Day Of Triumph 2010 Report and Results

The Day of Triumph was held at Civic Park opposite Tea Tree Plaza which provided all the necessary facilities.

The attendance of 60 cars was pleasing as was the weather which was excellent despite the poor forecast.

The outright Concours winner was Noel Schmidt with his newly restored red TR3A with Tony Rutter in his red Spitfire coming second and John Sampson in his white TR6 in third place.  The trophy winners of both categories are listed below and all trophies will be presented at the Christmas Dinner on 4th December.

We can only run an event like this with a lot of help, and thanks go to Alan Gold and Lyle Taylor who co-ordinated the Concours and POO competitions and their judges.  Thanks also to Bill and Margie Berlemon for providing the tent, tables and chairs.

Trophies were awarded as per the rules which were published in TRak.    A notable change from previous years was that in Concours first place only was awarded if three or less cars were entered in any category.   First and second prizes would be awarded if there were four or more cars in a category.   No category had more than three cars.    Pride of ownership remained the same with trophies awarded to first place getters only.
Rory Gibson

CONCOURS                                                              PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP

TR2/3/3A/3B   Noel Schmidt                                      Vin Anderson

TR4/4A/5         Tony Rutter                                         Rick Staehr

TR6                 John Sampson                                    Rob Schaeffer

TR7/8              Roger Lange                                       Richard Reynolds

Spitfire/GT6    Tony Rutter                                         Graham Jones

Stag                 Peter Langdon                                    No entry

Saloon             Bob Cini                                              David Wilson

Herald             No entry                                              Ron Smith

Dolomite          No entry                                              No entry

Modified          No entry                                              Kevin Foster

Competition     Roger Lange                                       No entry

Michelotti Trophy        Tony Rutter

Harris Mann Trophy    Roger Lange

Register Trophy          Noel Schmidt

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