Minutes from General Meeting 15/10/19



Meeting Opened at 8:00   


  1. Welcome:
    • Apologies: Andy Hill, Neil Martin, John Wood, Colin White, Alex & Sue Smithson, Roger Lange, Trevor Lindsay, Stephen Wade, Fay Esau, Dean & Marg Bogisch, Richard Sutherland, Bill Galer.


  • Guests/Visitors/New Members: Nil


  • Previous Minutes: Proposed be accepted as accurate by Natalie Farrell, seconded by Aarand Ellery.


  1. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby

2.1 Contact was made to FHMC to sponsor the upcoming Day of Triumph. They will also promote to all other car clubs affiliated. Their sponsorship will cover the grounds hire. TR Register & Stag Owners Clubs have accepted invitations to judge on the day.

2.2 FHMC has also recently discussed proposed networking to assist veteran and classic car owners to get their cars on the road on runs etc. to keep more members cars active.

2.3 An invitation to the MSCA AGM has been replied to and Ian will attend.

2.4 List of continuous memberships has been produced and will be reviewed for accuracy in consideration of acknowledging members tenure of TSOA SA.

2.5 Best wishes expressed to those members heading over to the TSOA National Meeting in WA.


  1. 3. Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak

3.1 Stag Owners Club have accepted invitation to judge at Day of Triumph, likely 5 – 6 members and their cars. Caffe Primo have also agreed to generously discount their meal items by 50% for all participants on the day.

3.2 All British Day entries are now open, will be closed before next meeting. Stag Owners Club will again park next to us, approx. 15 Stags already registered from their club.

3.3 Bay to Birdwood are celebrating their 40th Anniversary in 2020 and are splitting entries to Classic and Veteran cars of approx. 750 cars each.

3.4 Duane is taking his Stag over to Victoria to participate in the Melbourne Cup parade on November 4th.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Duane Kaak

4.1 Over $52,000 in all bank accounts, majority of funds received were for Christmas Dinner and Regalia sales.

4.2 Expenses out included Regalia & Meeting Expenses.


  1. Social Report – Ian Rigby

5.1 Display Day, Day of Triumph is on Sunday November 17th, the Trophies are ready to be engraved.

5.2 Observation Run – All Triumph Rally was well attended, great run and BBQ lunch despite cool weather. The event was won by Lisa McLeod and Dean Berlemon in their Saloon.

5.3 Noel Schmidt has passed on an invitation to members to join a run on Saturday 19th October with the TR Register travelling to Clare. Meet 9am at Caltex Bolivar.


  1. Competition Report – Duane Kaak

6.1 Thanks to Duane Kaak & Ian Rigby for assisting as Flag Marshalls at the recent MSCA event.

6.2 Neil Martin participated in the MSCA Supersprint, trialling an old thin rear sway bar, experiencing a spin, then after fitting a larger diameter sway bar achieving a time close to his PB.


  1. Library ReportGreg Page (absent)

No report but open for business.


  1. Regalia Report – Sue Smithson

No report.


  1. Fastrak Editor’s Report Marg & Dean Bogisch

Due to National Meeting this will be delayed.


  1. Website Report – Roger Lange

No Report.


  1. Conditional Registration Report – Ian Rigby

11.1 Ian has been helping however possible to get cars onto the system.


  1. General Business

12.1 Tony Case brought along some era 1965 photos and letters and told of his first ride in a TR2. Tony also mentioned that the first association was called Triumph Sports CARS Owners Association.


  1. Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted

13.1 Peggy Argent sent through a picture of a TR6 for sale in the US at an Army Base.

13.2 Dino Vettese advised he had a gearbox that might suit Duane’s need of a 5spd LT77.


  1. Raffle

14.1 Meat Tray won by Lisa Vettese.


  1. Cars on Stage

15.1 Dean Berlemon displayed a 1977 2500S Saloon, auto with power steer and integrated air conditioning. Purchased from Barossa Valley with local history. Has Electronic Ignition fitted and brakes have been overhauled.


  1. Supper.

Thanks to Natalie Farrell.


17         Meeting Closed:           8:50pm

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