Dolomite Sprint Project Update

Okay, lead by example they say!

With a bit more time at home lately, my isolation in the shed has meant my Dolly Sprint is almost finished!

The engine bay has come up a treat, and is now a goer with the new cam run in and then the mandatory check for leaks . . . None! Amazing, and everything works as it should! A few final bits to finish off and we will be set for a road test.

Here’s a shot of the engine bay . . .

Now, over to you! How about sharing something about YOUR Triumph?


4 Responses to “Dolomite Sprint Project Update”

  1. Phil Bagust Says:

    Wow, I could eat breakfast off that. Ive never seen black dashpots before, I like it – Ill bet the internals arent standard!
    Be good to see a Sprint again, seems like ages since Ive seen one in the club.


    ps What do you reckon the crisis that cant be named is going to do to car prices? Do you think theres going to be a lot offorced sales on the market in coming months? Im getting that Stag kinda feeling lately

  2. Ian Rigby Says:

    Having witnessed the build up to this final moment I personally congratulate you on an amazing result.
    This would have to be one of the best in Australia right now.
    Great job Roger.
    Wish i could say the same for the old 2500S with the panic over the last few months and stupidly waiting until i returned from O/S to place the next order for parts its sadly in the same state.I started to list the items i need today and hope to place the order this week. The continued build motivation is yet to come for me but once i get the parts it will be full steam ahead.

  3. Phil Bagust Says:

    Hey Roger,

    I just saw the latest photo of the mimosa beast on the Triumph Farcebook page. I LOVE the body coloured spoiler. I wonder why Triumph didn’t do that from the start?


  4. Roger Says:

    Thanks Phil. You have noticed one of the several things I chose to alter from factory presentation spec. I wanted to have the car look lower and sportier than most Sprints that I have seen where they appear to be top heavy with a high ride height. I think the yellow spoiler helps in this regard. One of the other minor things about the car is the yellow is not Triumph’s Mimosa – it is quite a bit brighter and includes a gold pearl . . . we have dubbed it “Sunburst Pearl” as it is very close to the colour of the sun at sunrise!

    See if you can pick the other little touches I have made . . . I’ll get some more photos up shortly.

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