President’s Report – January 2023

Welcome to 2023 (the year of the Rabbit), which with normal activities resuming, promises to be much better than 2022.  Let’s hope so but spare a thought for people living on the Murray who will be actively engaged in refurbishing properties for months to come.

Since November we have had 5 official Club functions without cancelling for Covid, which is a new trend.   The Christmas Social, the after-Christmas Run, our informal January Club meeting, the Ice cream Run to Noonies and Australia Day at Kaye and Lawrie Placing’s are all mentioned in Bill and Margie’s social report.   Once again the Royal Adelaide Golf Club demonstrated what a quality show they can put on for us for Christmas and it was great to see our most recent Life Members, Bob and Natalie Farrell sharing an ice cream at Noonies.

Well, as I suggested in November, have you made a New Year’s Resolution to get more involved in Club activities in our 58th year.   Apart from buying another Triumph, selling or refurbishing your current Triumph (s), that would be great thing and I know you will enjoy it!

Although a date hasn’t been set for the Day of Triumph (DOT), we are still looking for someone to take over running the event from the master, Ian Rigby, as he has retired from the role.   He has documented what needs to be done and is prepared to coach a volunteer.   This is a vital Club event which demands member support and nomination from a member within the next month.  I do not want to cancel DOT for lack of interest!  Please talk to Ian Rigby or let me know if you wish to be involved.

I trust that you all had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year and wish you all the very best as we embark on another year. Enjoy your February and see you again in March.

Kind regards,

Peter Davidge (President)

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