President’s Report – December 2013

November was a fantastic month for Triumph Enthusiasts. Even though I’m writing this before months end, the TSOA has had some terrific events, The Day of Triumph in absolute perfect weather, a discounted buffet breakfast at Café Primo and a complimentary printed Photo of entrants cars, made for an amazing day. However, I do know that some people can leave the day a little disappointed after spending many hours, cleaning, polishing & waxing their pride and joy, not to win a trophy. Hopefully, an honest, step back approach to looking at the other Concours cars gives you many ideas on what it takes to win at this very high standard.

I personally love the Club introducing many years ago the Pride of Ownership category. As original parts become harder to source, as you personlise your car and for people that love to regularly drive their Triumph in any weather on any road, this is a fantastic class to compete in and was certainly the biggest group of entries on the day.

But no matter if your car won a trophy or not, just by being there and proudly displaying your Triumph mingling with other Triumph enthusiasts, I think everyone can say it was a wonderful day. I am looking forward to next years event already.

I am also looking forward to next years observation run to be set by Rory & Sue Gibson. They both seem to always uncover some new roads to travel on and I know they are very keen on their quizzes and trivia, so it is sure to be another great event. It was great to see Children and Grandchildren of members out this year, this younger generation might be the long term future of our club so if you have a Stag or Saloon you are happy to lend for a day, so we can have less excuses for not driving a Triumph (I can even loan my tired Spitfire with a dodgy gearbox to someone if needed !),  let me know.

At this time of year, the General Monthly meeting with its formalities takes a summer holiday, so does the competition side, (thankfully as I desperately need more time to save for some new racing tyres!) but this is always a great time of year to connect with family & Triumph friends and enjoy a leisurely cruise now that your Triumph is looking at its best and the days are longer. I hope to see as many of you at the upcoming events, keep your Trak handy for reminders of events, and check the website also.

Duane Kaak

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