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Hi all,

You might have noticed things are a changing with the website. I’ve dragged it out of last decade and into the new with an upgrade of the bits that make it all run.

I’m hoping this new incarnation proves to be more user friendly than the old scripts. At this stage the site itself is still under development but stay tuned, it should be live and ready for you all to use within the next week.

A special thank you to Noel Schmidt for his graphic work on the banner at the top.

Comments positive and negative help shape the final site, please forward any of those to ayresrocksnaturally ateth  gmail doteth com   Lose the “eth”s and convert the appropriate words to symbols.

Progress Report:
Home link
Classified ads feature
links to Photo Galleria and Suppliers Register

Design is still being tweaked, registration will soon be open for those who want to be active on the site.



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