President’s Report September 2020

October 5th, 2020. Submitted by Roger.

Well as nerve-wracking as it might have been, I’m through my first meeting and the Club is off to a great start for the 20/21 year.

Bill and Margie’s social calendar (put it in your diary!) is more or less set for the first 3 to 4 months of the year.

They started with a memorable run to Strathalbyn where we visited Collectable Classics and Gilberts Motor Museum. Both locations were well worth a visit and absolutely captured everyone’s interest. Gilbert’s was much bigger and more comprehensive than I had imagined. Brilliant! Check out what Glen Dix (our Grand Prix flag-waver) has loaned to their library! And if you haven’t been there, make sure you pay them a visit. It is an exceptional regional attraction and a credit to the volunteers who have put it together.

An A-Model Ford (1927-31) rolled up in original and full working condition while we were there. Owned by a local family it is likely to be displayed in the museum soon. Despite the possibility of showers there was a great turn up of people, as well as Triumphs and an E-type Jag. Bill and Margie arranged a surprise fete adjacent to the museum and local hostelries entertained us for lunch.

The balance of the current social calendar is detailed elsewhere. However, the good news is that we will be having an informal end of year function on Saturday 5 December. Several Awards will be presented on the night. If you haven’t been to a meeting for a while or are a newer member, join us for some Christmas spirit! Further really good news is that the Club will be subsidising the event!

Before signing off, I would also like to encourage members to get more involved in the Club. We are strong at the moment, but we can always be stronger. Getting more involved doesn’t need to be onerous. I guarantee you will get support and have some fun. Join us at a social event, bring your car out on a run, talk to one of the Committee about what is involved in their portfolio attend 1 or 2 more meetings or write an article for FastTRak. The rewards far outweigh any extra effort.

See you again soon. Kind regards,

Peter Davidge

Log In

September 29th, 2020. Submitted by Roger.

There has been a change to the location of the Log In tab . . . you will now find it much higher up the right hand menu rather than waaay down the bottom.

Hope you like it as much as these guys like getting their Mk1 Saloon airborne!


September 25th, 2020. Submitted by Roger.

Welcome to a new TSOA Club year!  Let’s hope that we can transition out of our current Covid restrictions and back to a normal year as soon as possible.

The AGM last month went smoothly and there was an excellent turn up.  Almost all positions were filled and somehow, I became President.  It was completely unexpected and is indeed a real honour, given the history and strength of the Club.  I’d like to thank Ian Rigby for his significant contribution as President and the amazing additional efforts he makes on behalf of the Club.  Thanks as well to the previous Committee most of whom have renominated.

We have one position, Membership Secretary, for which we would welcome additional assistance.  At present our VP, Ian Rigby, is covering the position. It is not particularly onerous but is important in terms of introducing new members into the Club.  In addition, for wanting to contribute to the Club, it is a great way to get a better idea of how the Club operates.  Step up and find out more from me, Ian Rigby or Duane Kaak.

TSOA SA is one of the best clubs in Australia for Triumph enthusiasts and this has been verified time and again by attending National Rallies in other States.  In 2021 it is our turn again and the Rally will be held in the Barossa Valley in late October.  I can strongly recommend the event for its entertainment value and the lasting interstate friendships that you form.  Check out the website, talk to members of the Rally Committee and take the plunge!

I look forward to the year ahead, to working with the new Committee and to encouraging as many members as possible to attend Club meetings, activities, and events.

Kind Regards,

Peter Davidge, President

Socially Speaking – Sept / October 2020

September 23rd, 2020. Submitted by Roger.

Socially Speaking for October.

Sunday’s Strathalbyn event went well with 30 people in attendance.  Collectable Classic’s is always interesting, with lots of interesting cars to see. Thanks to Graham Simpson for hosting us there.

Most members then went onto Gilberts Motor Museum, which only opened in January. They have an amazing selection of cars, motor bikes, speedway vehicles, and of course the Glen Dix Library for visitors to see.  Members then went onto Lunch at various places in Strath to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Stay safe, and see you at upcoming events.

Bill and Margie.

2021 TSOA NATIONALS – click on link below to register interest.

August 23rd, 2020. Submitted by Dean Bogisch.

Socially Speaking September 2020

August 23rd, 2020. Submitted by Roger.

Firstly, a huge thanks to Sue Gibson and Peggy Argent for their time as Social Secretary’s. They did a great job, and we have big shoes to fill!

Sadly, the Weekender planned for September has been cancelled due to the Covid 19 restrictions, but we will plan the 2021 Weekender to Pt Pirie and enjoy the adventures we had planned for this year.

Bill and Margie, Joint Social Secretaries



We are hoping to have a casual end of year lunch. Details to be advised.


Sunday 20th September


Meet at Collectable Classics Rankine Street Strathalbyn at 10.30am

Parking in front yard

Then onto

Gilberts Motor Museum, High Street Strathalbyn to see the new Museum

Cost: $6.00 entry

Parking in front car park, Triumphs in front please.

Lunch available in any of the many eateries in Strathalbyn.

Enquiries: Bill/Margie 0438836837




Re TR6 parts for sale in Classifieds – all items sold – thanks for your interest – Colin White

August 6th, 2020. Submitted by Colin White.

President’s Report – July 2020

July 28th, 2020. Submitted by Roger.

President’s report July 2020

I both pleased and relieved to say, we are finally finished with registrations and log books for this year.

It was a great effort not only from the assisting registrars, Alex for the collection and processing of Payments, Duane’s help with the process in Alex’s absence but you the Triumph membership for your patience and support during the past few months.

Unfortunately we did have a few members not make payment and therefore are no longer on Historic with the club. My final legal requirement for the year will be the reporting of those members and cars to the DPTI.

Naturally if they chose to re-join we would be more than happy to issue new log books once membership and joining fees are paid.

We held the first cautious club meeting this month and as promised, also had Zoom available for those wanting to see what was presented and I think around 6 people took up that offer. An early start with the executive committee was held so that we could discuss the clubs future months in accordance with the current safety concerns. Big thanks to Duane for setting up and running the Zoom meeting. We presented the usual format but without the normal snacks after.  Sanitizers, distancing and log book registrations of those attending was followed. There was a surprising support with a good turnout. We were unsure how this one would go and it was very pleasing to catch up with the membership once again.

In support of our constitution, the announcement of our August AGM and notice given that all positions would become vacant. There are several positions that will not be taken up by the current supporting members so please consider coming and hopefully we fill all positions for the coming year. It’s an important one for the club as we will be presenting the 2021 Nationals later in the year. A sound committee is integral not only to the running of the club but supporting that event and showcasing this great state.

I never know what contact I will get with members having both positions of president and club Registrar. This month Alex and I discussed all of the documentation I’m holding in regards to the history of the club. There is a significant amount in well-presented folders and it was that attention to detail that allowed me to go back in time and find racing and hill climb times that were recorded during the 2001 Nationals. I have not had time to fully absorb all of the details but it was pleasing that we were able to hand over that information as it was important for the person requesting it.

That gave me an idea now that I have an endless supply of stories and history that I might continue to present to the editors for adding to what now is the electronic TRak. The front covers changed a lot over the years and next month I will do a compilation of those to give a bit of nostalgia to the monthly read. It’s sort of like when you find something wrapped in old newspaper that you have squirreled away long ago and upon opening it finding all the old advertisements for soap or radios and TVs and different styles of clothing etc.

First one found was this from 1966 . . . on this day they dropped the $2 joining fee and membership was $4 if you lived outside of 50 miles then you only paid $2

The Committee back then . . .

President was John Fergusson

Vice president Milton Collins

Secretary: Graham Stiff

Treasurer: Don Corey

Competition Secretary: Chris Tucker

Social Secretary: Rob Dansie:

He also had a hard time socially as there was a colourful quote attached to his report. And Quote of the day: Nothing to report as socially not a bloody thing happened.

It then went on to cover what we all experience during Duane’s report with several jokes that I refuse to add he. A story regarding the real cost of buying a sports car / mostly how the car is not the real cost but pleasing and maintaining the wife and the car for different reasons after the purchase.

With over 50 years of history I have an endless supply of trivia and I hope to highlight more of yesteryear over the coming months.

On closing I would like to ask that members think of supporting the AGM and open positions next month. The meeting will be managed and monitored over the coming weeks due to the current outbreaks interstate and hopefully our numbers stay the way they have been. Naturally if there is any major concern and change in government directive we will act accordingly.

Kind regards

Ian Rigby,



July 28th, 2020. Submitted by Roger.


Wed 30th               After Christmas Run – see Calendar for details


Sat 23rd                 Ice Cream Run . . . see Calendar for details

Social Snapshot – July 2020

July 28th, 2020. Submitted by Roger.


Peggy and I would like to say thank you to all those members who put their hand up and organised a social run, including mid week runs, over the time we have acted as Social Secretaries.   We now think it is time for some new blood with new ideas to step forward and take on the role of Social Secretary.    If you would like to take on the position please put your name forward to Ian Rigby prior to, or at, the AGM next month.

The social calendar has been set through to the end of the year and with the annual Ice Cream run in January and All British Day in February (provided these events can still take place due to Covid-19) there are no runs to set until March 2021.

Due to Covid-19 there will be no Day of Triumph or Presentation Dinner this year.

Margie and Bill have once again organised a 3 day/2 night weekender going to Port Pirie and surrounds on 18/19/20 September.   If you are intending to go would you please let Margie and Bill know as soon as possible so they can confirm numbers with the various venues and the motel.    The cost is $200 per member which includes a Club Subsidy.  Non members will pay $250.

The run on 23rd August will end up at Birdwood Motor Museum however we are not organising a group lunch anywhere it will be up to the individual to have lunch where they please.   Meet at Burnside Townhall Carpark at 10.00am.   For more information please contact Dean Berlemon.

We are sure your cars will enjoy a good run through the hills after languishing in the garage over the past few months.   Hope to see you there.