Girl Torque – April 2009

Wow the first quarter of the year has just finished – where has the time gone?

We have been involved in two family weddings – my younger brother married in Melbourne on the Adelaide Cup weekend, and Bill’s son Dean gets married on April 4th.  Dean is having the two Triumphs’ as his wedding cars, so this week will be spent cleaning the two PI’s and polishing them and adding the wedding touches of tulle and ribbons!! I am sure there will plenty of photos of the cars to show off after the big day.

As we celebrate Easter may our thoughts be with a couple of members who are on the sick list – Sue Gibson (having more ankle surgery) and Bryan Young’s wife who is extremely unwell.

I have included the supper roster for the next three months – we still have a few vacancies so if you are able to help out, please let me know.
Date    Sweet    Savoury
21/4/09    Judi  Long    Judi Long
19/5/09    Lorraine Cini    Margie
16/6/09    Maree Staehr    Wendy Harvie

2009 Budget for supper is $50.00 – $20. 00 for sweet, $30.00 for savoury. Please keep your receipts and I will reimburse you from the raffle money.Many thanks

Have a safe and Happy Easter to all.

Margie Berlemon.

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