President’s Report – February 2014

Gee the year is racing by. It is February already and all that time I had to fix those Triumph issues came & went with all those jobs are still waiting to be done. Can anyone relate?  I have a cracked brake disc on the TR7 (Neil says I need to do more cool down laps before parking) and the first competition event is on the 23rd February so I am sure I will get it done at the last minute. Having a deadline is a good thing!

Maybe you made a New Year Resolution to undertake something on your Triumph or drive your Triumph more. Maybe we can help you stay accountable to that. Send a photo of your Speedo in now and each month for the magazine so we can see how many km’s you are covering. Maybe you are intending on finishing that big job before the Nationals, or just before a certain date? Whatever the goal or plan, it is often easier with the help of some friends and there are plenty of them in this club. I know many of you have some very close friends in the TSOA, and with a few Triumphs changing ownership recently hopefully you all have room to extend it to include a few more. We had a couple of new members at our January meeting, and some others join recently so if you don’t have a New Year Resolution to do something on your car, maybe you can make it a resolution to get to know someone new in our club. Maybe sit in a different spot at the meetings, with a different group at a lunch, or take a minute to stop and have an in depth chat with someone new.

I am sure the year ahead will be a great one for our club, but we still rely on the same people over and over again, so maybe this year, YOU can set a run somewhere, mid week, Sunday or even break tradition and go for a Saturday or Friday, whatever the members want. Maybe you can volunteer to assist in a sub-committee for us hosting the upcoming National Event in just over 2 years. Maybe you could run it. If you have never done it before, have you ever bought anything from IKEA? How did you feel after you finished building it? This is the secret behind the success of not just IKEA, but packet cake mixes. By doing some work, putting something into it, you have a lot more pride in the outcome.  When we all join together and everyone does a little bit it makes the club run so smoothly and keeps us all TSOA proud.

My new year started with moving into our own house and I now have my own shed, so its going to be a great year for me, I hope it is a great year for all of you and I look forward to hearing of all your success and fun in your Triumph as the year progresses.


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