MSCA 6-Hour Regularity Relay

TSOA will be fielding a team in this year’s MSCA 6-Hour Regularity Relay at Mallala MotorSport Park on 1st June and we need some help. As the name of the event implies, this is a 6 hour team event where drivers do their best to complete a predetermined number of laps as close as possible to a nominated lap time (without breaking that time) with success rewarded to the team that completes the 6 hours with the best overall team result.

TSOA (SA) will field a team of 6 car / driver combinations, but because the drivers will be focussed on their participation, we need some help with other team activities. We have a need for team time keepers, pit wall board attendants, changeover sash mashals, plus a general volunteer assistant to the MSCA for the day.

Those of you who have been part of our previous teams will know that this is a fun day that requires attention to detail and the ability to move quickly with changed conditions.

If you want to be a part of the TSOA assault on this annual event, contact Roger Lange on 8132 1841 or email to – we need your help!

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