Emissions from the Crankcase

TSOA has been around since 1965 so we can’t ignore Case history. A great club.

So don’t fall asleep and out of your mag wheelchair.  Get set for a master blast from a past master.

Now as a reminder, there are some that have been, and some that have not been, and not all that could have been, indeed would have been, had  they not made a scene.

Some would have been if they could have been a little more keen but we definitely know that one HAS been, and what’s more that we’re sure always WILL be. That just happens to be the Case.

Some sleeping dogs lie, but I reckon it’s better they come clean and tell the truth, especially if they are barking up the wrong TRee. You know I won’t give up on you, so don’t give up on me you soothsayers and TSOAers and continue to follow me on Casebook: for my latest offering titled “The Adventures of Siddowne and Shuddarp”.

These were two fellows belonging to an historic car club, with Shuddarp being a person who apparently did not believe in Siddowne’s right to freedom of speech, which is odd really, as they had never met.

As ancient history reveals, Siddowne had been fast asleep for 28 years before he was woken up and awarded Life Membership, so Shuddarp thought, without thought, that Siddowne had gone back to sleep for the next 23 years and therefore mistakenly concluded was a ‘has been’ whereas Siddowne had proof that Shuddarp was a ‘never been’ so they begged to differ. Get it. Woof.

If after Siddowne had sat down and shut up, and Shuddarp had not stood up and shouted down Siddowne, then the differences in between would never have been.

The motto of this story is this. If you’re out of order then you’re not in place and you should have been and could have been if you had taken the time not to be seen as a has been, or actually should he mean evergreen?

If Shuddarp had been keen not to make a scene and come clean and was stood down, then in the history of the Club he would be the ONLY one as a has been, and most likely would again be never seen, and remain as a Life Member Could’ve  Been.

If Shuddarp only knew how lucky he was not to be known as Mister Been, and gone.

He may well too have been a has been if the Committee had been brought in to convene on the scene to intervene.

But Siddowne wasn’t keen to be mean. So, until next time I’m seen, kindly be seated and be quiet.


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