Minutes of General Meeting 21/8/18

TSOA GENERAL MEETING & AGM      21stth August 2018


Meeting Opened at 8:05pm     


  1. Welcome:
    • Apologies: Alex and Sue Smithson, David Stephens, Duane Kaak, Arrand Ellery, Colin Whyte, Chuck and Dianne Falzon, Kate Tuohy, John Wood, Andy Hill, Tom Long, John Wood, Neil Martin, Trevor Lindsay, Tony Case.
    • Guests/Visitors/New Members: Darren Collins.
    • Previous Minutes: Proposed by accepted by Bill Gower, Seconded by Roger Lange.


  1. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby
    • A thank you to all those that supported my roll over the past 12 months.
    • All positions will be available during the following part of the evening with the AGM.
    • Helped out at the race event on the weekend.


  1. Secretary’s Report – Ian Rigby / Bill Berlemon (For Duane)
    • No incoming mail
    • The Jags, Stags, Bristol & Armstrong Siddeley clubs joining for Drive Your Classic Day Saturday 1st Meeting at the REZZ hotel 20 Hamilton Street Newton. 10am and 10.30am with a planned departure around 11am the run ends at Tanunda Club. Please contact David Armstrong on 0438819145so catering can be arranged.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Alex Smithson
    • Balance at 27th July 48,967.50
    • This is down on last months reported figures due to subscription discounts a
    • Full account will be presented by Alex on his return.
    • AGM minutes include full balance sheet.


  1. Social Report – Peggy Argent
    • Peggy highlighted that the midweek run is in question as the last run only had 7 people.
    • Thanks to Bill and Margie for the weekend run with the usual attending.
    • Next event is the observation run 23rd Drive a Triumph, have a great day and Club sponsored BBQ at the end.
    • “Day of Triumph” with the TR register Saturday 20th October
    • November is the Queensland Nationals. Info on the net
    • 1st December Xmas dinner same place as last year details to follow.


  1. Competition Report – Roger Lange for Neil.
    • Mallala this weekend supported only by 4 people. This event we are required to support Flagging and is only once a year we need to get better representation.
    • Trevor Lindsay ran at Winton after being invited by the MG club and split them with a good reslt.running 6 third and a first.
    • Past member Fred Cullen passed away..


  1. Library Report – Greg Page
    • No report.


  1. Regalia Report – Ian Rigby
    • Nothing to report or display but will be available at the next meeting.


  1. Magazine Editor’s Report – Marg & Dean Bogisch
    • Thanks expressed for all the effort over the year but they will be standing down


  1. Website Report – Roger Lange
    • Roger again mentioned that as from now all info for the club will be internet based due to No editors or Trak.
    • Roger will publish items sent through to him.


  1. Conditional Registration Report – Kevin Foster
    • Kevin reported there are 2010 currently on Club Reg.
    • 40 log books not updated.


  1. General Business

12.1 There is an interest from an external provider to make Tin Plate signs for the club.

Information and contacts will be presented soon.



  1. Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted
    • Roger has been contacted regarding a supplier of Gearbox covers that are a better fit than the genuine board units. His contact stated that most models can be supplied at a cost of $200


  1. Raffle

4 raffle prizes.

First Ian Rigby

Second: Graham Dean

Third: Sue Argent:

Fourth: Bill Galler

  1. Cars on Stage
    • Dino Vettese Yellow TR7 V8
  2. Thanks expressed to Supper Roster volunteers, Margie Berlemon and Sue Gibson


Meeting Closed: 8:30 pm 15 minute break to get ready for the AGM.

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  1. Roger Says:

    See the advert in the Classifieds for the gearbox covers . . . they do look pretty good!

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