MSCA “Come & Try” Family Fun Day

On Sunday 6th September, the MSCA has decided to do something a bit different by providing a day at the track where pretty much anyone and anybody can participate (on the proviso they are of legal driving age and possess a current driver’s licence, or if just a passenger, at least 12 years of age). There will be several components to the day’s activities, ranging from parade laps to full sprinting.

Parade Laps : there will be at least two sessions conducted for people who have registered their interest at the driver’s briefing to be held at 10.30am. There is no special preparation or requirements to participate other than a road worthy vehicle and a licenced driver, and laps will be completed behind a Course Car at a controlled speed. There is no cost for this activity.

Come & Try / Driver Training : here is an opportunity for participants to go a bit faster and get some helpful tips and guidance from some of our experienced sprinters. Passengers in vehicles will be allowed, and track density will be limited to eight cars at time. Speed will be limited to 80% of sprint speeds and this will be a non competitive activity.

Novices Practice : following on from the come and try / driver training session, newcomers will be able to put their new skills to the test if they so desire. This will be an untimed non competitive session, and track density limited to a maximum of ten cars at a time.

Untimed Practice : two sessions are scheduled for experienced sprinters looking to get a bit more practice through completion of laps at sprint speeds. Up to eighteen cars will be allowed on the track in each group, and usual rules and guidelines for practice will apply.

For all of the activities other than Parade Laps, all usual requirements for sprinting will apply. Vehicles will need to have been passed through scrutineering, and basic items such as a valid fire extinguisher and appropriate clothing / helmet will be needed.

Entry Fee for the day’s activities, regardless of participation level, is $70- and the MSCA will cover the cost of a CAMS day licence for those who do not currently possess one. Full details can be found within the Supplementary Regulations on the MSCA website, as well as Entry Forms. If in doubt, refer to your Competition Secretary for guidance.

If you have ever wanted to try sprinting but may have been a little unsure about what it is all about, then this is your opportunity. Help, guidance and friendly advice is all on offer here – why not give it a go!


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