Minutes of General Meeting 20/8/19



Meeting Opened at 8:03pm     

  1. Welcome:
    • Apologies: Tom Long, Kevin McEnroe, Andy Hill, Colin White, Kevin Foster, John Wood, Bill Galer, Geoff Ellis, M & D Bogisch.
    • Guests/Visitors/New Members: Chris Marshall – Stag, Al & Ben Hutson – TR7, Stag & Spitfire
    • Previous Minutes: Proposed by Dean Berlemon to be accepted, seconded by Peter Davidge


  1. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby

2.1 Run on the weekend had 4 Triumphs, 2 with roof off/down, Ian drove his TR6 with roof on.

2.2 At tonight’s AGM all committee positions are vacant, Bill Berlemon will officiate the AGM.

2.3 Committee have recently discussed Christmas/Presentation dinner, Display Day inviting other Triumph Clubs.

2.4 National Meeting in WA is coming up soon and we are seeking a SA National Meeting Sub Committee to help with our 2021 event.


  1. Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak
    • Usual small amount of Club Magazines in and Shannons upcoming auction catalogue.
    • Card of thanks to TSOA SA from Helen Carter in response to our condolences to her.
    • FHMC letter received requesting update of office bearers following on from tonight’s AGM.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Alex Smithson
    • $41,500 of funds available for Club use, $11,331 is reserved for 2021 National Meeting.
    • Expenses out included Thank You dinner for committee and appointees, volunteers from within the club, also sponsorship of last Sunday’s run.
    • With renewal of Subscriptions now at end of 2 month grace period, we have 253 members, down 26 members on last year and $950 short of budget.


  1. Social Report – Peggy Argent
    • Sunday’s run to Paech Farm was attended by 29 people and was a great event despite cold, wet weather.
    • Annual Observation Run is on Sunday 22nd September, meet 8:30am at Crafers Hotel. Spring theme competition for best decorated car and costumes.
    • No events planned for October due to National Meeting in WA.
    • November 17th is the Annual Day of Triumph at Civic Park.
    • Presentation Dinner on November 30th at The Ed. Hotel in Mitcham.
    • After Christmas Run on Dec 28 or 29 will be arranged by Dean Berlemon.


  1. Competition Report – Neil Martin
    • Duane, Roger & Neil attended the last MSCA SuperSprint, Duane did a good time but now needs a new gearbox. Events were delayed due to several vehicle incidents on the track including oil spill, roll over and car fire.
    • Neil attended the All Triumph Challenge in Winton with Andy Ansell. Andy had fuel issues with his TR7 and didn’t complete all laps, however placed higher at end of day than Neil due to championship calculation method. Event was won by Glen Coultinho from NSW.
    • Some interstate teams are keen to attend the SA MSCA 6 Hour regularity next year.
    • Flag Marshal Volunteers are needed for the MSCA event on Sunday 29th


  1. Library ReportGreg Page
  • Plenty of books & DVD’s in the library, cannot fit anymore so please borrow some.


  1. Regalia Report – Sue Smithson

8.1 TR6 shirts were popular, now will be taking orders for a TR7 T-shirt , $30 per shirt.

8.2 National Meeting attendees will be wearing a red shirt with additional WA National Embroidery.

8.3 Black Polo Shirts on sale tonight, $34.

8.4 EFTPOS is available at meetings if required.


  1. FastTrak Editor’s Report – No report


  1. Website Report – Roger Lange

10.1 Adverts do work well


  1. Conditional Registration Report – Ian Rigby

11.1 Only 2 members with cars on Club Registration scheme are yet to renew. Lots of effort has been made to contact and remind these members but they will be reported to DPTI in line with the Scheme rules if not renewed by August 30th.

11.2 Ian now has stamps, books etc and can assist with all Club Registration needs.


  1. General Business

12.1 Phil Bagust was directed to a home in Magill with 10 Triumphs in the yard including a GT6, 2 Sprints, 3 Saloons, 2 TR7s, a Herald and many other British cars, Rover, Mini, Jaguar. No members knew of the owner.

12.2 Happy 80th Birthday to Brian Argent.


  1. Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted

13.1 Duane Kaak is seeking an LT77 5 speed Gearbox with suffix D or higher in good working order.

13.2 Roger Lange was contacted by someone seeking a TR3 or TR3A. See Website for their details.


  1. Raffle

14.1 Prizes won by Peter Davidge, Chris Marshall and David Stephens.


  1. Cars on Stage

Duane Kaak TR7 V8.


  1. Supper.

Thanks to Margie Berlemon and Sue Gibson


  1. Meeting Closed: 8:45pm

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