All Triumph Rally 2019

August 27th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.




Please join us for the premier TSOA Run event for 2019, the All Triumph Rally observation run. There will be a fabulous array of prizes for winners. Bring a clipboard for writing answers to questions.

Date:          SUNDAY 22nd September 2019.

Where:       Meet at Crafers Hotel Car Park.

When:         8.30am start.

Lunch:        Club barbeque at a picturesque Adelaide Hills destination. Please bring your own chairs, tables, drinks etc. All food, plates, cutlery etc will be supplied by TSOA.

Theme:       SPRING SPRING SPRING.  Please consider decorating yourselves and/or your cars in a spring theme. A special prize will be awarded for the most imaginative outfit or decoration. Everybody welcome, with or without a Triumph

Enquiries:   Alex Smithson 0412 823 789.  Sue Smithson 0409 675 343

Presentation Dinner

August 27th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

TSOA Presentation Dinner

Saturday 30th November

Club sponsored pre-dinner drinks from 6.30pm

Dinner 7.00pm

The Edinburgh Hotel, Victorian Room, 7 High Street Mitcham

Cost – $50.00 Members / $65.00 Non Members

For further information please contact: Sue 8449 7814 or Peg 8294 0044

Bookings with full payment no later than 19th November please

All Triumph Challenge 2019 – Winton

August 25th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

See some of the action from this year’s All Triumph Challenge held at Winton in August . . . Neil Martin’s in-car camera –

President’s Report August 2019

August 25th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

President Report                                                                                            August 2019

I can’t really say that’s another year over yet but for the club and the 2018 / 2019 Executive committee it is. The past few meetings we discussed the AGM and now that it has passed its time to let those that were not there know the results.

I thanked the past executive committee and the supporting Committee members for all of their support during the year and also presented a joint President / Vice president nomination for this year.

It was with great pleasure that we named both Alex Smithson and Duane Kaak for this years award noting the exhaustive efforts both of them put in, above and beyond their designated positions.  It should also be mentioned that the club had a very committed group at all levels taking care of business and I also pass on my thanks to them.

The Executive committee stands the same at all levels with only one change to the Vice President role with Dean Berlemon taking on that roll. We thank the outgoing Vice president David Stephens for his support during the difficult year he had.

It’s also been a bit of a challenge taking up the position of Club Registration Scheme taking over from Kevin Foster who has earned a rest and noting the difficulty the group endures each year trying to get the books and reporting in order. I would like to note to all members that the cut off will be end of June and all log book issues need to be resolved prior to the start of July.

I think the transition from August back to the financial year may have been confusing for some but the 2 month “Grace period” is for our reporting not membership payments. We have held off this year right to the end of this cycle but it puts pressure on the officers to get everything sorted and the report to DPTI. Leaving it to the last week is a risk to the club and embarrassment if the report goes in and a late entry misses the report. Retracting the information after the fact is work that can be avoided with a bit of early planning and support from the members.

It was also noted, in General business, that we should consider the money the club is holding and a few suggestions were presented. We all agree that as a not for profit organisation, every effort to run the club efficiently but with stability is paramount. We are holding a good level of funds but without careful planning from our dedicated treasurer those funds could easily be reduced. We are always discussing ways to give back and I mentioned extra funding to the weekender, more funds to the racing group and subsidised runs were part of the past years planning. Anyone joining in gets the benefit of those planned events. If we end up with funds not used in that year that can only be testament to good financial planning. (remembering the budget is set 12 months in the past)

Tony Case also raised a good point that we should consider those in the club who have dedicated their membership over many years and suggested rewarding that group. I agree that we should consider what best way to thank them for their continued support. Anyone who has had uninterrupted membership for a significant amount of time should be thanked and we will be discussing this during the next year.

Onto Socially enjoying the club:

The Presentation dinner is fast approaching which means that the annual display day is not far off. I only have 2 weeks between each event to sort the trophies so I would appreciate anyone holding onto the Perpetual trophies to return them soon so that they can be engraved with the next years winners. I hope to be making contact with these people soon.

This year as mentioned in past reports we are back at Modbury and have extended an invitation to both the Stag and Tr Register to join us on the day. Maybe we can encourage one or two of them to help in the Judging to give our usual team a bit of a rest so they too can enjoy the day in its entirety.

The last club run to the Paech farm turned out to be a great event. It was well planned and executed. The predicted hail and rain on the day scared a few Triumphs into the corner of the shed but 4 represented on the day, two even running without the roof.

There was plenty to look at in and around the sheds but we were also allowed to look through the main house which had a great history and lots of collectibles.

We found a Triumph in the main Man cave and lots of historical farm tooling and machines.

In closing:

Thanks again to the dedicated team. Welcome to all of our new members and I hope to see lots of Triumphs out on the display day.

Don’t forget the TSOA Observation run September 22 departing Crafers Hotel shortly after 8.30am Club Sponsored BBQ. This year’s  Run is organised by Alex and Sue Smithson. Both are looking forward to presenting the new Trophy winner on the day. Bring your thinking hat . . . Alex can be a bit sneaky.

Best regards.

Ian Rigby

President (Once again)

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 20/8/19

August 25th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

TSOA  AGM          20th AUGUST 2019

Declared Open by Bill Berlemon at 8:57PM

  1. Welcome. Apologies: Tom Long, Kevin McEnroe, Andy Hill, Colin White, Kevin Foster, John Wood, Bill Galer, Geoff Ellis, M & D Bogisch.
  2. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby

It’s been a very interesting year, huge thanks to all those that have helped in the Club. Display Day was a highlight joint with TR register, compared to other car clubs we are functioning very well. This year was tricky getting us into more electronic methods with newsletter and database. A huge thank you to Kevin Foster for his administration of the Club Registration Scheme. The President and Vice President award this year goes to Duane Kaak & Alex Smithson for all their tremendous work during the year.

  1. TREASURERS REPORT – Alex Smithson

The Club Annual Financial statements were distributed on all tables at the meeting for members to peruse. A surplus was realised as we did not spend funds on printing a magazine as budgeted and the Online Database system Our Car Club has been cheaper than budgeted.

Members queried the Christmas Dinner Sponsorship and it was noted that the Sponsorship is the same $ figure for happy hour, regardless of numbers. Less people equates to more drinks per person.

It was questioned what should the club do with our healthy bank balance and any suggestions are welcome to be forwarded to the committee for consideration.


Although not an official appointment, Roger Lange has been our Club Representative at MSCA meetings and all event, over many years.

Members not renewing inside the 2 month grace period should be charged a re-joining fee.

It was suggested to recognise the tenure of members with significant anniversaries. In attendance tonight was Peter Williamson who joined in 1966 and Steve Moule who had been a member for 42 years. Dave Wilson was also believed to have been a member for 42 years.  The Committee will look into this.

All Positions were declared vacant.

Nominations for President. Ian Rigby as sole nominee was elected unopposed.

Nominations for Vice President. Dean Berlemon as sole nominee was elected unopposed.

Nominations for Secretary. Duane Kaak as sole nominee was elected unopposed

Nominations for Treasurer. Alex Smithson as sole nominee was elected unopposed.

Nominations for Competition Secretary. Neil Martin as sole nominee was elected unopposed.

Nominations for Social Secretary – Peggy Argent/Sue Gibson as joint as sole nominees were elected unopposed.

Nominations for Editor. Marg & Dean Bogisch as joint nominees were elected unopposed.

AGM Closed at 9:30pm

Minutes of General Meeting 20/8/19

August 25th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.



Meeting Opened at 8:03pm     

  1. Welcome:
    • Apologies: Tom Long, Kevin McEnroe, Andy Hill, Colin White, Kevin Foster, John Wood, Bill Galer, Geoff Ellis, M & D Bogisch.
    • Guests/Visitors/New Members: Chris Marshall – Stag, Al & Ben Hutson – TR7, Stag & Spitfire
    • Previous Minutes: Proposed by Dean Berlemon to be accepted, seconded by Peter Davidge


  1. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby

2.1 Run on the weekend had 4 Triumphs, 2 with roof off/down, Ian drove his TR6 with roof on.

2.2 At tonight’s AGM all committee positions are vacant, Bill Berlemon will officiate the AGM.

2.3 Committee have recently discussed Christmas/Presentation dinner, Display Day inviting other Triumph Clubs.

2.4 National Meeting in WA is coming up soon and we are seeking a SA National Meeting Sub Committee to help with our 2021 event.


  1. Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak
    • Usual small amount of Club Magazines in and Shannons upcoming auction catalogue.
    • Card of thanks to TSOA SA from Helen Carter in response to our condolences to her.
    • FHMC letter received requesting update of office bearers following on from tonight’s AGM.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Alex Smithson
    • $41,500 of funds available for Club use, $11,331 is reserved for 2021 National Meeting.
    • Expenses out included Thank You dinner for committee and appointees, volunteers from within the club, also sponsorship of last Sunday’s run.
    • With renewal of Subscriptions now at end of 2 month grace period, we have 253 members, down 26 members on last year and $950 short of budget.


  1. Social Report – Peggy Argent
    • Sunday’s run to Paech Farm was attended by 29 people and was a great event despite cold, wet weather.
    • Annual Observation Run is on Sunday 22nd September, meet 8:30am at Crafers Hotel. Spring theme competition for best decorated car and costumes.
    • No events planned for October due to National Meeting in WA.
    • November 17th is the Annual Day of Triumph at Civic Park.
    • Presentation Dinner on November 30th at The Ed. Hotel in Mitcham.
    • After Christmas Run on Dec 28 or 29 will be arranged by Dean Berlemon.


  1. Competition Report – Neil Martin
    • Duane, Roger & Neil attended the last MSCA SuperSprint, Duane did a good time but now needs a new gearbox. Events were delayed due to several vehicle incidents on the track including oil spill, roll over and car fire.
    • Neil attended the All Triumph Challenge in Winton with Andy Ansell. Andy had fuel issues with his TR7 and didn’t complete all laps, however placed higher at end of day than Neil due to championship calculation method. Event was won by Glen Coultinho from NSW.
    • Some interstate teams are keen to attend the SA MSCA 6 Hour regularity next year.
    • Flag Marshal Volunteers are needed for the MSCA event on Sunday 29th


  1. Library ReportGreg Page
  • Plenty of books & DVD’s in the library, cannot fit anymore so please borrow some.


  1. Regalia Report – Sue Smithson

8.1 TR6 shirts were popular, now will be taking orders for a TR7 T-shirt , $30 per shirt.

8.2 National Meeting attendees will be wearing a red shirt with additional WA National Embroidery.

8.3 Black Polo Shirts on sale tonight, $34.

8.4 EFTPOS is available at meetings if required.


  1. FastTrak Editor’s Report – No report


  1. Website Report – Roger Lange

10.1 Adverts do work well


  1. Conditional Registration Report – Ian Rigby

11.1 Only 2 members with cars on Club Registration scheme are yet to renew. Lots of effort has been made to contact and remind these members but they will be reported to DPTI in line with the Scheme rules if not renewed by August 30th.

11.2 Ian now has stamps, books etc and can assist with all Club Registration needs.


  1. General Business

12.1 Phil Bagust was directed to a home in Magill with 10 Triumphs in the yard including a GT6, 2 Sprints, 3 Saloons, 2 TR7s, a Herald and many other British cars, Rover, Mini, Jaguar. No members knew of the owner.

12.2 Happy 80th Birthday to Brian Argent.


  1. Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted

13.1 Duane Kaak is seeking an LT77 5 speed Gearbox with suffix D or higher in good working order.

13.2 Roger Lange was contacted by someone seeking a TR3 or TR3A. See Website for their details.


  1. Raffle

14.1 Prizes won by Peter Davidge, Chris Marshall and David Stephens.


  1. Cars on Stage

Duane Kaak TR7 V8.


  1. Supper.

Thanks to Margie Berlemon and Sue Gibson


  1. Meeting Closed: 8:45pm

Minutes of General Meeting held 16/7/19

July 24th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.


 Meeting Opened at 8: 04    


    • Apologies: B & M Berlemon, Andy Hill, S & R Gibson, Gary Buckton, P & J Davidge, Kate Tuohy, Shane Dix. Geoff Ellis advised he will be an apology for August and September.
    • Guests/Visitors/New Members: Peter McIntyre – TR8, Mark Russell – TR8
    • Previous Minutes: Proposed by Bill Galer to be accepted, seconded by Dean Bogisch

 Presidents Report – Ian Rigby

2.1 Notice of AGM to be held after the next monthly meeting.

2.2 Ian is now an authorised Club Registration officer and is learning the administration role from Kevin Foster.

2.3 Volunteers and ideas are needed for planning a successful National Meeting in SA in 2021.If you can help, suggest sponsors or join a sub committee please see Ian.

2.4 The Club is required to write to DPTI of any non financial members within 2 months from June 30, currently 35 still to renew but only a small number of these have cars on the scheme.

  • Ian will talk to Roger to discuss a Website clean up of old classifieds and other old material.
  1. Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak

3.1 Official correspondence sent to DPTI to request Ian Rigby be made an authorised Club Registration officer. DPTI has actioned this already.

3.2 Some usual magazines are in and Shannons catalogue for an auction held yesterday.

 Treasurer’s Report – Alex Smithson

4.1 Alex thanked Duane for undertaking the role in his absence.

4.2 Funds in bank of approx. $53K in total. Due to funds held for subsidy for 2021 National Meeting, around $41,700 is available for general club use.

4.3 Weekender expenses came in under budget, balance at hand has increased due to subscription renewals.

4.4 So far we have received 95% of the budget of renewals.

  1. Social Report – Peggy Argent

5.1 Breakfast Run this Sunday leaving Burnside Town Hall at 8:30am.

5.2 MSCA Supersprint at Mallala on 28th July.

5.3 August 18th is a club subsidised event at Paech Farm. Meet Top of Taps at 9am.

5.4 Sunday 22nd September is the Observation Run being arranged by Alex & Sue Smithson.

5.5 WA National Meeting is on in October so no club run is arranged.

5.6 Day of Triumph is to be held November 17th at Civic Park.

5.7 Presentation Dinner (Christmas) is to be held November at Edinburgh Hotel – Mitcham.

  1. Competition Report – Neil Martin

6.1 Duane and Neil are entered for the MSCA Supersprint on July 28th. No members are entered for Regularity on 21st July.

6.2 Not much competition action since last meeting, Neil participated in a Regularity event but didn’t perform too well.

6.3 Andy Ansell completed 2 laps at Winton in his accident repaired TR7 before the clutch broke.

  1. Library ReportGreg Page – No Report

 Regalia Report – Sue Smithson

8.1 Red Polo shirts with special National Meeting identification are being arranged for TSOA SA members attending the WA Nationals.

8.2 Beanies are available at $20, along with a TR6 T-Shirt at $30.

8.3 Indigo shirts are on special tonight only saving $5.

8.4 EFTPOS is available at club meetings for regalia purchases.

9.0 Fastrack Report Marg & Dean Bogisch – No Report

  1. Website Report – Roger Lange

10.1 A clean up of old classifieds is planned.

10.2 Frequent infiltrated posts are received and deleted as soon as spotted, usually from members usernames and passwords being hacked.

 11.0 Conditional Registration Report – Kevin Foster

11.1 Kevin advised this will be his last official report, thanked everyone for their support over past 9 years.

11.2 Reminder that Logbook needs to be updated before driving your car, even if members have paid their subscriptions.

11.3 Please inform a Club Registration officer if your car is sold and return logbook to them for recording.

 12.0 General Business

12.1 Ian was contacted by a lady looking for a TR4 or TR6, he assisted her with a TR6 for sale in QLD, she is now a TSOA SA member.

12.2 Geoff Ellis advised the All British Day will be held on 9th February 2020, with a feature club on both ovals. The ABD committee is considering limiting number of entrants and encouraging entrants to pass on their entry if unable to make the event at last minute to ensure the ovals are full. Jeremy Cordeaux has been appointed as Patron of ABD.

  1. Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted

13.1 Colin White is updating his TR6 parts list, has sold majority of the parts.

  1. Raffle

Chocolates won by John Bell

  1. Cars on Stage


  1. Supper.

Thanks to Ian Rigby 

17    Meeting Closed: 8:55pm            

President’s Report July 2019

July 24th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

President’s Report July 2019

Sometimes we get messages through from interstate that are sad in content and this month we were told of NSW member Warren Carter’s passing. Our thoughts go out to his family and certainly all who knew Warren from close friendship and National meetings where Warren played a part in keeping a morning team of enthusiastic walkers active, he will be missed. We also had some sad news for a few members in our club having their own family loss. Out of respect I will hold off noting their names in this report but like to pass on our thoughts to them also.

With the AGM creeping up on us I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped in any capacity over the past year. Their continued support helps to keep the club electronically up to date, financial, on track historically speaking, fed and entertained at the meetings as well as supported on and off the race track.

It’s a timely reminder that the next club meeting could have new leaders and helpers so just in case I wish the incoming team all the best for the next year. Looking forward to seeing a good turnout for the nights event and voting.

The time has passed for all members to be financial if they are on Club Registration and the team responsible for keeping this data up to date have certainly been busy stuck in spread sheets, on the phone and chasing those that we hoped to protect from failing the log book test. I now have my Rubber stamp so happy to help where and when needed.

The club breakfast run this month had a healthy turn out with 31 people joining in and enjoying a breakfast while catching up with some new faces and interstate guests. Great to see them enjoy the run with us. B Social was a great statement for a venue and we were.

We have gained several new members this year bringing even more Triumphs to the stable so a big welcome to them and thank you for joining us. Unfortunately we also say goodbye to some long time members who have moved on due to selling their cars or for other reasons, so wishing them well and maybe we will see them if they see us parked one day.

The next few months will see some significant events both around the state, Country and on the track . . .

Paech farm for next month’s run should be a good day and with a Club subsidised lunch.

The All Triumph Observation run in September (Club Sponsored BBQ) is always a good event and we would like to see lots of Triumphs on the day. Even if you choose not to go for gold (and the coveted Trophy) its always a great day to blow the cobwebs of the car.

The following weekend TSOA is at Mallala for MSCA Super sprint and the battle of the V8s continues!

We have a good team of Triumphs heading over to The WA Nationals and we wish them a safe journey.

The annual display day will be the follow up the next month out at Modbury leading into the end of year presentation dinner end of November. (New event location this year)

Kind Regards
Ian Rigby

President’s Report – June 2019

July 2nd, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

Thank you to those who helped support the club during my leave of absence in May. It’s generally going pretty good but I would like to remind everyone again that the date for club membership is almost over and you need to get your log books updated and Membership paid as this is required to keep your car on the historic register. Fees must be paid and Logbooks updated for the 2019-2020 Club Year by 30 June 2019. If this is not done and the owner is detected driving the vehicle after 1 July 2019, the vehicle is deemed to be unregistered and uninsured. Prosecution is the likely outcome as the conditions of having a vehicle on the “Concessional Club Registration Scheme” have not been met. We are still looking for someone to take on Kevin’s role. If you are interested we are happy to have names put forward and I’m sure Kevin, Colin or Stuart will assist settling in. Have a chat when you are getting the paper work signed this year. As noted at this month’s meeting I will be caretaker for now to ensure we comply with government requirements. Socially Speaking: The Bend run this month turned out to be a great event.

The weather wasn’t too cold for us stuck out in the background waving flags and I believe that we had a good turnout of those that did the run so thankyou to them for supporting the day and sorry I didn’t get time to catch up. Both Duane and Neil had a great run with good results.

I had a quick chat with Bill and Margie at this month’s meeting and thanked them for the May Weekender and was informed that it went very well. I didn’t expect anything different as they always put a great run together.

Take a look at the club page for upcoming events. Just as an FYI here is the next run. Winter Breakfast Run Meet 8.30am Burnside Town Hall Sunday 21st July Breakfast at B. Social 246 Fosters Road Oakden at 9.30am Come and enjoy a short run through a couple of new suburbs before Breakfast or join us at B. Social. Details: Margie / Bill 0438836837

This year’s AGM to be held on the 20th August with all positions open so have a think about getting involved and support the club.

Best regards for now

Ian Rigby


Dolomite Sprint Restoration Project Update . . .

June 28th, 2019. Submitted by Roger.

Doors mounted, door hardware and windows installed, new door trims, seals, felts etc all done!