President’s Report – July 2023


Well we are close to wrapping up another TSOA SA year and interest in club activities continues at pleasing levels.  No doubt there is room for improvement and a new Committee and a new President will, I am sure, add further value to the Club.

Prior to last meeting I was able, on behalf of the Club, to thank those members who actively ensure that the Club runs smoothly and continues to provide an entertaining array of activities.  They are the heart beat of the Club and many thanks to them all!  Think about joining them at our upcoming AGM next month.

This is my third and final year as Club President and I have enjoyed every moment of it.  It has been a privilege and honour to serve a Club that Julie and I have been  members of for more than twenty years.  And the rewards have been enormous!  I miraculously restored a beautiful TR6 (Rory Gibson was unbelievable), am the proud owner of a genuine TR8 and have formed many TSOA friendships both locally and across Australia.

TR6 in a WA Forest                            The Wasp 150GS                                   The TR8 at Glenelg

My first mode of mechanised transport was a Vespa 150 GS (see above)- a triumphant Italian design which, strangely, led me into a corresponding Italian automotive design 50 years later.  The TR6 took Julie and I to at least 10 TSOA Nationals and the TR8 to 4 or 5 and continuing.  We’ve been into the Swan, Barossa and ClareValleys, to Busselton, Brisbane, across the Nullabor, Creswick, Bathurst, Warwick, Sydney, Ballarat, Wangaratta, the Flinders, Mt Gambier, Noosa and Victor Harbor.  We’ve been everywhere man!  And both cars provided us with those special moments we cherish, by breaking down in Tamworth, Albany, Bathurst and Wangaratta.  Thank God for the RAA!  And good TSOAmaritans got us going again on each occasion.  Fabulous memories that will be with us forever.  Viva la Triumph!!.

The social calendar is humming along well & the Observation Run (17 September),  Day of Triumph (15 October) and Christmas Dinner (27 November), need member’s serious consideration over the coming weeks.  They are not only important but high quality events in the Club’s calendar.  If you haven’t attended before, why not make a special effort this year.

Whilst the next 6 month’s social activities are well laid out, we seriously need someone to take on the role of Social Director for 2023/24– not necessarily to do all the work but to oversee, coordinate and plan the various activities that we undertake each year.   In addition, as mentioned at our last meeting, we are looking for volunteers to take on the roles of Equipment Steward (see Bill Berlemon) and Regalia Manager (see Sue Smithson).  I will be very disappointed if, with more than 200 members, we fall short on filling these vital roles.

A final reminder about the AGM, which is coming up at our next meeting.  Think about what you might do to contribute to the Club and let us know at the AGM or before.  All members of the Committee are available at any time to chat about their roles.

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Kind regards,

Peter Davidge (President)

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