President’s Report – August 2013

July 30th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

By the time you all read this, I will be travelling in Europe. As exciting as that is, I am also a bit disappointed I didn’t plan it better as I have just missed the Dutch ‘National Rally’ by 1 week.  My eyes will be keenly peeled though looking for Triumphs on the (wrong side of the ) road, and I hope to get a snapshot of one or two.

But wether I am in Europe, or in Adelaide, my eyes are always on the lookout for other Triumphs. They are not hard to spot, since buying my first one and joining the club, it has become so easy,  more of an automatic thing, rather than a hard task.

The hard task, is trying to get these unknown Triumphs to see what a great club we have. Obeying the road rules, it is almost impossible to catch up with one and follow it if they are headed in an opposite direction.

At this time of year, many Triumphs are off the road undergoing repairs and maintenance for the warmer weather. It certainly is the best time of year to drive your convertible in the Spring and Summer but it always warms my heart to see so many regulars out in their Triumph, no matter what the weather. The postponed Breakfast run was a perfect example of despite cold and pouring rain, the usual dozen Triumphs gathered together. Sure, they aren’t the most comfortable car to drive, but I know they are easy to spot, and certainly stand out from the crowd.

Nothing looks and sounds more impressive than a convoy of Triumphs together, all with their distinctive exhaust notes cruising along together. On the club runs, I truly enjoy being right behind another Triumph, seeing a Triumph in my rear vision mirror and switching positions a few times.  So for my benefit, and the benefit of the general public, on the next run, can I please strongly encourage you all to drive in a close (but safe) convoy together. What a sight and sound it will make!

Duane Kaak

Socially Speaking – August 2013

July 29th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Twenty seven adults, 4 children and 2 babies sat down for Lunch at the ‘Slug n Lettuce’ on the 21st July, following a great run set by Bob and Lorraine Cini. It was their first run set for the Club and after about four goes and a speeding fine, a trial Lunch they got it right…Well done guys!  The ‘Slug n Lettuce’ provided a great Lunch in particular for children who received an activity pack, a special drinker, a yoyo and a balloon as part of their Lunch deal, at about $7.00 each.  My bangers and mash did not disappoint!

Upcoming events: Ladies Lunch August 13th Adelina’s Café, Burnside 12.00noon followed by our club run on August 18th – meet Top of Taps at 10.00am for a run down south….don’t forget Historic Registration expires on August 15th. The AGM is on August 20th where voting for all the committee positions will become very robust …I’m sure!

Flag Marshalling duties Mallala Sunday August 25th – please assist if you can and let Rick know if you can help out.

September includes mid week run, General meeting, Breakfast run take two and the Bay to Birdwood watch at Dequetteville Terrace. Check Trak for full details. Lots of good events coming up – let’s hope the sun shines and brings those Triumphs’s out!

Happy Birthday to the following members: Meranie Vermeer, Tammy Berlemon, Phyllis Rutter, John Wood, Megan Temby, Brian Argent, Mike Temby.

Till next time

Bill Berlemon.

Girl Torque

July 29th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

The next Ladies ‘Technical’ Lunch is on Tuesday 13th August at Burnside at 12.00noon.  Our new venue is working out well…parking can be an issue, but most people seem to find a park eventually…I think the morning programs finish at 12.00 noon so the car park seems to get a little easier then!

Should anyone still want Girl Guide Biscuits, I have some for sale…Plain, Chocolate topped or Mini biscuits are all $3.00 packet…. Just let me know and I can bring them along for you.

I will be travelling to the Riverland Field Days in September  to run the Girl Guide display (Sue Gibson has kindly offered to come with me) so should anyone want an order from Backyard Breads,, please advise and we can organise your products.

Looking at the supper Roster we have a few holes following the August Meeting.  Several members have done the Supper more than once, so if you can help out, please advise either Sue or myself…we appreciate your help…remember many hands make light work!

Special get well wishes to Megan Temby who is not travelling that well at present…hope you are on the mend soon

The greatest results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. These may for the most part be summed in these two: common-sense and perseverance.
Owen Feltham

Regards to all

Margie Berlemon.

TSOA Membership Renewal

July 11th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Below are some updates on membership renewal for 2013.

Renewal forms will be posted to you in June, which will ensure you have plenty of time to renew your
membership before the due date of 15th August. When you receive your form, please check the
information and update the form if any of your details have changed, before you return this form.

Accompanying the renewal form this year will be a statutory declaration document for historic registration.
Please refer to the section on historic registration in this magazine for use of this form if you have historic

In addition to the usual payment methods, this year we can receive payment via bank transfer. Please
follow the instructions on the membership renewal form for payment via this method and ensure that you
use your unique reference No. provided on the renewal notice. This is essential for our cross referencing of
payments and the normal issue of receipts for each membership renewal. Return of your membership form
is still required if paying by bank transfer to allow for TSOA processing.

I will be advised of all bank transfers on a regular basis so I know when and to whom receipts should be
issued. If you are paying by bank transfer close to a meeting we will require a copy of your bank receipt
before processing of your new membership card can occur.

If you have any questions on this updated process, you can contact me on 8370 7210 or Alex Smithson on
0412 823 789

Natalie Farrell

Club Run to the Slug ‘n’ Lettuce

July 11th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Having watched the weather closely during the week, it was with a smile on my face as the sun shone, we
pulled out of the driveway to head up to Civic Park to meet the gang to head off on the run.  Bill had been
waiting for this event for ages, as he wanted to go back to the ‘Slug n Lettuce’ for a trip down memory
lane…remembering the great British food he had had, about ten years before.

Some twenty loyal members braved the cold at Civic Park, as Bob and Lorraine Cini handed out the run
sheets….good size font too…no glasses needed for the navigators!  As Bob had the unfortunate incident
with the traffic cameras when setting the run, he had highlighted the necessary speed zones for members
to take care on.

Off we set through the lovely setting of Golden Grove, down to Montague Road, over Main North Road  (I
had not travelled that section before) into the speed zone of 40km and then follow the railway line onto
Cormack Road under the South Road bridge construction and onto Grand Junction Road (no Greg we didn’t
need to go to UPull it!!) following our way around to come back along the new Port River Expressway.

Along the route was the Barker Inlet Wetlands, followed by the Greenfield Wetlands. Then we were off to
Mawson Lakes…twisting and turning around the new homes…luckily there were not too many parked cars
along the way, as the roads were extremely narrow and many Triumphs were kept busy twisting the right
way!  Finally we reached our destination of the ‘Slug n Lettuce’.

Bill’s eyes gleamed, and in we went…..yes bangers and mash was still on the menu… he was in heaven!
Several other members joined us for lunch and everyone had a great day.  Thanks to Bob and Lorraine for
the run…those who didn’t make it….you missed out on a great run and a great Lunch!

Margie Berlemon.


July 10th, 2013. Submitted by admin.



The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has advised Car Clubs that if a member is found to be driving a Vehicle on concessional registration after the end of their club’s financial year and they are un-financial, they will be prosecuted.

This means that TSOA of SA members who are un-financial after 18 August 2013 and drive their Historic or Left Hand Drive Vehicle risk being prosecuted if found out. This also will affect insurance as well.

Conditional Registration is granted on the basis that members abide by the Code of Practise.

All car clubs are required to notify the Registrar within 2 months of the end of the Club’s financial year, any un-financial members (non member) with a vehicle on concessional registration.  DPTI will take measures to de-register that vehicle.

Kevin Foster

Historic Registration Update

July 10th, 2013. Submitted by admin.


To update your LOGBOOK you will need to provide the following documents at the time of update.

1.  your current issued LOGBOOK
2.  your subscription receipt or membership card for  2013 – 2014
3.  a completed and signed “STAT DEC” form
4.  a printed receipt for vehicle registration fees paid
5.  your new blue registration certificate (or old current green one)

The Logbook can only be updated when all of the above documents are presented at the time of signing and remember no photocopies.

Updating can be carried out either by,

1.  Presenting in Person at a club meeting or by pre-arranged with a Historic and LHD Vehicle Representative (Kevin Foster, Stuart Ghent and Colin White.  Note: Stuart is also a JP)

Or by

2.  Posting to the Club Mailing Box at,

P.O. BOX 192 Glenside SA 5065

NOTE: – This is the only postal address to be used and the postal process will take some time so be prepared.
You will need to enclose all of the above documents as well as  a stamped self address envelope. (2 stamps in most cases needed)

The Logbook and all associated documents, except the “Stat Dec” form which must be retained by the Club, will be mailed back to you.

If you are posting in your renewal fees in the same envelope, as all of the above documentation, obviously you will not have a receipt for subscriptions paid or new membership card.

If you are posting the Logbook at a later date, then all of the above documents are required.

Kevin Foster

TSOA Members and their TRiumphs

July 6th, 2013. Submitted by admin.


You just have to love the look on Dave Widdrington’s face! – Spitfire Mk I 1964

Sporting Triumphs – July 2013

July 1st, 2013. Submitted by admin.

The Mazda MX 5 club was rostered to do flag duty at the 2nd round of the Super Sprint Series at Mallala in June and they turned up in force.

Over 30 MX5 members attended and most had never been to the Mallala circuit before. Needless to say that they had every flag point well and truly covered. Their club made this day an official club run with some stopping for morning tea at Virginia Nurseries and arriving at the track just in time for a club supplied lunch cooked on site in one of the pit garages. All members were invited to do parade laps with passengers around the track at lunchtime. The only time I have seen more cars doing parade laps was at an Easter meeting. The advantage this club had with such an attendance was that they could take turns at flag marshalling and didn’t have to be at the track all day if they didn’t wish.

Feedback I got from the organiser of the MX5 club (Dennis Hawkins . . .can you believe it! Ed) was that their members had a very enjoyable day and enjoyed doing something different.

Perhaps the TSOA may like to do something similar? The weather should fine up late August to have the top down for a run around the track at lunchtime and to have a picnic on the grass. Don’t forget it is the TSOA’s rostered turn to do flag marshalling on Sunday 25th August.

I did notice the TSOA had one spectator at this race meeting who lifted the bonnet of his GT6 to show some interested parties. This member is also an active viewer of the TSOA Website.

On to things competition, we had 75 cars entered for this round. Numbers have been down for the last 2 seasons, something to do with tough economical times I expect. Our two regular TSOA competitors again entered. Neil Martin did his best time of the day in run 3 with a time of 1:27:91. I spoke to Neil at the lunchtime break and he was frustrated that with all the upgrades he had done to his car he couldn’t eclipse his best time, however he did go faster in the afternoon sessions. Duane was frustrated for another reason, being held up by slower cars in the morning sessions. Duane’s best time of the day was 1:30:47 in run 2.

The next round of the Super Sprint Series could see the return of an orange GT6 that has received a complete engine transplant. Early reports suggests that the new engine is producing some promising results on the dyno. Welcome back Rog.

Until next month.

Cheers, Rick Staehr

Coming Events

13th July           Come & Try Hillclimb Collingrove

14th July           Hillclimb Multiclub RD 2 Collinggrove

21st July            MSCA Super Sprint RD 3

4th August         Modern Regularity Mallala

25th August       MSCA Super Sprint RD 4 TSOA rostered for flag marshalling

Socially Speaking – July 2013

June 30th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

The ETSA Playford Museum was a fantastic morning – the volunteers proudly showed us around the Museum, and it was fascinating…wow what a morning…thanks to Rory Gibson for organising this for us and Sue for organising the tea/coffee for us. Unfortunately only 14 members and 1 grandchild attended which was a embarrassment to the Club as we had advised that there would be 30 members present and volunteer staff were rostered to cater for the numbers. We finished off at Vili’s Café for Pie, Chips and Gravy and a good chin wag to finish off the morning.

Next event is the morning run across the northern freeways, highways and byways to be set by Bob and Lorraine Cini ….this will be their first run… the Slug and Lettuce Pub for a traditional English Lunch.  We have booked for the usual 30 however when we went last time about 50 people attended and had a great time! We will amend the final numbers on the morning.

Our social calendar for the rest of the year has now been decided upon in principal and full details will be provided as dates draw nearer. Anyone wanting to put a run together please contact me.

Till we meet again

Bill Berlemon