Girl Torque March 2017

Girl Torque

Wow what crazy weather we are having….hot, cold, wet and who knows what’s coming next!

Thanks to everyone who has put their name on the supper roster…we still have some vacancies…if you can help out please let Sue or myself know.  Thanks to Phyllis Rutter who did supper last meeting. Great to have you on board!  We have cut the sweet money down, as the members don’t seem to be eating the sweets as much, so we can reassess this in winter.

Bill and I have been working on the Weekender, and it has all come to plan, including sailing on Lake Albert for those who want to take up the challenge! The Coorong is a fascinating place to visit, but there are a lot of miles to travel, so I hope the petrol is not a ridiculous price that weekend.

Condolences to Kevin Foster on the loss of his mother.

Kind regards

Margie Berlemon AM

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