Historic / Club Registration Administrator’s Duties – March 2019

Club Registration Administrator’s Duties

  1. Maintain records of LHD Club Vehicles and retain copies of all LHD Club Vehicle exemptions.
  2. Maintain and store all Club Registration records including previous Code of Practice Statutory Declarations, Inspection Reports and DPTI letters of notification for 5 years.
  3. Maintain records of all logbooks issued and annually submit copy to the FHMC.
  4. Maintain records of all log books cancelled.
  5. Maintain records of “declared lost” logbooks and Statutory Declarations required for Logbook replacement. This Statutory Declaration is still a requirement of the 2017 Code of Practice.
  6. Maintain Records of correspondence with each member on Club Registration.
  7. Monitor Logbooks required to ensure sufficient numbers are on hand for TSOA end of Financial year Logbook update to take place.@
  8. Arrange purchase of logbooks and distribute to Authorised Persons as needed.
  9. Securely store all new unissued Logbooks.
  10. Prepare application request for the issue of a pad of new MR334 forms from DPTI for Authorised Persons when required.
  11. Notify DPTI on behalf of Authorised Persons the number of any incorrectly filled out or cancelled MR334 forms.
  12. Monitor FHMC meeting minutes and DPTI communications of any information that could affect the Club Registration Scheme and communicate this information to Authorised Persons and members.
  13. Prepare annual Logbook Update Information for circulation with TSOA subscription Renewals.
  14. Ensure all new members to the Club Registration Scheme receive an electronic copy of the 2017 Code of Practice and Logbook Tips.
  15. Monitor Club Vehicles sold and ensure Logbook is returned for cancellation. This usually takes several attempts if or before Logbook Is returned.
  16. Monitor Logbooks not Updated by 30 June and notify owners that if the drive the consequences for non Compliance of the Code of Practice.
  17. Co-ordinate Authorised Persons to ensure sufficient numbers are available to attend end of financial year TSOA meetings for Logbook Updating.
  18. Co-ordinate postal logbook updates to ensure Logbooks are updated and returned and TSOA records have been updated/amended.
  19. Liaise with Membership Secretary and notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles within 2 months of the end of the Club Financial year of any non financial members with Vehicles on Club Registration.
  20. Follow up on new vehicles to the Scheme which do not at that point in time have a Registration Number, to ensure TSOA is supplied with one, when registered.
  21. Monitor any registration number discrepancies as members change to a personalised type and do not notify TSOA.
  22. Liaise with TSOA Web Site manager to include any new Club Registration information.
  23. Develop and produce “hand out” information sheets on particular aspects of the Club Registration Scheme.

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