Girl Torque – February 2015

Wow another year has gone and boy does time fly! I had 4 weeks off work….not too sure where it all went, but Bill and I did have a few days in the Barossa for some R & R…..we spent most of the time working on the Weekender…but it was great to get away from the routine stuff! So yes the Weekender is in the Barossa this year, and it will be for two nights! Dates are 15th-17th May. More details to follow!

Some of our members are not travelling too well at present so our love goes out to Lorraine Page, Lorraine Cini and Sue Smithson and wish them all the best in the coming weeks.

Raelene and Ian Rigby and Carolyn and Wayne Byrne have become grandparents again so Congratulations from all of us.

Naomi and Meranie are expecting and we are excited to hear that we have the little pitter patter of feet joining the club in the middle of the year…our Congratulations to both couples.

Enjoy the summer and enjoy your family time.

Margie Berlemon AM

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