Presidential Update

Easter is here already, the year seems to be going so fast, lots of great quality events so far, and especially with all the events fast approaching also I think the year is going to be one to remember.

I see the TSOA WA have already pencilled in an agenda and dates for the 2014 National Rally so if you are a long term planner, check their website for more details.

I also have some long term plans for our club. I want to keep it fun and exciting and grow it however we can. At the latest meeting I mentioned there are Triumphs for sale, over 70 across the internet in Australia, so encourage your friends and family to turn off the TV then consider filling that void in their life with a classic car and some wonderful social events and the best group of south Aussies they will ever meet. They can then show us their new pride and joy on stage at an upcoming meeting.

At the last meeting a member put forth a suggestion of what he would like to see in the magazine , don’t be shy. Especially those members who for what ever reason can’t attend meetings, please feel welcome to pass on ideas and suggestions for perhaps your only communication with the club.

We are also seeking a new Magazine Editor this year, if you would love to learn the ropes and some new computer skills, or already have skills in that area, we would love to hear from you.

Until next time , safe and happy travels.

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