Social Snapshot – September 2018

October 15th, 2018. Submitted by Roger.


Many thanks to Sue and Rory for organising a great Observation Run and the food on 23rd September, finishing at McLaren Vale for a club sponsored BBQ lunch, and to Ian, our BBQ head chef of the day. It was a great drive and the countryside is lovely and green at this time of year with many of the dams full. It was lovely to see many Triumphs with the tops off in the beautiful spring weather. Also good to see a few young ones with us for the run. The run had three stops for questions, the first being at Meadows where we had a coffee and answers to find around the Mawson Café. Then on to Prospect Hill for more answer searching time, and final stop at McLaren Flat, moving on to the Bocce Club grounds for our lunch. Alex was a clear winner with Roger & Cherri second and Noel and Cindy taking out third place. Well done to all. This year we did things a little differently with announcing at the meeting on 18th September, that the winner will not have to set the run next year – we already have an undisclosed person who is happy to set next year’s run.

We have just had our last informal lunch for the year, which indicates it is not long to Christmas, just 90 days.

The DAY OF TRIUMPH is the next big thing on the calendar, SATURDAY October 20th, we are holding our day in conjunction with the TR REGISTER’S National Rally Show & Shine at Wigley Reserve Glenelg. We have heard that there are around 63 TR’S attending their National Rally. So come along & bring your Triumph, can we outdo the Register TR’S? Your car doesn’t have to be judged if you don’t want it to be it’s all about showing your Triumph. Yes it is on SATURDAY 20th OCTOBER .

November 18th will be an EMR Early Morning Run, beach side finishing near Blackwood for Coffee or if you prefer, Brunch with moderate prices. Meeting at Officeworks, 939 Marion Road, Mitchell Park at 8am. For more information contact Peg 0409 090 369

Christmas Dinner and Trophy Presentation on 1st December. Please book early, $45. Members, $60 Non members for a three course dinner at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club.

Thanks to Dianne and Fay for offering to do supper at the November meeting.

If anyone would like to set a run in the new year please contact us as we are working on the 2019 calendar.

Cheers Peggy-Sue

Evening Run – After the Day of Triumph

October 2nd, 2018. Submitted by Duane Kaak.

I’m going to do this run whilst my Triumph is all shiny from the Day of Triumph and I have used a day in my logbook! All Triumphs are welcome.


The Sprite Club of South Australia will be cruising again for the first time this season on the evening of Oct 20th  . As usual this is a low key short sharp and hopefully shiny evening to display sports cars. Gathering in the Target shopping centre car park on the corner of Tapleys hill Rd and Valetta Rd Kidman Park at 6:00 pm for a 6:30 departure. As usual we would like to be joined by any interested  sports car, clubman, etc drivers. We are not too fussy about what constitutes a classic sports car. The run will be of approximately 1 hour duration. Sun is scheduled to dip into the gulf of St Vincent at 7:33 on this day. The route will hopefully keep the glare behind us.

Depart the shopping centre car park in a southerly direction.

Follow Tapleys hill Rd to Sir Donald Bradman Rd and turn left.

Follow Sir Donald Bradman Rd to West Trc.  and turn left.

Drive along West Trc. Follow city ring route Park Trc. Hackney Rd. Dequetterville Trc.

Hard left turn at the Victoria round about onto Fullarton Rd.

Turn right onto the Parade. (We tend to attract a bit of attention here.)

Follow the Parade up to Glynburn Rd. and turn left.

Follow Glyburn Rd to K mart on your left hand side.

There will be a short presentation at K mart.

Route maps will be available at the departure point.

If the bureau predicts above 36 deg or more than a 20% chance of rain the Cruise will be postponed.

As would be expected everyone joining us take part entirely at their own risk and are responsible for the roadworthiness of their vehicle.

Further info on the evening contact Pat Miller 0421 289 706 email

2500S Project

September 28th, 2018. Submitted by Russell Sayers.

Hi all,

I’ve been writing a blog on my 2500 project(s) in case anyone fancies a look 🙂

I’m also on the lookout for some red vinyl interior parts – have placed an ad in the wanted section.



Triumph Dolomite Sprint Project – update . . . September 2018

September 18th, 2018. Submitted by Roger.

And now the brake rotors, calipers, and pads have been completed . . .

Triumph Dolomite Sprint Project – Update . . . September 2018

September 13th, 2018. Submitted by Roger.

Sub frame prepped and assembled . . .

. . . and installed!

Front suspension now complete . . .


Now for the brakes and brake lines . . .

Social Snapshot – August 2018

September 4th, 2018. Submitted by Roger.


Thanks to those people who organised runs in July and August.   Unfortunately the mid week run in August was not well attended, which could have been due to the weather but thanks to Graham & Gwyn Jones for organising.

The August run to Gawler organised by Bill & Margie saw about 15 people enjoy lunch at Vadoulis’ Nursery.   The weather was good and it was a very pleasant run through the hills.   Thanks to the organisers.

The All Triumph Rally (Observation Run) is on Sunday 23rd September and we would love to see a good number of people come along.   Rory & Sue (being last year’s winners) are setting the route and questions,  and there is a club sponsored BBQ at the destination.    See advert for details.

The Day of Triumph this year is being held on Saturday 20th October in conjunction with the TR Register National Meeting.   It is being held at Wigley Reserve in Glenelg, let’s have a good showing of club cars at this event.

We are looking for someone to put their hand up to organise a run in November so if you have an idea of somewhere to go, could be an early morning run, lunch time run or even an afternoon run,  please contact Peggy or Sue if you can help out.

This year the Christmas Dinner is on Saturday 1st December at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club and will be our 10th year at this venue.    Once again it is a 3 course menu with share platters to the table for entree, a choice of main course, and a dessert.   The cost for members is only $45 and $60 for non members, which is excellent value.

Cheers Peggy-Sue

President’s Report – August 2018

September 4th, 2018. Submitted by Roger.


President’s Report – August 2018

This report is on top of the final meeting for the year and the AGM information presented. I would also like to present a short discussion on the way forward for our ability to communicate to all members.

We do have a large membership and naturally there are numbers of silent members who are happy just to be involved from a distance and get information Via Electronic TRak or the Bi-monthly hard copy TRak magazine. That’s fine too, the more members the better. However we need to communicate with everyone the best way we can.

As the outgoing President at this year’s AGM (my first in this position) it was interesting again to see who would nominate to help with the running.  We all discussed the possibilities at the prior month’s Executive meeting and all agreed to still nominate, but would happy to step aside if someone else wanted a go. As you will see from the report, we now have NO Hard copy Editorial TRak. Communication to all members for the foreseeable future will be electronic via the website or possibly Electronic TRak for a few months.

Our outgoing editors have agreed, after the meeting, to sit in the background and support the electronic TRak for now. I sat with them last night and we talked about the effort that is needed to produce both Electronic and hard copy.

Interestingly they were contacted by interstate editors who are experiencing similar issues with the hard copy version with trying to get content to include. They have suggested that we share common interests and possibly support each other to get a worthwhile editorial out to the members and also share Magazines. There was discussion between the groups previously about trying this, with little support but no take up. Not sure what the issues were back then but all it really takes is for the states to have people willing to put in the effort.

I raised the question: Would it be possible to only produce two major TRak magazines each year that cover up to, and including 1) The annual weekender (This always has a good turn out and things to share.) 2) around Xmas with the TSOA display day and yearly Nationals to edit and report on. We think that if someone is willing, this would eliminate the pressure every second month and for those other times, just have Electronic. We would also consider Mail outs or block e-mail direct where more communication is needed. This function is simple.

I sat through a bit of an education on what it takes to generate a magazine and it does take time. For that reason, I understand that it would be the dedicated few willing to take time form our busy lives to do the work and also a bit of knowledge with Microsoft Publisher. The clubs Lap top is set up for this.

I do see it, that if there is enough support from the membership and/ or interstate and the draft document is there, it’s easier to compile but still needs an understanding of the way it’s built. More about the cars and interclub relationships with less loose content may be more desirable to most. Content could be added as we go and at the right time not just because we need to, “send it to publish.”  and add content just to have a TRak. This seems to be the constant struggle.

We also have a need to support the small sponsorship we have in the way of advertising and should the Mag completely fall over we are not sure if these companies would still be happy to support us if we were purely electronic.

SO THERE WE HAVE IT! – We are, for now, a club that will communicate by an electronic system so please have a think and let me know if you would like to sit and discuss taking on this important role for the club.

We did have a good result with the other unknown. As reported, Natalie has done a great job with looking after all of our membership details and providing anyone, with a need, the right information. This also supports our club Registration inspectors as these both go hand in hand and assists us all with the historic component legally. As stated in the minutes Graham Dean has kindly stepped in and will take over this important role for us. Please support Graham during his time learning the business.

I will also be suggesting that The Club Membership Secretary and Registration Inspector positions be elevated to Executive Committee level as they are 2 positions that form one of the main bases to the club’s running. To have those people present at the committee meeting would be an asset to discussion as they form a major part of the budget also.

Kind regards

Ian Rigby



PS: Don’t overlook the Christmas dinner this year it’s our 10th year at the Golf Club and they have always put on a great dinner!  

Regarding Classified Adverts

August 29th, 2018. Submitted by Roger.

Heads Up Everyone!

From now on, any advert that has been on our website for two years or more will be deleted unless I hear from the advertiser that they want the ad to remain.

There seem to be a lot of stale ads that people have forgotten about – so no more! Let’s keep the TSOA Classifieds up to date.

This new arrangement will apply from 30th September, so if you are affected and want your ad to remain, let me know.

Otherwise, it’s goodbye out of date advert!

And remember, Everything is For Sale, and Everything is Negotiable . . .

Roger, Website Manager

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 21/8/18

August 27th, 2018. Submitted by Roger.



President’s closing remarks . . .


 Thanks again to all the members supporting me over the past 12 months.

It’s been an interesting year.

This year we need to recognise people that have been long standing support and those that have spent time working to give the club the information needed to function as a club.

This Year –

The President’s award goes to Natalie Farrell for many years of support with the club membership. Even though her position will not be taken up again she will remain as a support until someone takes over for her.

The Vice President’s award goes to Dean and Marg Bogisch for their contribution to the Trak.


The meeting was handed over to Bill Berlemon and Roger Lange


All positions were stated as open anyone can nominate.



I present the as yet unaudited financial accounts for the 2017/18 year. My apologies for missing the AGM and not being able to present my report in person.

Clearly we have had a less than profitable year, however this is due mainly (in fact almost solely) to the decision to offer a $10 discount on subscription fees for those who paid prior to 30th June last year. This decision was made by the club executive due to our much better than expected financial position after the 2016 Nationals, and the change in subs due date to the 30thJune.

A couple of notable issues in comparing 2017/18 with the previous financial year include the boost we got last year from the Nationals, particularly with regalia sales which are much lower this year, and extra money spent on trophies and motorsport sponsorship of our team at Wakefield Park in this financial year. We had to buy more logbooks than last year due in part to the change to the Historic scheme, and venue rent increased (and has again this year). We have lost some Trak advertising with two long-term advertisers retiring and also write-off of previously accrued income from this source from last year as a result. We also paid for the lodgement of the new constitution with OCBR this year (including in Accounting, as there was no other more appropriate existing category) and a full year of MYOB Essentials monthly fee. Depreciation is up due to our purchase of the new display marquee. On the positive side, Bill and Margie brought in the Weekender at well below budget, and we had lower Trak expenses this year. We also saved on DOT hire at Semaphore as compared to last year at Glenelg.

Overall, whilst we had a significant trading loss for the year, this was in line with budget. The increase in subs should see the 2018/19 net position close to break even. Whilst membership numbers remain high, we are an aging club and retirement numbers are generally exceeding new memberships each year, with 27 members not renewing in 2018/19. Luckily we have a very healthy bank balance and have plenty in reserve to cover unforeseen circumstances. My thanks go to the club and executive, particularly President Ian and Secretary Duane for their support during the year. Special thanks also to membership secretary Natalie Farrell, who I work with closely throughout the year, and who does an absolutely fantastic job. Without Natalie’s diligence and perseverance in collecting subs and accounting for every dollar with great accuracy, the role of TSOA Treasurer would be a very onerous one.


Alex Smithson

TSOA Treasurer

August 2018


Elected Committee for 2018 to 2019


President:  Ian Rigby 


Vice President: David Stephens


Secretary: Duane Kaak


Treasurer: Alex Smithson


Competition Secretary:  Neil Martin.


Magazine Editors:  No take up    Dean and Marg called the next day and offered to do the next                                                              electronic only.


Social Secretary: Sue Gibson and Peggy Argent


Appointed Representatives:


Membership Secretary:                       Natalie is in Caretaker mode.

  • Thankyou goes out to Graham Dean. Graham has offered to take over this position and will be “In Training”

DisTRibution Manager:  Not required until someone takes on TRAK


Historical Vehicle Registration:                        Kevin Foster


Assist Hist. Vehicle Reg:                                 Colin White


Assist Hist. Vehicle Reg:                                 Stuart Ghent


TSOA Library:                                                  Greg Page       


Clothing & Regalia:                                          Sue Smithson


Concours & Pride of Ownership:                     Ian Rigby


Advertising:                                                     Arrand Ellery


Meeting Display:                                              Duane Kaak


All British Delegate:                                         Geoff Ellis


Club Historian:                                                 Vacant


Web Site Manager:                                           Roger Lange                                        


Marque Representatives would be as currently displayed on the Web


Minutes of General Meeting 21/8/18

August 27th, 2018. Submitted by Roger.

TSOA GENERAL MEETING & AGM      21stth August 2018


Meeting Opened at 8:05pm     


  1. Welcome:
    • Apologies: Alex and Sue Smithson, David Stephens, Duane Kaak, Arrand Ellery, Colin Whyte, Chuck and Dianne Falzon, Kate Tuohy, John Wood, Andy Hill, Tom Long, John Wood, Neil Martin, Trevor Lindsay, Tony Case.
    • Guests/Visitors/New Members: Darren Collins.
    • Previous Minutes: Proposed by accepted by Bill Gower, Seconded by Roger Lange.


  1. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby
    • A thank you to all those that supported my roll over the past 12 months.
    • All positions will be available during the following part of the evening with the AGM.
    • Helped out at the race event on the weekend.


  1. Secretary’s Report – Ian Rigby / Bill Berlemon (For Duane)
    • No incoming mail
    • The Jags, Stags, Bristol & Armstrong Siddeley clubs joining for Drive Your Classic Day Saturday 1st Meeting at the REZZ hotel 20 Hamilton Street Newton. 10am and 10.30am with a planned departure around 11am the run ends at Tanunda Club. Please contact David Armstrong on 0438819145so catering can be arranged.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Alex Smithson
    • Balance at 27th July 48,967.50
    • This is down on last months reported figures due to subscription discounts a
    • Full account will be presented by Alex on his return.
    • AGM minutes include full balance sheet.


  1. Social Report – Peggy Argent
    • Peggy highlighted that the midweek run is in question as the last run only had 7 people.
    • Thanks to Bill and Margie for the weekend run with the usual attending.
    • Next event is the observation run 23rd Drive a Triumph, have a great day and Club sponsored BBQ at the end.
    • “Day of Triumph” with the TR register Saturday 20th October
    • November is the Queensland Nationals. Info on the net
    • 1st December Xmas dinner same place as last year details to follow.


  1. Competition Report – Roger Lange for Neil.
    • Mallala this weekend supported only by 4 people. This event we are required to support Flagging and is only once a year we need to get better representation.
    • Trevor Lindsay ran at Winton after being invited by the MG club and split them with a good reslt.running 6 third and a first.
    • Past member Fred Cullen passed away..


  1. Library Report – Greg Page
    • No report.


  1. Regalia Report – Ian Rigby
    • Nothing to report or display but will be available at the next meeting.


  1. Magazine Editor’s Report – Marg & Dean Bogisch
    • Thanks expressed for all the effort over the year but they will be standing down


  1. Website Report – Roger Lange
    • Roger again mentioned that as from now all info for the club will be internet based due to No editors or Trak.
    • Roger will publish items sent through to him.


  1. Conditional Registration Report – Kevin Foster
    • Kevin reported there are 2010 currently on Club Reg.
    • 40 log books not updated.


  1. General Business

12.1 There is an interest from an external provider to make Tin Plate signs for the club.

Information and contacts will be presented soon.



  1. Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted
    • Roger has been contacted regarding a supplier of Gearbox covers that are a better fit than the genuine board units. His contact stated that most models can be supplied at a cost of $200


  1. Raffle

4 raffle prizes.

First Ian Rigby

Second: Graham Dean

Third: Sue Argent:

Fourth: Bill Galler

  1. Cars on Stage
    • Dino Vettese Yellow TR7 V8
  2. Thanks expressed to Supper Roster volunteers, Margie Berlemon and Sue Gibson


Meeting Closed: 8:30 pm 15 minute break to get ready for the AGM.