President Report Feb 2015

Another year Begins, but this year is a Special one as the Club celebrates its 50th Birthday.

At the February Meeting we heard of the great plans ahead that you can enter on your Social Calendar. The committee has approved some extra funding so it is sure to be great value but also a great chance to catch up with old & new friends in their old and not so new cars. Listen out soon for a special 50th Birthday polo shirt that you can wear proudly in & out of your Triumph.

Personally, I am looking forward to October. The Adelaide Motorsport Festival Returns, along with the Classic Adelaide Rally, many including me will head off to the National Meeting in Bathurst NSW and at that time of year we also have our Day of Triumph and Annual Observation Run.  Meranie’s Dad will be paying his first visit to Australia in October also, and it will be great for him to meet and experience the club that we both chat so much about.

However lots of exciting and fun stuff before then. I spent a few hours polishing the Spitfire before the All British Day, so I am sure you will see me out and about in that soon on a run while I have no need for a baby seat.  Hope to see you in your Triumph at as many events as you can this year.

Duane Kaak

3 Responses to “President Report Feb 2015”

  1. Roger Says:

    See how easy it is people! Even Duane managed without any help! Roger

  2. dkaak Says:

    Yes it was fast and simple. Unlike fixing anything in the spitfire

  3. webmaster Says:

    Glad to see you’re all finding it easy to use.

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