Day of Triumph 2012

This year the Day of Triumph was held in ideal conditions for both a great display of cars and also a picnic atmosphere with many members setting up under the trees with picnic rugs, tables and chairs etc.

This display on Civic Park opposite Tea Tree Plaza Shopping Centre looked great with over 50 cars on display which attracted a lot of general public.   John Sampson’s initiative of inviting all TR6 owners saw a display of over a dozen cars which were featured in the middle of the oval.   Each year we will endeavour to feature a different marque.

Thanks to Duane Kaak and Peter Davidge who collated all the scores and the team of judges who all did a good job.   Once again we were able to use the tent from the Girl Guides and thanks to Bill & Margie for organising this along with tables and chairs for the collators, and also arranging for the coffee van to be in attendance.   Thanks go to Bob Cini who collected the tent from Bill on Saturday and every year arrives at Civic Park early to ensure access is secured, and all those members who assisted on the day.

Congratulations to all winners of the various classes which are listed below and also to the outright winners, 1st Roger Lange, 2nd Greg Fiedler and 3rd John Sampson.

Trophies were awarded as per the rules which were published in TRak.   As no category had more than three cars entered, first place only was awarded in the Concours competition.

CONCOURS                                                    PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP

TR2/3/3A/3B  Wayne Byrne                            Chuck Falzon

TR4/4A/5       Greg Fiedler                               Amedeo Nicolo

TR6              John Sampson                             Haydn McPherson

TR7/8            Roger Lange                               Bob Farrell

Spitfire/GT6   Tony Rutter                                Kyle Lill

Stag              No Entry                                      No Entry

Saloon          John Tuohy                                 Trevor Lindsay

Herald           Carolyn Byrne                             No entry

Dolomite       Naomi Siegertsz                           No entry

Modified        No entry                                       No entry

Competition   No entry                                       Duane Kaak

Pre 54           Chuck Falzon                               No entry

Restoration    No entry                                      No entry

Michelotti Trophy                Greg Fiedler – TR4

Harris Mann Trophy            Roger Lange – TR8

Register Trophy                  Wayne Byrne – TR2

Herald/Vitesse Trophy        Carolyn Byrne – Herald Coupe

Overall Winners:

1st Place                  Roger Langer – TR8

2nd Place                 Greg Fiedler – TR4

3rd Place                 John Sampson – TR6

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