Report – June 2008

Team Triumph took part in the MSCA 6-Hour Regularity Relay event held at Mallala on Sunday 1st June with drivers Neil Martin (TR7) Peter Nelson (TR8 dhc) Andy Ansell from Victoria (TR7) Colin Gaetjens (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo TR6) Robin George (Westfield Clubman TR4) and Roger Lange (GT6).

Andy Ansell started the event for the Team, and after a few break out laps, settled down to produce a good session. Each driver contributed a 30 minute stint to complete the first rotation, with only Robin George experiencing some electrical gremlins with his car that saw his turn cut short. Roger was last out for the group, but could not contribute further after noticing an oily residue under the car caused by a failed oil seal in the rhs diff flange. Robin’s problems continued, but he was able to enjoy a reasonable time out on the track for the team, and put in some consistent laps whilst there.

Andy, Neil, Colin and Peter all took up the slack for the remainder of the event, all improving on their consistency to the point that after the chequered flag had fallen, were very satisfied with a job well done, and had a fun time doing it. The winners were announced after a dinner function held in the corporate facility at the track, and the team was very pleasantly surprised to have placed third overall – a great result and well done to all involved.

The support team consisted of John Touhy, Rod Carey, Frank Lewell, Stephanie George, Lindsay Coleman, Bill Berlemon, and with catering taken care of by Cherri Lange. A great team effort! Thanks to all involved.

Other news on the competition front include the sale of Ian Wilson’s awesome TR7V8 race car to a buyer in New Zealand – I am not sure if the guy knows exactly what he has purchased, but hope he has plenty of fresh underwear when he takes it out for his first experience with the car! Tom Hutchinson’s most recent round of the Victorian series ended in disappointment with a broken diff in his TR8 racer. This happened in open practice, so Tom’s event came to an early conclusion.

As far as events coming up are concerned, refer to the Competition Calendar at

TSOA(SA) will be represented at the All British Race Meeting at Wakefield Park near Goulburn NSW by Trevor Lindsay (GT6) Rod Carey (AMI Spitfire) and Roger Lange (GT6) with pit and spectator support from Trevor’s wife Stephanie, Roger’s friend Hans, Rod’s wife Jen plus son who lives in Canberra, and our own TRak editor extraordinaire Richard Sutherland (TR4A) with his brother as passenger for the trip. Report and photos in a future issue of TRak.

That’s enough from me . . . see you trackside!


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