President’s Report – August 2013

By the time you all read this, I will be travelling in Europe. As exciting as that is, I am also a bit disappointed I didn’t plan it better as I have just missed the Dutch ‘National Rally’ by 1 week.  My eyes will be keenly peeled though looking for Triumphs on the (wrong side of the ) road, and I hope to get a snapshot of one or two.

But wether I am in Europe, or in Adelaide, my eyes are always on the lookout for other Triumphs. They are not hard to spot, since buying my first one and joining the club, it has become so easy,  more of an automatic thing, rather than a hard task.

The hard task, is trying to get these unknown Triumphs to see what a great club we have. Obeying the road rules, it is almost impossible to catch up with one and follow it if they are headed in an opposite direction.

At this time of year, many Triumphs are off the road undergoing repairs and maintenance for the warmer weather. It certainly is the best time of year to drive your convertible in the Spring and Summer but it always warms my heart to see so many regulars out in their Triumph, no matter what the weather. The postponed Breakfast run was a perfect example of despite cold and pouring rain, the usual dozen Triumphs gathered together. Sure, they aren’t the most comfortable car to drive, but I know they are easy to spot, and certainly stand out from the crowd.

Nothing looks and sounds more impressive than a convoy of Triumphs together, all with their distinctive exhaust notes cruising along together. On the club runs, I truly enjoy being right behind another Triumph, seeing a Triumph in my rear vision mirror and switching positions a few times.  So for my benefit, and the benefit of the general public, on the next run, can I please strongly encourage you all to drive in a close (but safe) convoy together. What a sight and sound it will make!

Duane Kaak

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