New President’s Report – March 2013

Firstly, thank you to all for your well wishes, encouragement and support as I step into the role of President of this amazing Club. I know with the support of these great people around me, I will be able to draw on many numerous years of experience, and inject a new energy into the committee, keeping the TSOA alive, vibrant and a great club to be a part of for many years to come.
Secondly, a big congratulations to Mike Temby for taking on board the Vice President role. We now have a full committee again, and I know that Mike is very enthusiastic about the year we have ahead also.
Would we have the lowest combined age of an executive committee since the clubs inception?
The months are flying by already, and there are many events coming up on the TSOA calendar, both social and competition. I am personally excited about getting my TR7 V8 back on the race track again, the break between MSCA events seems like an eternity. But I am also as keen to keep the Spitfire cruising and discovering new coffee stops and spending great time with TSOA friends on the social runs.
I truly enjoy the general meetings also, meeting new members, the focus on a couple of cars on stage and a delicious supper afterwards. I think we have a great regular routine, and I sincerely hope to just make each of these just a but more fresh and interesting as time goes by with the new committee.
As always, the committee welcomes any ideas and feedback from the members, we represent you.
Hope to see you all at an event soon . . . .
Duane Kaak

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