President’s Report April 2022

What a great day the Day of Triumph was in early April.  Apart from the brilliant weather and fantastic display of cars, we signed up 2 new members (Graham Parrish and Richard Ankers welcome) and had a steady stream of onlookers admiring our cars.  Well done to all who displayed, to the trophy winners, to Ian Rigby who directed the event, to Bill and Margie Berlemon who arranged the Club marquees, to the judges, and to Dean and Marg Bogisch who tallied up the judging sheets.  An especial thankyou  to Caffé Primo sponsors Dino and Lisa Vettese.   This is not only our principal display event for the year but rates highly as an outstanding social event.  Don’t miss it next year!

Following a review of next year’s Budget prior to the last Club meeting , the Committee decided that members subscriptions will remain at $50 pa for 2022/23.  The Treasurer, Alex Smithson, almost received a standing ovation when he announced the news.  He has already sent out renewal notices which will give members adequate time to pay before the 30 June deadline.

In addition to the Budget, the Committee discussed Marque Representatives and considered that the following broadly describes their role:

“The role of marque representatives is to act as conduits for anyone enquiring or seeking advice about any aspect of the category of Triumphs they represent.  They are not experts but rather voluntary facilitators in the timely resolution of all enquiries made by members of the Club and the public.  Being available at Club events and meetings enhances their effectiveness.”

The Committee would welcome any comment on the above description, as it intends to initiate its annual review of nominated marque representatives soon.

Last meeting 4 members gave brief presentations (max. of 2 minutes) on an item of personal memorabilia related to motoring or the Triumph marque.  It was intended that each item should be smallish and could be anything of interest ranging from a stainless-steel bolt to a speeding fine from SA Police.   I would like to repeat this from 3 members at our next meeting and I am seeking the following members to volunteer – Ian Rigby, Garry Buckton, Kevin Foster and Duane Kaak.  Let me know if you can’t do it.

And finally, I am organising a mid-week run to Hahndorf on Wednesday 18 May (the day after our next Club meeting).  Details are as follows:

  • Meet at 10.00am for 10.15am start in the Edinburgh Hotel car park, Mitcham
  • Travel through the autumnal Adelaide Hills for lunch in Hahndorf at 12 noon
  • the Haus Restaurant, is offering a 4-choice main menu for $18pp (yet to be finally confirmed). If this falls through another venue will be arranged.

Please let me know (0438 765 358) if you are planning to come.

Check out the social calendar and I look forward to seeing you in May.

Kind regards,

Peter Davidge (President)

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  1. Bill Revill Says:

    Cheers Peter,

    The TSOA Vic are having their annual All Triumph Competition in August. I have infor and press releases on it and I’m happy to send – can you give me an email address please? Thanx Bill Revill 0412 191 356

  2. Bill Revill Says:

    That should have read “All Triumph Challenge” and I confirm the date as 20-21 August

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